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"Let's free ourselves from our imaginary limits."

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""Glücksforschung" - meditatves, transzendez-offenes Forschen jenseits traditioneller Reduktionismen/Glaubenssätze als höchste SINN-orientierte Wissenschafts-Grundlage! Warum?: wir kommen kollektiv aus tiefster lebensfeindlicher Vergangenheit. Der Begriff LEBENSSINN wurde aus Sicht des HERRschenden Materialsmus zum WAHN-Sinn umgemünzt und all der manipulative wahn-sinn zur erkenntnisleitenden Grundlage erhoben, nachdem "Religion" völlig von pschopathhisch-perversen Macht-Habern ins Gegenteil dessen fiel, was sie sein sollte,in die Hände von "Archonten"= kosmische Parasiten/falschen Göttern u ihren Blut- u Speichleckern gefallen ist. Seitdem ist das Gros der Menschen zu halt- u steuerlosen "Schiffchen" im unendlicjen Meer von Non-sens u Willkür verkommen als leichte Beute ebendieser Parasiten, die alle unsere Lebensgrundlagen uva. unsere Seele zerstören. Beherzte Offenlegung u Heilung all dessen in Verbindun mit uneren "älteren Geschwistern" im Universum!..." - Claudius adF Kern21 hours ago
"It is time the welfare of life on this planet is nurtured and recognised as sacred. Decisions need to based on sustainability, moral and ethical principles. " - Karla Lee Patricia Te Tau23 hours ago
Sandy Saputraa day ago
G. Ringa day ago
"I pluck myself from the embodiment of these grandiose illusions, to fall deeper into the arms of simplicity. " - Denise Massey2 days ago
"~Smile fa ME~" - Stephanie Shipley2 days ago
George Hattersley2 days ago
"I believe in making heaven of the human civilization. That's everything free. " - REGINALD whibbey2 days ago
"讓未來世代活在一個可以仰望星空並探索星辰大海 的時空裏,永遠遠離現今各種狗屁鳥文化價值觀。" - Fice Leo2 days ago
Nabhdeep Singh Popli2 days ago

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Ramon PotterSigned: 01:17, 28/11/2017
"Beautiful. I cried. "
Nasser Oweir Signed: 22:44, 01/11/2017
"الأرض ميراث مشترك للجميع."
Tadas EidukeviciusSigned: 02:38, 01/11/2017
Sascha van der MeerSigned: 05:57, 27/10/2017
Eddy BaetensSigned: 17:48, 26/10/2017
Vladyslav DidenkoSigned: 22:13, 11/10/2017
Remco Van hoftrSigned: 16:55, 17/08/2017
"Everything you see is yourself"
Loraine PijperSigned: 12:59, 17/08/2017
J.L. VisserSigned: 20:30, 05/08/2017
Carlos RibeiroSigned: 08:05, 17/07/2017
Shanto OdmarkSigned: 22:00, 02/07/2017
"A human being from planet Earth. No more, no less."
C WennerSigned: 00:26, 23/06/2017
Zoe VerbaantSigned: 01:16, 03/04/2017
"We reached a time of big changes! Its time we learn from our pasts, use those lessons and leave a flawing system behind instead of sticking with it until it drags us down with its fall, and let history repeat. Scary? Yep.. but more awareness is less fear, embrace trial and error/success as the best way to learn and while we slowly develope as this new global community we'll start comprehending and it will all make sense, not just in your thoughts but in you.. Lets leave this toxic way of life and step into a better world for every body and every being!"
Mela LodieSigned: 08:31, 19/03/2017
"Very much agree, good initiative !"
Alex KlompSigned: 10:24, 15/02/2017
Rein van den BergSigned: 21:56, 13/02/2017
Frans LangenkampSigned: 15:11, 23/12/2016
"Education is the key!"
Koen CrommentuijnSigned: 19:35, 18/12/2016
Willy SparrowSigned: 19:44, 17/11/2016
"Thanks so much for this initiative! we keep pushing for civilization and the reach of our full potential as universal beings."
Vesna MirovićSigned: 20:11, 08/11/2016
Martin KokSigned: 14:44, 27/10/2016
willeke van kempenSigned: 14:37, 27/10/2016
TOMASZ GORSKISigned: 18:28, 10/10/2016
Janine WoltersSigned: 18:27, 10/10/2016
Elze KoliapidisSigned: 12:57, 09/10/2016
Vipin TannaSigned: 16:03, 07/10/2016
Paul RobertSigned: 19:10, 04/10/2016
Łukasz Tomala TomalaSigned: 10:38, 03/09/2016
"Inequality no more..."
Daniel HennySigned: 19:45, 28/08/2016
Mija HamersSigned: 17:28, 22/08/2016
Paula AraujoSigned: 10:42, 22/08/2016
Henk van DoornSigned: 09:13, 20/08/2016
"It's about time we sort this collectively..count me in!"
Paul de HaanSigned: 08:32, 20/08/2016
Paul de HaanSigned: 08:30, 20/08/2016
Hubert SlijperSigned: 09:22, 15/08/2016
Jasper SpieringsSigned: 11:12, 02/08/2016
Lettie EshuisSigned: 11:32, 31/07/2016
"Laten we met zijn allen de wereld nog mooier maken dan ze al is ❤️"
Jorgen BazinSigned: 00:05, 29/07/2016
Alice VermeulenSigned: 00:11, 26/07/2016
"We need to teach our children self compassion starting at Kindergarten. It's the only way we can truely change new generations to being truely compassionate towards all beings including nature."
Merijn TestrooteSigned: 15:17, 24/07/2016
wouter vernooijSigned: 10:55, 24/07/2016
Cornelis van GaalenSigned: 01:05, 11/07/2016
Grytsje KramerSigned: 00:11, 11/07/2016
J. de VriesSigned: 15:38, 02/07/2016
Nina JudinSigned: 13:38, 01/07/2016
Afke van der WoudSigned: 07:59, 27/06/2016
Frans van 't voortSigned: 10:24, 26/06/2016
"Best id, have this idea for over 10 years now, good to see someone work with it."
Devi-Nora van der ZwanSigned: 09:45, 14/06/2016
Robert RieckSigned: 21:44, 13/06/2016
Dave HopmanSigned: 19:24, 13/06/2016

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