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mark d. gregg (United States) Unterzeichnet: 00:17, 03/05/2015
"One Love, One Heart,"
denise ward (United States) Unterzeichnet: 23:00, 02/05/2015
"Since we are in the 21st century and we have technology at our disposal, we could have a political online system that allows issues to be discussed and debated and then voted upon. Anyone can put up a proposal and we would decide the number of votes needed to create or change depending on the acceptance determined by consensus. I'd love to live without money. Although we have the digital ability to use an exchange system that benefits all. "
Ryan Bissi (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 21:47, 02/05/2015
Berge walker (United States) Unterzeichnet: 21:12, 02/05/2015
"I recently started researching this subject due to the current events taking place in my country. My father had always warned me of the ways of this world and it really frustrates me when i analyze the current state of humanity as a whole. This invitation to a common sense idea of life is without question a plan that must be implemented to insure our very existence. I am vowing to spread this information to anyone willing to listen. These are common sense morals that i believe wholeheartedly all humans are born with and continue to possess throughout life,this is especially true once you delete the idea of money from the equation. I believe that this is something that can be achieved. I would like to know of anyway possible i can help because I'm ready to apply this new idea of common sense compassion and show the world what we really are made of."
Michèle WOLL (France) Unterzeichnet: 20:08, 02/05/2015
Athanassios Triantafyllou (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 19:19, 02/05/2015
"let us all unite!"
Boyan Anov (Bulgaria) Unterzeichnet: 17:11, 02/05/2015
"I am really glad there is such a network!"
dan parker (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 13:20, 02/05/2015
"Good. "
Elise SIGOGNEAU (France) Unterzeichnet: 23:20, 01/05/2015
"très belle charte"
Kevin Reardon (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 23:15, 01/05/2015
Marguerite Mimi (Egypt) Unterzeichnet: 22:09, 01/05/2015
Cäcilia Horvath (Austria) Unterzeichnet: 21:18, 01/05/2015
"Es ist höchste Zeit eine neue Epoche einzuleiten! Wenn wir es nicht in Eigenverantwortung machen, wird es für uns gemacht werden. Allerdings nicht zum Wohle der Menschen und der Erde, sondern auf unsere Kosten zum Wohle von wenigen Auserwählten dieser Welt! "
Volker Specht (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 20:40, 01/05/2015
"Die Entwicklung des "technischen Fortschrittes" hat die Menschheit in viele Sackgassen geführt. Die Wissenschaftler ohne Gewissen denken nicht an die folgenden Generationen - zum Beispiel radioaktive Abfälle; das Problem ist unlösbar! "
Dawid Rabski (Poland) Unterzeichnet: 20:28, 01/05/2015
Paul Suter (United States) Unterzeichnet: 18:34, 01/05/2015
Henry Murillo (United States) Unterzeichnet: 15:18, 01/05/2015
Elisabeth Bélanger (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 14:42, 01/05/2015
Glen Moray Smillie (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 03:23, 01/05/2015
"As I am grown from this world so are we grown from each-other. For within me there are tears that always run from the mountains of woe that are heaped with the souls of my people whom oppression has enslaved. We have ahead of us the insurmountable opportunity of survival,humanity must choose between the self and itself. Allow yourself to feel your soul,to connect with spirit and know the golden path. "
Linda Holland (United States) Unterzeichnet: 00:18, 01/05/2015
marsha gleich (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 00:04, 01/05/2015
"i could only dream for this kind future for our children. i hope this way of thinking get more out there for other people. so that they relize that it is true "life is what you make of it" and we dont have to live this way! peace on earth!!"
Francisco Antonio Coelho Filho (United States) Unterzeichnet: 22:54, 30/04/2015
Gillian Bennett (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 21:08, 30/04/2015
Rafael Abreu Coelho Raffan (Brazil) Unterzeichnet: 20:29, 30/04/2015
"Paz e Luz! Vamos juntos para um mundo melhor!"
Timothy Wong (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 05:24, 30/04/2015
Elysia mcCaffrey (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 20:52, 29/04/2015