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Ricardo Lopez (Mexico) Unterzeichnet: 15:40, 27/09/2016

"Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor"
Davin DeBord (United States) Unterzeichnet: 14:44, 27/09/2016

"This will bring abundance for all the children of mother Earth - it is time,..."
Eric Dieudonné (Reunion) Unterzeichnet: 12:00, 27/09/2016
Giulia Miscioscia (Italy) Unterzeichnet: 09:44, 27/09/2016

"If I could help someway, let me know. I feel totally unable to live in our society."
Shane Johnson (United States) Unterzeichnet: 20:39, 26/09/2016

""Competition is natural to the ignorant, cooperation is natural to the wise" Manly P Hall. Life is ubiquitous no matter how small or how vast the space in between. We are all inextricably connected in the web of life. The vibrations (love or fear) of our actions affect every living thing in some place, at some time, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Living for the future as apposed to fighting to the end can only be accomplished without competition. Money has become a tool of fear used by those who have it to decieve and manipulate those who dont creating the competition for it. Some interesting past on money; some 5,000 years ago the ancient Sumerians wrote on cuneiform "The orphan shall not fall prey to the wealthy, the widow shall not fall prey to the powerful, the man of one shekel shall not fall prey to a man of 60 shekels" and more interesting is the Mayan civilization, whom hold the record of now war for 500 years. They attribute this to having no monetary system. "
kurt gevers (Belgium) Unterzeichnet: 08:56, 26/09/2016
phil canuel (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 05:53, 26/09/2016
Armando Emanuel Mex (Mexico) Unterzeichnet: 03:22, 26/09/2016

"Una nueva sociedad, la verdad ya no se encuentra en casa se busca en el espacio. Somos todo y somos nada. "
Vincent Roy (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 02:12, 26/09/2016
William James (Jim) Papps (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 02:06, 26/09/2016

"About time"
Emanuel Krulis (Austria) Unterzeichnet: 22:54, 25/09/2016
Ernst Hauseder (Austria) Unterzeichnet: 22:12, 25/09/2016
Marilyn Clute (United States) Unterzeichnet: 15:11, 25/09/2016
Sarah Gomes (United States) Unterzeichnet: 15:03, 25/09/2016
Zach Gastelum (United States) Unterzeichnet: 22:03, 24/09/2016
Johnny Gagnon (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 19:48, 24/09/2016
Laurie Taylor (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 19:33, 24/09/2016

Gerene Schendel (United States) Unterzeichnet: 17:56, 24/09/2016
Mislav Mikulčić (Croatia) Unterzeichnet: 16:37, 24/09/2016
AJ Anderson (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 06:09, 24/09/2016

"Been saying this for years. But how to actually make it happen...."
Marina Muñoz (Spain) Unterzeichnet: 01:49, 24/09/2016

"Wake up!"
Daniel Schumacher (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 00:44, 24/09/2016
andrei alixandrescu (Romania) Unterzeichnet: 00:17, 24/09/2016
Rani Bageria (Austria) Unterzeichnet: 21:32, 23/09/2016
Mike Ralston (Canada) Unterzeichnet: 20:24, 23/09/2016