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Signatories from Slovenia
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Dušan Mirić (Slovenia) Signed: 10:28, 25/03/2014

"Ta svet je svet in nam ni dan v uporabo,pač pa v hrambo,zato pazimo nanj."
Bogdan Sotenšek (Slovenia) Signed: 10:18, 25/03/2014
Jelka Smrekar (Slovenia) Signed: 19:46, 24/03/2014
miha jese (Slovenia) Signed: 13:49, 24/03/2014
Marjan Bezjak (Slovenia) Signed: 12:27, 24/03/2014
Melita Levstek (Slovenia) Signed: 13:49, 23/03/2014
Gašper Zavrl (Slovenia) Signed: 11:26, 13/03/2014
Sabina Cverle (Slovenia) Signed: 10:28, 12/03/2014
Teo Orlando (Slovenia) Signed: 22:39, 11/03/2014
Doris Eršte (Slovenia) Signed: 23:12, 05/03/2014

"Ko pomislimo, kakšen bi bil svet lahko, nam v duši zapoje pesem srca, ker se spomnimo, kje smo v resnici doma."
Nevenka Kumer (Slovenia) Signed: 18:36, 15/02/2014

"Želim, da čimprej ustvarimo nov svet, ki bo enak za vse."
Irena Vedenik (Slovenia) Signed: 23:51, 14/02/2014

"Bil bi že skrajni čas."
Sandi Tomšič (Slovenia) Signed: 06:00, 08/02/2014
Dragica Kosar (Slovenia) Signed: 21:14, 02/02/2014
Dragica Kosar (Slovenia) Signed: 21:10, 02/02/2014
Tomaž Ivančič (Slovenia) Signed: 23:14, 31/01/2014

"Only together we can built a much better world :-)"
eveline azur (Slovenia) Signed: 15:33, 31/01/2014

"We don't own the planet Earth, We just borowed it from our childreen."
Tim Koprivnik (Slovenia) Signed: 22:37, 24/01/2014

"I really love your work. I really hope these ideas would come true some day. I will do anything to help you with making this ourl fair, moral, good,... world possible. Best wishes to you, my real friends!"
Amadej Kraljevič (Slovenia) Signed: 21:33, 16/01/2014

simon podvinksi (Slovenia) Signed: 19:33, 16/01/2014
Sandi Kaltak (Slovenia) Signed: 09:25, 16/01/2014

"I hope it works!"
Viki Pavlic (Slovenia) Signed: 08:21, 16/01/2014
ursula boljtar (Slovenia) Signed: 22:56, 22/12/2013
Roy Clark (Slovenia) Signed: 11:28, 19/12/2013

"I am a supporter of 'Unconditional Basic Income' and I see UBI as a stepping stone to the greater goals of this charter. 'Small steps Ellie, small steps' (said her Dad in the film 'Contact' )- even UBI would be a giant leap at the moment but it is beginning. "
Justi Carey (Slovenia) Signed: 11:23, 19/12/2013

"Revolutionary ideas have to start somewhere! "