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Abid Ullah (India) Podepsáno: 04:24, 07/02/2016
Harpokrates Mannus (India) Podepsáno: 00:23, 15/01/2016
"Everything will be good in the end. If it's not gold it's not the end."
Maxim Khe (India) Podepsáno: 15:17, 13/01/2016
"A co-operating society will develop at a much faster rate as compared to a society with a financial hierarchy. Extreme wealth and extreme Poverty must be abolished."
vamsi krishna avirneni (India) Podepsáno: 04:55, 08/01/2016
Thabi Dolly (India) Podepsáno: 04:36, 08/01/2016
Archana Iyer (India) Podepsáno: 16:42, 07/01/2016
"Me ready to share so much knowledge that me loves earth and its creatures so much. Me thank you for this"
lenny woolf (India) Podepsáno: 15:30, 06/01/2016
marleen reynaert (India) Podepsáno: 13:00, 05/12/2015
Rittick Datta (India) Podepsáno: 22:03, 27/11/2015
"It is time to become citizens of earth, not just one country."
Sindhu Unnikrishnan (India) Podepsáno: 14:34, 14/11/2015
"Lets envision a planet without borders and a life full of creativity and positivity 👍 "
Kalyani Bhake (India) Podepsáno: 13:59, 13/11/2015
priyanka salian (India) Podepsáno: 09:15, 25/10/2015
Dirk Aguiar (India) Podepsáno: 07:44, 25/10/2015
Bojamma P N (India) Podepsáno: 17:05, 30/09/2015
"Very happy in fact of having known about such a Charter which I got to know accidentally. Very happy to know that there are people of my mindset. Occasionally when I discussed some of the above quoted principles people in my circle don't understand n also comment saying its wiered n snub. Good effort in putting forth what we really need to learn as human beings. "
Kartik Madhok (India) Podepsáno: 09:57, 26/09/2015
Ushakanta Sahoo (India) Podepsáno: 19:51, 19/09/2015
Hasan Alam (India) Podepsáno: 12:00, 17/09/2015
"Very good and considerate work of the community...great thinking"
Amit Sharma (India) Podepsáno: 17:21, 16/09/2015
"I want a world free of money , power & unjust influence, where everyone lives just like an animal that roams freely in a forest, without having to spoil his present in worrying for his future. "I sometimes think the human race and this world would have been a better place if we haven't stepped down from the trees". "
Arnab Gon (India) Podepsáno: 13:59, 14/09/2015
Karan Malhotra (India) Podepsáno: 11:37, 04/08/2015
Shrikant Sawant (India) Podepsáno: 20:27, 19/07/2015
Edwin Rodrigues (India) Podepsáno: 19:28, 11/07/2015
"target the IMF and put those people behind bars who create this bogus system. Remind them that the earth cant pay that extra gold they demand for and we cannot go to some other planet to give them that gold they ask for "
Hemalatha Mathavan (India) Podepsáno: 18:07, 11/07/2015
Mohammed Shameem K (India) Podepsáno: 08:36, 08/07/2015
Ankit Das (India) Podepsáno: 07:11, 29/06/2015
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