The Free World Charter

"Let's free ourselves from our imaginary limits."

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""Glücksforschung" - meditatves, transzendez-offenes Forschen jenseits traditioneller Reduktionismen/Glaubenssätze als höchste SINN-orientierte Wissenschafts-Grundlage! Warum?: wir kommen kollektiv aus tiefster lebensfeindlicher Vergangenheit. Der Begriff LEBENSSINN wurde aus Sicht des HERRschenden Materialsmus zum WAHN-Sinn umgemünzt und all der manipulative wahn-sinn zur erkenntnisleitenden Grundlage erhoben, nachdem "Religion" völlig von pschopathhisch-perversen Macht-Habern ins Gegenteil dessen fiel, was sie sein sollte,in die Hände von "Archonten"= kosmische Parasiten/falschen Göttern u ihren Blut- u Speichleckern gefallen ist. Seitdem ist das Gros der Menschen zu halt- u steuerlosen "Schiffchen" im unendlicjen Meer von Non-sens u Willkür verkommen als leichte Beute ebendieser Parasiten, die alle unsere Lebensgrundlagen uva. unsere Seele zerstören. Beherzte Offenlegung u Heilung all dessen in Verbindun mit uneren "älteren Geschwistern" im Universum!..." - Claudius adF Kern8 hours ago
"It is time the welfare of life on this planet is nurtured and recognised as sacred. Decisions need to based on sustainability, moral and ethical principles. " - Karla Lee Patricia Te Tau9 hours ago
Sandy Saputra14 hours ago
G. Ring19 hours ago
"I pluck myself from the embodiment of these grandiose illusions, to fall deeper into the arms of simplicity. " - Denise Masseya day ago
"~Smile fa ME~" - Stephanie Shipleya day ago
George Hattersleya day ago
"I believe in making heaven of the human civilization. That's everything free. " - REGINALD whibbeya day ago
"讓未來世代活在一個可以仰望星空並探索星辰大海 的時空裏,永遠遠離現今各種狗屁鳥文化價值觀。" - Fice Leo2 days ago
Nabhdeep Singh Popli2 days ago

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Stephan BourgetSigned: 15:56, 12/12/2017
Paul MurphySigned: 16:52, 11/12/2017
Rob McWilliamSigned: 05:13, 02/12/2017
Joel DenisSigned: 00:06, 02/12/2017
Dominique CyrSigned: 05:21, 01/12/2017
Joao PereiraSigned: 08:02, 20/11/2017
Sanjeev TugnaitSigned: 02:07, 16/11/2017
"i wish life was like this"
Robert MowreySigned: 00:31, 13/11/2017
Serge BlouinSigned: 16:29, 11/11/2017
"Merci pour cette charte !"
James DeanSigned: 23:51, 06/11/2017
Jamie HortonSigned: 05:09, 05/11/2017
Takura PatrickSigned: 23:16, 04/11/2017
Ernie MacAulaySigned: 14:57, 02/11/2017
Chris MacInnisSigned: 18:05, 01/11/2017
"The most important idea for humanity since we stopped following the herds and developed agriculture."
Jeannine SchulzSigned: 16:29, 01/11/2017
Meghan Wilson Signed: 05:59, 01/11/2017
Patrick PaquetteSigned: 05:14, 30/10/2017
"freeworlder represents such a great idea - but if it isn't enough, I'll keep working on the Registry:"
claus gnaedigSigned: 22:39, 25/10/2017
"I am all the way with you"
Bhavani BaiSigned: 18:04, 25/10/2017
Jori AdankSigned: 03:21, 23/10/2017
"Money will enslave you, weather you have it or not"
Dwayne RobbieSigned: 14:05, 19/10/2017
"Sick and tired of ALL "ism" economic systems that only benefit a few, while economically enslaving the majority. I envision a world of people encouraged and supported to live up to their maximum potential, rather than being suppressed, controlled and subdued by the systems intentionally designed to keep them economically enslaved. "
Bruce DicksonSigned: 21:44, 15/10/2017
Matt KilfoilSigned: 05:42, 12/10/2017
"Live like you're dying, and sleep like you just got laid."
Kevin RainbowSigned: 19:37, 07/10/2017
Debbie WaitkusSigned: 12:37, 06/10/2017
Alyssa KowalskiSigned: 02:14, 03/10/2017
Steve DanielSigned: 14:08, 27/09/2017
Shawn ClarksonSigned: 02:14, 27/09/2017
"Huge improvement and solid foundation for a genuine community."
Maria LyndenSigned: 19:07, 24/09/2017
"I may have signed this before, but am not sure. A money free world would be a blessing and I'm all for it. There will be a lot of resistance from those who are swimming in money and worldly possessions, because they want to hold on to all their wealth. How do we get them on board? "
Blaine MozyliskySigned: 10:52, 22/09/2017
"''All'' of your advertisements should include the right information like ''An initiative to resolve global suffering with the removal of money,debt... And suggest what we can do to help. Then have fun with different quotes,beliefs,obstacles,fears,updates,fundraising ''always'' feedback,etc. Craft a letter to news broadcasters,newspapers,live television shows,wealthy people,etc... to raise awareness and a need for funding so you can advertise everywhere.If you ever have a question or need advice send an email my way. "
Paul WilsonSigned: 13:35, 21/09/2017
"While the charter is progress, action is required to enable change and a better future. "
Steve BeckowSigned: 20:13, 18/09/2017
Dawn McGawSigned: 17:10, 12/09/2017
Paul ChauvinSigned: 03:28, 12/09/2017
Nicole LebrasseurSigned: 20:37, 11/09/2017
"Checking things out!"
André Bourguignon Signed: 19:59, 08/09/2017
John JonesSigned: 00:05, 23/08/2017
"Peaceful Revolution/Civil Disobedience , a Necessity"
Tatyane Rodrigues de Melo xtatyxSigned: 22:59, 21/08/2017
Terry DicksSigned: 15:35, 21/08/2017
Caleb OuelletteSigned: 00:10, 20/08/2017
Joy MoonSigned: 19:16, 17/08/2017
"Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it. ~Wilfred Peterson "
Sophie DupréSigned: 13:18, 17/08/2017
"First Generation Indigo"
Elizabeth HolmSigned: 02:59, 12/08/2017
Blungey McGruesSigned: 18:41, 07/08/2017
"from each according to his ability, to each according to his need..."
Jesse O'LearySigned: 14:38, 03/08/2017
"Hey, I have one major driving force that propels and inspires all other factors of my life, and that force is to help make the world a better place for all of us, our environment and life as we know it. TO do that I must inspire people, and to inspire people I must be inspiring. "
Rosemary GregoireSigned: 15:44, 31/07/2017
"It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day."
Lisa KelleherSigned: 03:40, 30/07/2017
Mark HutchinsonSigned: 17:36, 21/07/2017
Brad BellSigned: 03:06, 21/07/2017
denis millerSigned: 15:00, 20/07/2017
"open to discuss what we can do for each other"

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