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Signatories from Germany
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Dominik Swerbynka (Germany) Signed: 10:58, 28/06/2017

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for everything."
Thomas Horn (Germany) Signed: 22:06, 26/06/2017
ch. ray (Germany) Signed: 10:50, 08/06/2017

"whadduuup :D"
Amir Reza Dr. Yazdpour (Germany) Signed: 13:10, 07/06/2017

"One hand washs the other and both the face!"
Ralf [Hegenbarth] (Germany) Signed: 19:11, 04/06/2017
Uwe Berger (Germany) Signed: 09:32, 02/06/2017
Aristoteles Mitcas (Germany) Signed: 06:36, 02/06/2017
eleonore rösner (Germany) Signed: 19:42, 01/06/2017

"Wenn diese Grundsätze so schnell wie möglich umgesetzt werden ist alles wieder in natürlicher Ordnung."
Achim Werner a.d.F. H u c k (Germany) Signed: 06:26, 30/05/2017
Leonard Messmer (Germany) Signed: 22:48, 29/05/2017

"Good to see you "
Ute Riechert (Germany) Signed: 13:41, 23/05/2017
Klaus Schwedat (Germany) Signed: 19:04, 20/05/2017
Birgit Bertz (Germany) Signed: 19:42, 16/05/2017
Siegwart Kruegér (Germany) Signed: 17:11, 10/05/2017
Eva Saalfrank (Germany) Signed: 09:57, 06/05/2017
Jan Brune (Germany) Signed: 11:34, 03/05/2017

"Wow, tolle Idee. Habe diese Vision schon seit ich klein bin und jetzt sehe ich eine Möglichkeit zusammen ein Umsetzen möglich zu machen."
Mike Hänig (Germany) Signed: 00:10, 01/05/2017
Matthias Hentschel (Germany) Signed: 20:06, 28/04/2017

"Venus-Projekt und Zeitgeist-Movement"
selcuk özen (Germany) Signed: 08:06, 26/04/2017
Tobias Rost (Germany) Signed: 19:41, 20/04/2017
Thomas Lorentz (Germany) Signed: 22:24, 16/04/2017
Domenico Ienco (Germany) Signed: 18:34, 16/04/2017
Tim Schwarz (Germany) Signed: 10:42, 13/04/2017

"Zu schön um wahr zu werden"