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Rajat Channan (India) Podepsáno: 15:14, 18/11/2014
Suriyadeepan Ramamoorthy (India) Podepsáno: 13:09, 14/11/2014
"I completely support your cause. It is my dream to build a new world based on compassion, not based on money. A world without boundaries, without constraints. Lets make the world a beautiful place to live in."
Richard Alexander (India) Podepsáno: 05:45, 07/11/2014
Allauddin saheb Pinjari (India) Podepsáno: 12:26, 06/11/2014
"THE FREE WORLD(AGE){EVERY THING IS FREE} is not fiction it is true. It will happen in near future. Future time frame depend on "THE FORMLESS GOD'S" decision. Thanks to Mr. Colin turner, Mr.Peter Joseph, Mr.Jacque Frasco & group(s). Allauddin {Prophet of present running ( new) age (epoch)} My two sons (S+N)--My(A) elder son: Shaiksha Vali, My(A) younger son: Nazeer."
Arun Prakash (India) Podepsáno: 06:10, 05/11/2014
"Because, Humans are the only species that pay to live on Earth. And I don't want that to continue."
mother fucker (India) Podepsáno: 08:52, 28/10/2014
"Seems Interesting but not practical :)"
Abhishek Singh (India) Podepsáno: 18:23, 23/10/2014
Murtaza Hasan (India) Podepsáno: 15:20, 23/10/2014
Marga Eleonora Scroppo (India) Podepsáno: 10:15, 23/10/2014
"THank you, this is beautiful..."
petra brandl (India) Podepsáno: 07:30, 22/10/2014
Arjun R (India) Podepsáno: 13:11, 17/10/2014
"It is very much possible. Between Birth and death what does a human do --> Live. What does he need to live? Food ! Food is right in front of him, But he refuses to take it. He in turn slogs and slogs to earn money and then buy his food. Is it really necessary. Life is just a time pass between birth and death. You just have to live it responsibly. Everyone is equal."
RANNVIJAY MALHOTRA (India) Podepsáno: 12:25, 26/09/2014
Sharath Narayan (India) Podepsáno: 12:00, 26/09/2014
nani butung (India) Podepsáno: 03:50, 25/09/2014
Jaya Prasadh (India) Podepsáno: 12:32, 08/09/2014
"Hello brothers and sisters :)"
swara pandya (India) Podepsáno: 07:19, 05/09/2014
Shalabh Tayal (India) Podepsáno: 03:35, 05/09/2014
Khyati Vyas (India) Podepsáno: 08:56, 04/09/2014
"We are ready for the next step as conscious beings! "
ps RASHEED (India) Podepsáno: 08:07, 03/09/2014
""we live only once, so live life king size" how can we root out this deep borne cliche from the minds of the over sized majority, which was unknowingly and forcefully cultivated there by some money driven vested interests"
Tarun Kumar (India) Podepsáno: 04:49, 30/08/2014
smita r (India) Podepsáno: 17:08, 27/08/2014
Krishnan Subramanian (India) Podepsáno: 06:42, 27/08/2014
"Onward ho to sustainable equality for all, on all ..."
Avinash Garg (India) Podepsáno: 16:13, 26/08/2014
paritosh daurwal (India) Podepsáno: 21:59, 25/08/2014
ASHISH PARAKH (India) Podepsáno: 15:48, 25/08/2014
"Humans are the only species on earth which indulges in gang rape of its female form, does all sorts of atrocities on females and even kills it in the foetus and calls other species as Animals. No other organic specie shows so much disrespect to its female form like we Humans do. This is not evolution but something more than that. "