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Neil Kirby (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 20:53, 09/07/2014
Ash Franklyn (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 20:01, 09/07/2014
"I couldn't put i was from planet earth , so i suppose i had to put where i currently live, anyway i have been trying to get this message across to a lot of people for along , but i have never been able to get it across properly, this is perfect thank you keep it up , if this spreads use it wisely "
Michaela Becker (Germany) Unterzeichnet: 17:39, 09/07/2014
Terry Oldroyd (United States) Unterzeichnet: 17:35, 09/07/2014
Andre Flores Braga Krung (Brazil) Unterzeichnet: 16:46, 09/07/2014
Casey Carr (United States) Unterzeichnet: 15:44, 09/07/2014
ian blaney (Spain) Unterzeichnet: 13:26, 09/07/2014
"keep up the good work, I´ll forward the website on. thanks"
Eddy Sijbers (Netherlands) Unterzeichnet: 12:16, 09/07/2014
"Hi, i think this is verry well done. Or atleast give us alot more money to enjoy our short life. Maybe an extra 5000k a month for everyone, because iff everything is free we all have the same stuff and its no fun."
Petra Oblak (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 08:41, 09/07/2014
"skrajni čas je, da povemo svoje mnenje naglas, in se dejavno vključujemo v proces zavarovanja narave in ljudi "
sam Hirvi (Australia) Unterzeichnet: 07:29, 09/07/2014
Emily Rudolph (United States) Unterzeichnet: 06:33, 09/07/2014
Yuriy Kotskyy (United States) Unterzeichnet: 06:17, 09/07/2014
BRADLEY MANZANARES (United States) Unterzeichnet: 01:57, 09/07/2014
"it was once said by a native american chief, that only when all the streams had been poisoned and the last tree cut down, and the last fish has been caught, will man realize that he cannot eat money. why has it taken this long for us to see how right he was ? "
Gavin Anthony (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 23:41, 08/07/2014
"Things must change. The world is broken and we need to unite for change, we are change. We need to live in balance with Mother Nature. Our roots need nurturing, we need to become human beings again and stop acing like animals."
MIRA DRAB (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 23:01, 08/07/2014
Karmen Seražin (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 18:46, 08/07/2014
sylvia jones (United States) Unterzeichnet: 18:08, 08/07/2014
Derek Shiel (United Kingdom) Unterzeichnet: 17:51, 08/07/2014
Klara Slejko (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 17:04, 08/07/2014
Linda Morgan (United States) Unterzeichnet: 17:01, 08/07/2014
Ingrid Marc (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 16:45, 08/07/2014
jadranka umek (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 16:28, 08/07/2014
latosha scott (United States) Unterzeichnet: 16:23, 08/07/2014
Petra Frelih (Slovenia) Unterzeichnet: 15:12, 08/07/2014
harvey harv (United States) Unterzeichnet: 14:26, 08/07/2014