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Signatories from Germany
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simo slam (Germany) Signed: 17:25, 21/08/2017
Sarah . (Germany) Signed: 15:32, 20/08/2017

Christian Schorsch (Germany) Signed: 23:06, 17/08/2017

"Wenn der Weg das Ziel ist, dann ist kein Schritt vergebens."
Joachim Hoffrichter (Germany) Signed: 18:58, 11/08/2017

"Gemeinsam mit Gemeinsamkeiten sind wir stark. "
Thorsten Wiesmann (Germany) Signed: 09:25, 28/07/2017

"Time is Art "
Mushtaq Bhat (Germany) Signed: 23:23, 27/07/2017

"There is only one thing common between the living,the dead and the inanimate matter and that is:Their utter insignificance."
Christine Rückert - Mezes (Germany) Signed: 20:01, 20/07/2017
Alex Niemand (Germany) Signed: 21:12, 17/07/2017
Silvia Alberino (Germany) Signed: 09:11, 15/07/2017
ibrahim varol (Germany) Signed: 23:29, 14/07/2017
Helmut Heuer (Germany) Signed: 02:24, 07/07/2017

"Be kind to each other !"
Robert Sammann (Germany) Signed: 11:11, 06/07/2017

"Dieser Planet ist mit diesem System nicht kompatibel lasst uns ein anderes probieren"
Maria Tautropfen (Germany) Signed: 09:30, 06/07/2017
Marco Brandt (Germany) Signed: 06:05, 05/07/2017
Britta Sammann (Germany) Signed: 15:42, 04/07/2017
Dominik Swerbynka (Germany) Signed: 10:58, 28/06/2017

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for everything."
Thomas Horn (Germany) Signed: 22:06, 26/06/2017
ch. ray (Germany) Signed: 10:50, 08/06/2017

"whadduuup :D"
Amir Dr. Yazdpour (Germany) Signed: 13:10, 07/06/2017

"One hand washs the other and both the face! Eine Hand wäscht die andere und beide das Gesicht!"
Ralf [Hegenbarth] (Germany) Signed: 19:11, 04/06/2017
Uwe Berger (Germany) Signed: 09:32, 02/06/2017
Aristoteles Mitcas (Germany) Signed: 06:36, 02/06/2017
eleonore rösner (Germany) Signed: 19:42, 01/06/2017

"Wenn diese Grundsätze so schnell wie möglich umgesetzt werden ist alles wieder in natürlicher Ordnung."