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Anton Erzen (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 15:10, 28/06/2016
"Gibt es das auch in anderen Sprachen für andere Länder?"
Martin Akerman (South Africa) Unterzeichnet: 12:42, 28/06/2016
cezar miranda (United States) Unterzeichnet: 06:14, 28/06/2016
Linda Rideout (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 03:07, 28/06/2016
Malik Ibragimov (United States) Unterzeichnet: 23:27, 27/06/2016
Rose Pedler (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 23:12, 27/06/2016
Susan Carroll (United States) Unterzeichnet: 21:20, 27/06/2016
Piotr Pawelec (Poland) Unterzeichnet: 20:29, 27/06/2016
Pol Lechicki (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 19:52, 27/06/2016
"Thank you! Ps this butterfly (Monarch ) is unfortunate...This is symbol of Project Monarch. Love Peace and Open Source Dome ;)"
Dirk Hoffmann (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 19:00, 27/06/2016
Brenda judith Lopez guzman (Mexico) Unterzeichnet: 18:53, 27/06/2016
Ralph Jacob (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 16:30, 27/06/2016
"It is time to do this, for all of us, here on our home world. "
Rene Eune Ponte (Philippines) Unterzeichnet: 15:21, 27/06/2016
brenda wilson (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 13:45, 27/06/2016
"Time to level the playing field!!! Opportunity is not a God given right & only to the rich!!!"
Frank Squires (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 13:04, 27/06/2016
Frank Ordelman (Spain) Unterzeichnet: 12:59, 27/06/2016
Donna Saito (United States) Unterzeichnet: 12:16, 27/06/2016
Hellmut Kirbis (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 09:24, 27/06/2016
"With Jesus Christ second coming- all this will happen !"
Kathy Sawicki (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 09:21, 27/06/2016
Afke van der Woud (Netherlands) Unterzeichnet: 07:59, 27/06/2016
Jacqueline Soat (United States) Unterzeichnet: 07:14, 27/06/2016
Marina Strahl (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 05:51, 27/06/2016
LAI PAU NYUEN (Malaysia) Unterzeichnet: 05:03, 27/06/2016
Lucky Regina Veronica Long Sanada Gina (Japan) Unterzeichnet: 03:55, 27/06/2016
"I agree and have signed but lets face it, the children of humanity find 'normality & peace' boring...I love the idea of a free world, but more than that..the problem is ..to free the mind...it all starts with a single thought, good or bad, intangible, but replicable in every facet, again, good and bad, coz we are. I urge this movement, which will give rise and rice to all concerned and no doubt, will usher in a new set of depths to understand and solve."
Raymond Quiachon (United States) Unterzeichnet: 03:49, 27/06/2016
"It may not be during my lifetime but it will come to fruition."