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Yovdiy Abu-Gums (Portugal) Podepsáno: 05:51, 24/08/2017
Ruben Filipe Pereira Antunes Honorio (Portugal) Podepsáno: 00:00, 22/08/2017

"Cabe a todos nos fazer a nossa parte! Se cada um fizer um pouco tornamo-nos um todo! Somos um Só! We are One! Peace"
Sérgio Cantuaria (Portugal) Podepsáno: 21:57, 20/08/2017
flavio dias (Portugal) Podepsáno: 12:40, 20/08/2017

"O povo unido, jamais será vencido!!"
Sandra Margarida Da Silva Marques (Portugal) Podepsáno: 15:08, 17/08/2017
Pedro Baltazar (Portugal) Podepsáno: 03:36, 17/08/2017
avani ancok (Portugal) Podepsáno: 22:40, 31/07/2017

"Life is a Miracle!!"
Jorge Morais (Portugal) Podepsáno: 14:25, 30/07/2017
Amina Aboobakar (Portugal) Podepsáno: 17:09, 22/07/2017
Rui Cavalheiro (Portugal) Podepsáno: 18:00, 21/07/2017
António Freitas (Portugal) Podepsáno: 22:38, 15/07/2017

"Be what you are and not what you have."
Gonçalo Ferreira (Portugal) Podepsáno: 09:20, 22/06/2017
Pedro Silva (Portugal) Podepsáno: 21:26, 10/06/2017

Klaus Szmigiel (Portugal) Podepsáno: 16:06, 29/01/2017
Stephen Hawczak (Portugal) Podepsáno: 13:03, 12/12/2016
Carsten Lutz (Portugal) Podepsáno: 10:21, 18/10/2016

"Money and its derivatives are instruments of slavery, exploitation and inequality. Actual politics will and have to support this system, because it keeps them in power. Any change to a fairer world and society can only be achieved by the people. If you want to change the system, start with yourself. "
Jeroen van Maaren (Portugal) Podepsáno: 22:58, 27/09/2016

Paulo Silva (Portugal) Podepsáno: 15:38, 12/06/2016
alexandre vidinha (Portugal) Podepsáno: 11:11, 14/04/2016

"A Free world with a scientific distrubution of all resources. "
Fernando Martins (Portugal) Podepsáno: 00:47, 10/04/2016

"this needs more and more mediatization (please adress the freeworldcharter.org to media channels thru a direction of whole world acknowledge of these proposals."
Eric Silva (Portugal) Podepsáno: 00:00, 06/04/2016
fernando jorge (Portugal) Podepsáno: 07:14, 28/03/2016
Helio Silva (Portugal) Podepsáno: 21:54, 23/03/2016
Ana Cristina de Vasconcelos Calais (Portugal) Podepsáno: 13:16, 23/03/2016
Pedro Rosário (Portugal) Podepsáno: 22:14, 29/02/2016