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الموقعين من South Africa
يتم عرض 504 الموقعين من South Africa  [اظهر كل البلدان]
(يرجى الانتباه , على ان تعليقات الموقعين لا يتم مراقبتها و من الممكن ان تكون محتويه على اراء لا تمت بصلة لهذه المبادرة)
Isabeuh Van der Merwe‏ (South Africa) وقع : 16:46, 28/05/2016
"Godspeed. Thank you."
Magda van Wyk‏ (South Africa) وقع : 16:26, 22/05/2016
"THIS is the answer- THIS is the way our Creator intended it to be !"
justin maxwell‏ (South Africa) وقع : 12:00, 22/05/2016
"thank you! We have created numerous projects to facilitate activity based on these values e.g. Muizenberg Festival (a celebratory model of social transformation) - the design of this model is much deeper than expressed on our website/FB pages; other people's movement activities are underway in Southern Africa...watch this space :-)"
Jennifer Fennessy‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:01, 20/05/2016
Soraya Hartebees‏ (South Africa) وقع : 10:30, 22/04/2016
"Let us all have a free and fair society."
Raam Naicker‏ (South Africa) وقع : 23:19, 21/04/2016
Edward Simes‏ (South Africa) وقع : 07:26, 20/04/2016
Raam Naicker ‏ (South Africa) وقع : 19:32, 19/04/2016
Natascha Ellinckhuijzen‏ (South Africa) وقع : 13:35, 05/04/2016
Deborah Du Toit‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:26, 05/04/2016
Gideon du Toit ‏ (South Africa) وقع : 06:45, 05/04/2016
"The path towards change is to rally those whom have awakened to the truth, and strategically hit a non-violent strike to the heart of the beast. By the collective day-long boycotting of identified companies on the world's stockmarkets, we can can force the world to listen, without ever allowing a single drop of blood to be spilled in the pursuit of freedom. "
Leon Rautenbach‏ (South Africa) وقع : 03:27, 30/03/2016
Reen Collett‏ (South Africa) وقع : 02:04, 25/03/2016
Ruth Fourie‏ (South Africa) وقع : 18:37, 23/03/2016
Antoinette Du Toit‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:03, 19/03/2016
Darren Lindsay ‏ (South Africa) وقع : 10:43, 09/03/2016
Angela Caratelli‏ (South Africa) وقع : 13:49, 27/02/2016
Andre Ferera‏ (South Africa) وقع : 14:12, 06/02/2016
Deon du Plessis‏ (South Africa) وقع : 17:37, 31/12/2015
"I agree whole heartedly"
Moagi Marutle‏ (South Africa) وقع : 11:41, 18/12/2015
KEYVAN FARROKHIAN‏ (South Africa) وقع : 10:43, 07/12/2015
"I propose to have incentives for those who work, achieve and contribute above average within a limit to avoid corruption and unnecessary competition."
Noluthando Lupuwana‏ (South Africa) وقع : 11:58, 26/11/2015
"All things done with love at the core."
Henno Marais‏ (South Africa) وقع : 00:59, 19/11/2015
"You should mention the Venus project in your work. "
Deon Jephtha‏ (South Africa) وقع : 11:33, 14/11/2015
Ferdi Van Der Watt ‏ (South Africa) وقع : 22:24, 13/11/2015