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الموقعين من South Africa
يتم عرض 462 الموقعين من South Africa  [اظهر كل البلدان]
(يرجى الانتباه , على ان تعليقات الموقعين لا يتم مراقبتها و من الممكن ان تكون محتويه على اراء لا تمت بصلة لهذه المبادرة)
maria clara keil‏ (South Africa) وقع : 19:48, 26/04/2015
Rosemarie OKeefe‏ (South Africa) وقع : 15:36, 26/04/2015
"Always wondered why money existed. I believe that sharing is caring and a money free world will save the world because it is at high risk with everything that's happening right now."
André Bösser‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:34, 29/03/2015
Henry Marais‏ (South Africa) وقع : 13:18, 24/03/2015
"Fantastic! Just what I was looking for! Thank You!"
Linda Strydom‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:40, 16/03/2015
Chanel Verwey‏ (South Africa) وقع : 14:45, 22/02/2015
Adolf Luderitz‏ (South Africa) وقع : 11:18, 10/02/2015
Hanloe Muller‏ (South Africa) وقع : 10:41, 10/02/2015
Hanloe Muller‏ (South Africa) وقع : 10:38, 10/02/2015
Gustav Mulder‏ (South Africa) وقع : 10:07, 10/02/2015
"I am behind this 100%. Gone should be the days of slaving after money"
Janice Holtshausen‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:09, 10/02/2015
Dinesh Copoosamy‏ (South Africa) وقع : 07:59, 10/02/2015
IMANUEL MULDER‏ (South Africa) وقع : 06:58, 10/02/2015
"Brilliant! Keep up the good work."
Altus Wiese‏ (South Africa) وقع : 21:21, 09/02/2015
Sarah Trevor-Jones‏ (South Africa) وقع : 19:34, 09/02/2015
Ferdi Hellerle‏ (South Africa) وقع : 17:36, 09/02/2015
ferdi viljoen‏ (South Africa) وقع : 14:20, 15/01/2015
Mario Faulmann‏ (South Africa) وقع : 23:02, 01/01/2015
"I have lived to see a charter of this nature brought to light. Awesome!"
Margaretha de Waal‏ (South Africa) وقع : 21:21, 28/12/2014
Pieter Willem van der Merwe‏ (South Africa) وقع : 15:03, 22/12/2014
"Perhaps partnering with the smart guys at http://www.positivemoney.org may be a good first step in breaking away from the current monetary system. Allowing a transitional period between the current inadequate system and a truly free world."
Maranda Tinkler‏ (South Africa) وقع : 16:27, 18/12/2014
Njabulo Maphumulo‏ (South Africa) وقع : 17:27, 12/12/2014
Cindy Gair‏ (South Africa) وقع : 07:46, 28/11/2014
Nebojsa Kramarsic‏ (South Africa) وقع : 22:16, 27/11/2014
"The Lion sleeps no more. We are All Earth citizens. End of all patriotic disease from fictitious Associations with fictitios Lands(countries)"
Maria Helena aka Marlena Azevedo‏ (South Africa) وقع : 18:41, 27/11/2014
"I feel like being in a dream as I observe the magnitude of the changes taking place on our beautiful blue/green mother Gaia. I am a 78 years of age very healthy woman (I am vegan) and since I became aware of myself I wished for Peace and Happiness. I am blessed to be able to witness the birth of a new era for earth. Indeed money is the cause of all ills. Let's do away with IT ASAP."