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F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man

F-Day: A Story Of Transition

It had taken Karl Drayton just thirty-four years to go from an innocent boy in love with life, to an adult completely at odds with it. Struggling all his life to find success, and then finding it, he still wasn't happy. Why was life such a struggle anyway? Why were there so many problems in the world, but no real answers?

One day Karl decides to make a small change in his life - sparking a chain reaction that would bring him down a rabbit-hole and alter his world view forever. Suddenly he understood exactly what was wrong with the world, and could see his fellow humanity - like a species addicted - sleepwalking into destruction. So he had an idea.

Armed with just a computer and some basic web skills, Karl creates an online alternative movement which, to his surprise, strikes a chord with millions of others who are beginning to think just like him - that mankind's most precious belief was dragging him down.

In an ever hostile, decaying world, Karl Drayton becomes the heretic, calling time on the world's biggest religion: Money.

Working against invisible forces trying to stop him, a US President with a hidden agenda, and an unlikely farmer turned statesman, Karl's radical alternative vision takes him on a journey across the world and finally to the one place on Earth where his new philosophy might have a chance - Iceland.

F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man boldly questions our social norms and paints a compelling alternative reality that is hard to leave...