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Bine Pavlica (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 15:54, 07/10/2012
Andreja Pleničar (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 22:33, 06/10/2012
petra m (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 13:42, 06/10/2012
Jan Rome (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 01:56, 06/10/2012
Simona Knavs (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 20:57, 05/10/2012
"Absolutno! To je pot in cilj!"
rok janževič (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 15:25, 05/10/2012
uros lipovec (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 09:53, 05/10/2012
Igor Česnik (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 22:28, 04/10/2012
Maja Sever (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 21:22, 04/10/2012
Zdenka Vodeb (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 21:09, 04/10/2012
Igor Sancin (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 21:04, 04/10/2012
Matevž Šalehar (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 20:25, 04/10/2012
Jolanda Jereb (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 20:20, 04/10/2012
Metka Šalehar (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 20:11, 04/10/2012
Polona Perne (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 15:43, 04/10/2012
Špela Lenič (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 14:59, 04/10/2012
Jaka ... (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 10:50, 03/10/2012
Uroš Lang (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 09:04, 03/10/2012
Rozi Stegenšek (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 21:48, 01/10/2012
Miha Koritnik (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 00:14, 01/10/2012
"Vem, da prihaja resnično čudovit čas, ko bo človek končno ter znova sprejel svojo najpomembnejšo vlogo; varuh planeta Zemlje. svetloba, toplota, spokoj, harmonija. hvala. pozdrav!"
Denis Beskovnik (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 14:28, 30/09/2012
s LAVICA Bohorc (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 13:04, 30/09/2012
jan jany (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 12:55, 30/09/2012
Tina Turk (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 09:25, 30/09/2012
"What is needed is a better explanation of HOW to get there and maintain it without same power struggle as we have now. Even without money people tend to manipulate each other to get what they want, they just replace the money with whatever it is what they value. So it needs to be thought of in great detil. This is the part I am missing. And how to motivate people (ourselves) to do things. Money is motivation in a sense that it is 'stored' energy, so you can work for it in january and spend it in may, without money people will feel lost in the freedom unless they understand very good that there is responsibility to ourselves and the world to do well what we are good at and we like to do. And sometimes, this is not the same thing, so it gets frustrated when the community might need you to fix water pipes, but you want to play the gitar. We need to find motivation for unpleasant work, that needs to be done. I wish you great success doing that! Tina"
Marjuta Slamic (Slovenia) Υπογραφή: 08:43, 30/09/2012