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يتم عرض 420 الموقعين من South Africa  [اظهر كل البلدان]
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Arnold Claassen‏ (South Africa) وقع : 08:02, 06/10/2014
sipho michael‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:25, 25/09/2014
"I believe that this notion; without money as an incentive, nobody would want to work, is untrue. As people are more inspired by passion than money."
bonginkosi kgophane‏ (South Africa) وقع : 18:50, 24/09/2014
pete St.Aley‏ (South Africa) وقع : 08:50, 24/09/2014
"Point 6. I do not believe a community should necessarily provide everything for those who are not willing to contribute some of the time, energy and skills in maintaining and supporting the community in which they choose to live. where there is no money there must be a system of contributionism where those capable contribute. Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu describes this perfectly. "
Tish Scholtz‏ (South Africa) وقع : 06:32, 16/09/2014
"Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Nicolaas Swartz‏ (South Africa) وقع : 12:46, 15/09/2014
Juliodinho Daniels‏ (South Africa) وقع : 15:40, 27/08/2014
Daryl Naidoo‏ (South Africa) وقع : 07:19, 27/08/2014
Caroline Richmond‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:39, 25/08/2014
Fran Fainman‏ (South Africa) وقع : 15:22, 23/08/2014
Jessica Bartholomew‏ (South Africa) وقع : 18:06, 10/08/2014
Jan von Ziegenweidt‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:36, 08/08/2014
Kim Ferguson‏ (South Africa) وقع : 18:51, 07/08/2014
Tomislav Svorinic‏ (South Africa) وقع : 12:59, 01/08/2014
"Let's .... "
Auryn Schulman‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:38, 01/08/2014
"Ive always been one to go against societies rules and have always hated the fact that we have to pay to "live". please i think, as a world and as a population, we need this change!"
Veronica Haupt‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:45, 17/07/2014
Selby Ngwenya‏ (South Africa) وقع : 15:02, 03/07/2014
"Stop these zionist bankers selling us everything in the soil including the soil, why are we still paying taxes to the (United kingdom of egypt) under new management and a new ruler the United Kingdom of what the world now. I guess as long as they don`t say what are the united kingdoms we okay with that, from the middle ages we been paying tax to this corrupt blue blood family for what ? For they seek dominion over us? because they special? Please lets end this prison term, prison without bars"
Irma Wilson‏ (South Africa) وقع : 22:23, 28/06/2014
"Good people of the world, it is now time for us all to stand up and build this world we'd prefer, this world we yearn for. It really is possible, if we were to simply all to let go of what is and bravely walk away from what is familiar. "
Andrea Joubert‏ (South Africa) وقع : 08:13, 25/06/2014
Etienne de la Buscagne‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:02, 23/06/2014
Janice Porrill‏ (South Africa) وقع : 11:59, 20/05/2014
"This is fantastic. I envision a free & fair world, where generosity, kindness, responsibility & abundance are the order of the day. These principles sum it all up wonderfully and set a clear & awesome vision for such a world! <3"
wingcliff de beer‏ (South Africa) وقع : 09:42, 17/05/2014
Peter Rieger‏ (South Africa) وقع : 01:53, 23/04/2014
Lyn Gibs‏ (South Africa) وقع : 21:00, 22/04/2014
Anthea Torr‏ (South Africa) وقع : 20:56, 22/04/2014
"I Am in for a Free World - it is where we are headed"