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"Let's free ourselves from our imaginary limits."

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Diana JohnsonSigned: 14:27, 05/05/2018
Eric Westacott-HariSigned: 12:39, 28/02/2018
"as the laws in most modern countries are under the rules of admirality law, we should hit them (those in office of power) with notices of liability!"
Aaron Pearl PerlmutterSigned: 15:20, 17/02/2018
Thomas BraunSigned: 08:18, 28/01/2018
Maria Fernanda Rollier-GneccoSigned: 11:58, 30/11/2017
Ignatz GoninSigned: 09:46, 30/11/2017
Philippe RollierSigned: 09:26, 30/11/2017
Julie DowlingSigned: 08:25, 30/11/2017
Mandana DowlingSigned: 14:19, 29/11/2017
Christian DowlingSigned: 19:29, 28/11/2017
Dominique Dowling-GoninSigned: 19:20, 27/11/2017
"que la lumière soit sur la terre et que les Consciences se souviennent qui ils sont..."
Yvonne MenziSigned: 08:28, 26/11/2017
Nicholas Manuel Eric SutterSigned: 15:57, 15/11/2017
"Dadashreeji sharanam..."
Jürg BondererSigned: 14:18, 15/11/2017
"Liebe & Dankbarkeit"
Gabriella MastrogiuseppeSigned: 17:43, 06/10/2017
Lydia Sciaini Signed: 14:25, 06/09/2017
Alessandro MichailidisSigned: 11:03, 09/08/2017
"❤Wir sind alle eins,Brüder und Schwestern mit Liebe und Licht❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤"
Nicole TschäppätSigned: 16:05, 16/07/2017
"Zusammen sind wir einflussreich."
Raphi SeeSigned: 22:43, 30/05/2017
"Together we have everything we need!"
sandra cartierSigned: 19:18, 26/04/2017
Vanessa Isabelle Schütz Signed: 10:16, 25/01/2017
Gebhard FreiSigned: 18:26, 21/01/2017
Edith MathisSigned: 23:42, 08/01/2017
Beatrice DreierSigned: 15:05, 02/01/2017
Ramon WidmerSigned: 13:53, 30/12/2016
Manuela LüscherSigned: 22:39, 13/12/2016
Lukas Wullschleger Signed: 15:29, 13/12/2016
Daniela MoserSigned: 21:35, 12/12/2016
Fanny MoulinSigned: 22:08, 31/10/2016
Olivier BodenmannSigned: 22:06, 31/10/2016
"Il faut toutefois se garder de penser que le seul progrès possible soit technologique. Il y a d'autres progrès possibles et même plus que souhaitable, vu l'immense retard dans ce domaine, comme le développement des facultés de l'esprit humain."
Louis BakkerSigned: 15:06, 26/10/2016
Markus Sharanius EtterSigned: 12:05, 22/10/2016
Kerstin NepomuckSigned: 23:40, 14/09/2016
Dominik NäpfliSigned: 10:21, 06/09/2016
Tatiana GerthSigned: 00:42, 28/08/2016
bernard a.d.F. eichmannSigned: 16:20, 26/08/2016
".. ich bin einzig aber nicht artig… frech aber mit Stil... liebenswert aber nicht zahm... Intelligent aber nicht allwissend... verletzlich aber mit innerer Stärke... selten sprachlos aber auch mal schweigsam... wählerisch aber nicht arrogant.. selbstsicher eingebildet.. überlegt aber mit Bauchgefühl.. wenig Zeit aber manchmal auch gelangweilt.. hilfsbereit aber manchmal auch Hilflos.. humorvoll aber mit dem nötigen Ernst…"
cee grandSigned: 11:31, 20/08/2016
David ErnySigned: 17:25, 19/08/2016
Susanne HruschkaSigned: 22:27, 08/08/2016
glenn rohnerSigned: 20:56, 07/08/2016
"mega gute idee das muss man nur noch viel weiter verbreiten und mal schauen was da noch passirt wünsch euch glück"
Nils RohnerSigned: 17:08, 06/08/2016
"Ich bin Atheist weil ich keinen grund sehe das eine Göttliche macht Existiert. "
christian häberliSigned: 16:33, 06/08/2016
Daniele LaduSigned: 23:11, 31/07/2016
Merujean DemirciyanSigned: 22:49, 31/07/2016
Evelyn SchüeppSigned: 19:47, 31/07/2016
Lisa HäberliSigned: 19:43, 31/07/2016
Maja NeufertSigned: 20:47, 28/07/2016
"Eine neue Welt, die wir dringend brauchen. Möge sie bald Wirklichkeit werden! Siehe auch "
Bernhard GöhlSigned: 17:36, 18/07/2016
Vera SoldanovaSigned: 17:21, 13/07/2016
Sandra PfahlerSigned: 12:52, 03/07/2016
"The 9th principle is not well explaned. The sentence "for members who are unable to contribute" is not actually right. You said that we are all a unique being, and everyone can contribute in some way when we don't think of a payment. So, the first paragraph of explanation is to change in the formulation and the second paragraph it's fine. But also the principle per se is to adjust. I know i don't speak well english, but i hope you understood my view, and take a little thinking in the respect of also who knowadays is consider to not contribute. Cause if we really reach this optimum society, no one will be seen like a weight"

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