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Signatories from Slovenia
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petra grögl (Slovenia) Signed: 10:58, 25/11/2012
amir arnautović (Slovenia) Signed: 12:49, 19/11/2012
Zala Lebič (Slovenia) Signed: 22:19, 18/11/2012
Jernej Arko (Slovenia) Signed: 11:50, 05/11/2012

"There is also another problem human beings breed too fast there are too many of us in countries where people are educated you get around 2 kids per 2 parents that's ok that is sustainable but there are countries where 9 kids are borne on average per 2 parents such population growth is unsustainable if some kind of consensus cannot be reached that will stop this population explosion, this will be humanities downfall to few resources and too many people to spread them around, historical that has always led to war, famine, hunger desiese, suffering .... "
MATEJ RUKAV (Slovenia) Signed: 20:25, 04/11/2012
Tomislav Banic (Slovenia) Signed: 18:36, 04/11/2012
Metka Sezoga (Slovenia) Signed: 17:18, 04/11/2012

"To bi moralo tako bit, žal pa je večina pozabla na osnovne življenske potrebe in funkcije!"
Kristina Bajc (Slovenia) Signed: 16:23, 04/11/2012
Dan Borštnar (Slovenia) Signed: 16:15, 04/11/2012
Jasmin Smajić (Slovenia) Signed: 16:11, 04/11/2012
Matija Vižin (Slovenia) Signed: 16:10, 04/11/2012
Miha Gorjup (Slovenia) Signed: 16:04, 04/11/2012
Danijel Frgačič (Slovenia) Signed: 09:33, 01/11/2012

"Naša skupnost ima pravico do proste in svobodne komunikacije..."
Sija Chrysanthi (Slovenia) Signed: 09:26, 01/11/2012
Rok Premrl (Slovenia) Signed: 07:35, 01/11/2012
Vita Kokalj (Slovenia) Signed: 19:40, 30/10/2012
Zoran Zilli (Slovenia) Signed: 15:45, 29/10/2012

"Žive naj vsi narodi,ki hrepene dočakat dan,da koder sonce hodi,prepir iz sveta bo pregnan. Da rojak,prost bo vsak,ne vrag,le sosed bo mejak... slovenski pesnik France Prešeren (1800 - 1849)"
Alja Aljančič (Slovenia) Signed: 15:38, 29/10/2012
Vladimir Gačnik (Slovenia) Signed: 19:15, 28/10/2012
Jožica Radić (Slovenia) Signed: 17:06, 28/10/2012
Klemen Molk (Slovenia) Signed: 12:21, 27/10/2012
Alex Zorko (Slovenia) Signed: 11:01, 27/10/2012
Martin Jarc (Slovenia) Signed: 22:37, 25/10/2012
Simon Eržen (Slovenia) Signed: 21:47, 25/10/2012
Alexander Grašič (Slovenia) Signed: 11:42, 25/10/2012