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Zoltan Gal (Hungary) Unterzeichnet: 09:50, 24/09/2014
"If not me, who? If not now, when?"
Emily Holly (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 09:49, 24/09/2014
"This would be an ideal world , thankyou for opening my mind "
pauline vatandoor (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 09:29, 24/09/2014
"the only way home"
ross lardner (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 09:19, 24/09/2014
Susan Cottingham (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 09:10, 24/09/2014
"This is my dream coming into reality"
Andy Fox (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 08:56, 24/09/2014
"What a great idea. No money no worries. I think people will be scared because of its simplicity and their conditioned beliefs in the current monetary system. The current system is going to fail, history shows that it will and we then have a great opportunity to usher in a free world, free of fear, poverty and full of love and abundance. "
rémi lenglart (France) Unterzeichnet: 08:52, 24/09/2014
"200% support"
pete St.Aley (South Africa) Unterzeichnet: 08:50, 24/09/2014
"Point 6. I do not believe a community should necessarily provide everything for those who are not willing to contribute some of the time, energy and skills in maintaining and supporting the community in which they choose to live. where there is no money there must be a system of contributionism where those capable contribute. Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu describes this perfectly. "
Odd Bjarne Kjellevold (Norway) Unterzeichnet: 08:41, 24/09/2014
"This charter is the best news for humanity, all life and our planet. Hopefully through this campaign we can change the world and give porsperity and happiness to all mankind for ever in a true spiritually way."
Marina Sigala (Greece) Unterzeichnet: 08:37, 24/09/2014
amanda busson (France) Unterzeichnet: 08:21, 24/09/2014
Claire Feekings (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 07:48, 24/09/2014
Jared Lacco (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 07:38, 24/09/2014
Alexander Santos (Sweden) Unterzeichnet: 06:58, 24/09/2014
"I have a dream for freedom and peace."
Steven Stein (Thailand) Unterzeichnet: 06:15, 24/09/2014
"I have been wishing and wondering, pushing to evolve past money for years.We are all just slaves to the banking industry and have no real life,just look around.Even the blind can see this is wrong! This is fantastic and feels natural. Im in, Where do I sign?!"
更耀 邱 (China) Unterzeichnet: 06:12, 24/09/2014
Jessica Crow (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 06:10, 24/09/2014
mir lauko (Slovakia) Unterzeichnet: 06:06, 24/09/2014
Tony Hidalgo (United States) Unterzeichnet: 05:55, 24/09/2014
Damaso Alvarez jr (United States) Unterzeichnet: 05:50, 24/09/2014
Alfonso G. López y Suárez . (Mexico) Unterzeichnet: 05:30, 24/09/2014
Anna Romero (United States) Unterzeichnet: 05:07, 24/09/2014
Michael Rodriguez (United States) Unterzeichnet: 05:04, 24/09/2014
"best idea i ever heard in my life if only we could make this happen everybody would be able to enjoy earth how there supposed too!."
Norma Ruiz Glass (United States) Unterzeichnet: 04:33, 24/09/2014
Sarra McDonnell (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 04:26, 24/09/2014