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الموقعين من Portugal
يتم عرض 719 الموقعين من Portugal  [اظهر كل البلدان]
(يرجى الانتباه , على ان تعليقات الموقعين لا يتم مراقبتها و من الممكن ان تكون محتويه على اراء لا تمت بصلة لهذه المبادرة)
Jose Vieira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:25, 29/06/2015
Pedro Moreira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 19:23, 24/06/2015
Monica Santos‏ (Portugal) وقع : 20:21, 17/06/2015
Miguel Dias‏ (Portugal) وقع : 14:01, 16/06/2015
"This is the only world we've got. Let's keep it viable."
Carlos Lourenço‏ (Portugal) وقع : 11:40, 14/06/2015
miguel branco‏ (Portugal) وقع : 02:14, 12/06/2015
Frederico Aranha‏ (Portugal) وقع : 01:25, 11/06/2015
Sérgio Lima‏ (Portugal) وقع : 20:50, 10/06/2015
Yan Golding‏ (Portugal) وقع : 09:12, 20/05/2015
"Beautiful! Thank you for creating this. I hope we can all work together effectively and unify our separate group efforts into one single common platform for unity, collaboration and education (while maintaining de-centralized ones, of course). I am the initiator of The Great Unification and I am working with United Earth, The New World Agreement, The Full Circle Project and Accelerating The Great Transition. I hope to hear from you soon so we can explore and realise our collective and collaborative potential. Blessings!"
Luis Gomes‏ (Portugal) وقع : 19:11, 26/04/2015
"I hope in the future, something like this will come to be. "
Filipe Gomes‏ (Portugal) وقع : 18:59, 26/04/2015
"I am not 100% sure this would work but everyone can see that the type of economy we are using in our days is a failure. I am willing to try."
Joana Felício‏ (Portugal) وقع : 22:24, 20/04/2015
Duarte Martins‏ (Portugal) وقع : 04:04, 14/04/2015
Renata Marques‏ (Portugal) وقع : 10:08, 13/04/2015
Mário Penetra‏ (Portugal) وقع : 04:27, 13/04/2015
Isabel Neto‏ (Portugal) وقع : 02:17, 31/03/2015
Luís Cortez‏ (Portugal) وقع : 22:51, 30/03/2015
"Mankind shall prevail!"
Ana Pereira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 22:43, 19/03/2015
Maria do Céu Oliveira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 00:40, 19/03/2015
" O dinheiro não será necessário porque, sendo nós os filhos do planeta ..."Todos nós não pagamos aos nossos pais, em dinheiro, para nos criarem, pagamos com AMOR , sempre" quando tivermos idade colaboraremos sempre com eles, ou seja em benefício de todos os seres que existam no PLANETA!!!"
Andre Cunha‏ (Portugal) وقع : 01:26, 09/03/2015
José Costa‏ (Portugal) وقع : 11:24, 06/03/2015
Rute Trolhas‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:42, 03/03/2015
José Nunes‏ (Portugal) وقع : 14:33, 03/03/2015
Nair da Costa Pereira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 15:14, 01/03/2015
Diogo Palma‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:40, 16/02/2015
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