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الموقعين من Portugal
يتم عرض 702 الموقعين من Portugal  [اظهر كل البلدان]
(يرجى الانتباه , على ان تعليقات الموقعين لا يتم مراقبتها و من الممكن ان تكون محتويه على اراء لا تمت بصلة لهذه المبادرة)
Ana Pereira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 22:43, 19/03/2015
Maria do Céu Oliveira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 00:40, 19/03/2015
" O dinheiro não será necessário porque, sendo nós os filhos do planeta ..."Todos nós não pagamos aos nossos pais, em dinheiro, para nos criarem, pagamos com AMOR , sempre" quando tivermos idade colaboraremos sempre com eles, ou seja em benefício de todos os seres que existam no PLANETA!!!"
Andre Cunha‏ (Portugal) وقع : 01:26, 09/03/2015
José Costa‏ (Portugal) وقع : 11:24, 06/03/2015
Rute Trolhas‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:42, 03/03/2015
José Nunes‏ (Portugal) وقع : 14:33, 03/03/2015
Nair da Costa Pereira‏ (Portugal) وقع : 15:14, 01/03/2015
Diogo Palma‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:40, 16/02/2015
Marcelino Sousa‏ (Portugal) وقع : 23:22, 11/02/2015
sofia lemos‏ (Portugal) وقع : 22:22, 09/02/2015
"free world where everyone as the chance to work on what they love most to do is an ideia i have for a long time."
Ricardo Castro‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:24, 09/02/2015
Luis Filipe‏ (Portugal) وقع : 23:59, 19/01/2015
"I dream in a world that follow these principles. I hope that one day humanity will understand this..."
Rui Bravo‏ (Portugal) وقع : 22:16, 05/12/2014
"These are the 10 commandments I choose to live by! I want to be a part of this community, because the community I live in doesn't work like a community. We need to spread awareness and end this madness we call society!"
jean guinot‏ (Portugal) وقع : 09:14, 05/12/2014
Joel Filipe‏ (Portugal) وقع : 20:09, 04/12/2014
lygia auxiliar‏ (Portugal) وقع : 01:16, 01/12/2014
JOSE ANTONIO GARCIA FERREIRA DE ALMEIDA‏ (Portugal) وقع : 15:44, 16/11/2014
Antnio Pinheiro‏ (Portugal) وقع : 21:08, 12/11/2014
Vasco Vilhena‏ (Portugal) وقع : 09:15, 14/10/2014
"Ambitious with an Optimistic approach? I'm in!"
Francisco Xavier‏ (Portugal) وقع : 15:24, 08/10/2014
"This a way to go, that worths dedication for it. The way we are now, is taking humanity against nature, resulting nature against mankind. Nature will win, it knows its own laws, and always uses it. If mankind can understand, respect it and cooperate, he will survive. If not, Earth will go on without him."
Emanuel Faisca‏ (Portugal) وقع : 18:58, 06/10/2014
Frederico Castro e Lemos‏ (Portugal) وقع : 12:38, 05/10/2014
Sofia Almeida‏ (Portugal) وقع : 07:40, 05/10/2014
João Maia‏ (Portugal) وقع : 14:10, 22/09/2014
"Agree 100%"
Emile Maccarrone‏ (Portugal) وقع : 11:18, 17/09/2014