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noemie io‏ (France) وقع : 00:18, 03/09/2014
"Pour un monde meilleur en hatmonie. Nous en avons l intemligence mais c est a nous de l appliquer. Le tout c est d y croire. With love"
Manon Goyon‏ (France) وقع : 19:17, 02/09/2014
Matthieu Wozniak‏ (France) وقع : 18:46, 02/09/2014
"I'd say the only limit to the project becoming real anytime soon is democracy. Before we can bring this endeavour into the spotlights and have a worldwide debate about it, we need our voices to be heard just as loud as any politician, which should be possible but isn't because we are not proper democracies. It has become my lifetime fight to restore real democracy in western civilization. Every other problem of the human race would then solve itself. But as long as a small group of people decide for us what the world should look like (and unfortunetly a majority of us believe in them) no change, however beautiful it is, can occur. Thank you, great initiative"
Nicolas Talon‏ (France) وقع : 12:03, 02/09/2014
Kevin Everett‏ (France) وقع : 16:25, 30/08/2014
"yes please!"
Dimi Uzi‏ (France) وقع : 12:55, 29/08/2014
Ravishankar SELVARAJAN ‏ (France) وقع : 14:05, 28/08/2014
"I will live a simple life. A life as simple as just breathing and consume according to my basic needs. Totally getting detached from all those materialistic desires and stand up for something that's abnormal. I don't want to cry to myself I want to offer my best to safeguard the peace."
Guillaume VASSET‏ (France) وقع : 18:58, 27/08/2014
Damien Remy‏ (France) وقع : 10:27, 26/08/2014
"Être le changement que vous voulez voir en ce monde. [Mahatma Gandhi]"
Basile Roussière‏ (France) وقع : 10:05, 26/08/2014
Sylvie Pavanello‏ (France) وقع : 17:35, 24/08/2014
Estelle Foucher‏ (France) وقع : 16:50, 24/08/2014
Philippe Foucher‏ (France) وقع : 16:47, 24/08/2014
Annie LEVECQUE‏ (France) وقع : 19:22, 23/08/2014
Dominique BOUHET-COINCE‏ (France) وقع : 15:06, 23/08/2014
Nora Houzet‏ (France) وقع : 13:34, 23/08/2014
Elaine Kennedy‏ (France) وقع : 01:26, 23/08/2014
"Your ideas are very similar to those presented by Jacques Fresco in the documentary 'Paradise or Oblivion', and I'm totally on board. What else can I do on a grass roots level besides stir the pot? In gratitude… "
Jeremy Schmitt‏ (France) وقع : 20:49, 22/08/2014
pierre adam‏ (France) وقع : 18:56, 22/08/2014
guillaume delaugere-torrubia‏ (France) وقع : 17:49, 22/08/2014
delphine morel‏ (France) وقع : 12:10, 22/08/2014
Félicia Bernollin‏ (France) وقع : 12:19, 19/08/2014
frederic col‏ (France) وقع : 13:11, 18/08/2014
isabelle strutz‏ (France) وقع : 09:59, 18/08/2014
nadia boudouda‏ (France) وقع : 09:45, 16/08/2014