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"Musíme se oprostit od našich imaginárních limitů."

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""Glücksforschung" - meditatves, transzendez-offenes Forschen jenseits traditioneller Reduktionismen/Glaubenssätze als höchste SINN-orientierte Wissenschafts-Grundlage! Warum?: wir kommen kollektiv aus tiefster lebensfeindlicher Vergangenheit. Der Begriff LEBENSSINN wurde aus Sicht des HERRschenden Materialsmus zum WAHN-Sinn umgemünzt und all der manipulative wahn-sinn zur erkenntnisleitenden Grundlage erhoben, nachdem "Religion" völlig von pschopathhisch-perversen Macht-Habern ins Gegenteil dessen fiel, was sie sein sollte,in die Hände von "Archonten"= kosmische Parasiten/falschen Göttern u ihren Blut- u Speichleckern gefallen ist. Seitdem ist das Gros der Menschen zu halt- u steuerlosen "Schiffchen" im unendlicjen Meer von Non-sens u Willkür verkommen als leichte Beute ebendieser Parasiten, die alle unsere Lebensgrundlagen uva. unsere Seele zerstören. Beherzte Offenlegung u Heilung all dessen in Verbindun mit uneren "älteren Geschwistern" im Universum!..." - Claudius adF Kern21 hours ago
"It is time the welfare of life on this planet is nurtured and recognised as sacred. Decisions need to based on sustainability, moral and ethical principles. " - Karla Lee Patricia Te Tau23 hours ago
Sandy Saputraa day ago
G. Ringa day ago
"I pluck myself from the embodiment of these grandiose illusions, to fall deeper into the arms of simplicity. " - Denise Massey2 days ago
"~Smile fa ME~" - Stephanie Shipley2 days ago
George Hattersley2 days ago
"I believe in making heaven of the human civilization. That's everything free. " - REGINALD whibbey2 days ago
"讓未來世代活在一個可以仰望星空並探索星辰大海 的時空裏,永遠遠離現今各種狗屁鳥文化價值觀。" - Fice Leo2 days ago
Nabhdeep Singh Popli2 days ago

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Nabhdeep Singh PopliPodepsáno: 14:36, 14/12/2017
Ashish Kashyap Podepsáno: 17:24, 01/12/2017
Puja KiranPodepsáno: 18:30, 27/11/2017
THIRAVIYA KUMARPodepsáno: 08:43, 16/11/2017
Rohit SharmaPodepsáno: 11:24, 05/11/2017
Jitendra SikarwarPodepsáno: 12:59, 07/10/2017
"I totally agree with the guiding principles and believe that practicable solutions exist to our current malaise. I believe that the starting point for the way forward is to start founding NEW megacities where everything needed is provided "free" to ALL citizens."
samrat SdPodepsáno: 16:50, 31/08/2017
"Meditate & be free. "
Parvathi Subhash Podepsáno: 19:07, 22/08/2017
Dipanjan MitraPodepsáno: 17:24, 21/08/2017
" "
Dipanjan MitraPodepsáno: 17:23, 21/08/2017
Adv. Neeraj VatsPodepsáno: 16:03, 19/07/2017
Kanna KrishnaPodepsáno: 06:41, 06/07/2017
"Create an environment on the planet EARTH to live with absolute liberty and unconditional freedom. Then only we can share our LOVE experience the ECSTASY. FOR THAT WE SUPPORT. "
Sowgata ChowdhuryPodepsáno: 16:12, 05/07/2017
Akhil SureshPodepsáno: 11:15, 25/06/2017
Dhiral ShahPodepsáno: 06:29, 21/06/2017
Ramdas SorenPodepsáno: 17:42, 15/06/2017
"let's make free fair peace and beautiful world(';')"
Jagdish LakhaniPodepsáno: 17:45, 01/06/2017
RAJAT PRASADPodepsáno: 03:12, 17/05/2017
"If Not All free we can atleast implement the UBI(Universal Basic Income) so that everyone can get their basic expenditure,and by using robots with AI we produce large production and large services so that the cost reduce near nothing."
Eshwar KrishnanPodepsáno: 23:26, 01/05/2017
Balameena SureshPodepsáno: 07:04, 30/04/2017
"Excellent work. Hope this becomes our reality soon."
Kavi Raj k Podepsáno: 08:11, 23/04/2017
Nirav PatelPodepsáno: 10:07, 09/04/2017
Siddharth SiddharthPodepsáno: 22:07, 02/04/2017
Pranit DaswaniPodepsáno: 17:26, 19/03/2017
Shreyansh DixitPodepsáno: 05:23, 13/03/2017
Sagar BiswasPodepsáno: 18:04, 16/02/2017
Gurjant SinghPodepsáno: 14:58, 31/01/2017
Paramhans YogiPodepsáno: 15:34, 02/12/2016
Dev AnshulPodepsáno: 07:49, 02/12/2016
thirunavukarasu arasuPodepsáno: 11:00, 20/11/2016
Aatrik ShivakshPodepsáno: 12:59, 12/10/2016
"Our collective intelligence and consciousness can accomplish miracles if harnessed and channelized with a common goal of human transformation because our future on this Earth is evolving radically that can result in a global crisis or new creation and our choice can have a drastic consequences in the final outcome. We are in a state of transition right now and this leap of faith can bring us a new world altogether because there is absolutely no scarcity but is only our mental construct that is leading us to believe this. We human are much more resourceful then what we believe to be and this new world formation will unleash that. We have been fighting with each other from ages without any valid reasons to do so; now we all can cooperate, collaborate by shunning competitiveness through sharing, caring, creating, celebrating, loving etc in short we can have a peaceful and blissful world fill with abundance because this is very fact of life which is symbiosis. Let the Almighty bless us all"
Gautam SharmaPodepsáno: 15:18, 06/10/2016
Vinod ParlapalliPodepsáno: 15:39, 05/10/2016
Tania BaptistaPodepsáno: 12:15, 04/10/2016
"A free world is a happy world No boundaries leads to lesser crimes Self understanding becomes easier."
Tautik DasPodepsáno: 07:51, 30/09/2016
Swati BhatiaPodepsáno: 11:27, 14/09/2016
"I want a money free world! This is the future! "
rakesh garaiPodepsáno: 07:16, 30/08/2016
Daisy CherianPodepsáno: 17:29, 24/08/2016
Pankaj NairPodepsáno: 16:19, 10/08/2016
Dev DanielsPodepsáno: 19:24, 02/08/2016
prakash deepPodepsáno: 12:06, 18/07/2016
VISHNU SANKAR Podepsáno: 10:12, 18/07/2016
Manoj Subramanyam Podepsáno: 20:06, 16/07/2016
"I always dream of this world of freedom where one do things because they like to but not because they have to."
VISHNU SWARUP O VPodepsáno: 04:13, 17/06/2016
"kindly let me know how i can contribute to a free world charter"
HITEN VERMAPodepsáno: 14:12, 16/06/2016
"God doesn't make us like this. Its the money which divides us."
Dinesh DarnalPodepsáno: 10:25, 16/06/2016
sandy blazePodepsáno: 19:40, 15/06/2016
Bhavani APodepsáno: 16:19, 14/06/2016
lingesh kalingarayarPodepsáno: 14:46, 14/06/2016
Lead MecheryPodepsáno: 10:48, 14/06/2016

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