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Signatories from Poland
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Sylwester Kowalski (Poland) Signed: 22:14, 18/08/2017

"Jestem za tym całym sobą"
Ewa Kowalski (Poland) Signed: 22:12, 18/08/2017

"Dobrze jest"
Tomasz Zygmunt (Poland) Signed: 16:29, 04/08/2017

Irena Przydanek (Poland) Signed: 14:48, 20/07/2017
Sylwia Kasprzak (Poland) Signed: 04:10, 20/07/2017
Anna Leitner (Poland) Signed: 17:48, 19/07/2017
Krzysztof Fabich (Poland) Signed: 17:24, 19/07/2017

Krzysztof Mańkowski (Poland) Signed: 02:33, 19/07/2017

"Interdisciplinarity ,Global mental diagnoses as a coherent visualization of reality through collective consciousness development."
Anna Bielakowska (Poland) Signed: 20:02, 16/04/2017
Michal Gluszczak (Poland) Signed: 03:48, 06/04/2017

"Enthusiast of very advanced longevity, intentional communities, pro-vegan lifestyle, healthy outdoor activities, living surrounded by nature, alternative building natural vegetable cultivation, freedom from religion and cults, psychology, electronic automation, renewable energy."
Marta Jufimiuk (Poland) Signed: 06:41, 09/03/2017
Alicja Tomaszczyk (Poland) Signed: 07:25, 26/01/2017
Wiesław Durmaj (Poland) Signed: 10:03, 25/01/2017
Roman Roczeń (Poland) Signed: 07:28, 22/01/2017
Sabina Pawlas (Poland) Signed: 12:00, 18/01/2017
paTRICK hide (Poland) Signed: 16:55, 16/01/2017

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Joanna Znaniecka (Poland) Signed: 10:39, 05/01/2017
Agnieszka Szponar (Poland) Signed: 21:05, 04/01/2017
Regina Jakubczak (Poland) Signed: 12:42, 27/12/2016
Adam Whalley (Poland) Signed: 21:47, 19/12/2016
Grzegorz Goźliński (Poland) Signed: 02:07, 22/11/2016
Eryk Wtorkowski (Poland) Signed: 22:17, 18/11/2016
Piotr Sztela (Poland) Signed: 20:16, 19/10/2016
Marianna Polak (Poland) Signed: 02:36, 15/10/2016
Tomasz Guja (Poland) Signed: 13:32, 22/09/2016