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Jack Lawson (United States) Signed: 19:59, 25/03/2017

"Keep me posted on any activities or projects. "
Kelly Renaud (United States) Signed: 18:07, 25/03/2017

"Thank you for administrating this effort. I support it. "
Mark Cherko (United States) Signed: 23:49, 24/03/2017
Richard Peltier (United States) Signed: 15:44, 22/03/2017

"As the Lead DRIP representative of The organization KingCODreams Guilds i am glad to affirm our commitmint to these principles and our own. For we are the movers of impossibility. KingCODreams world aid an dreamers guilds "
Elijah Osborne (United States) Signed: 15:06, 19/03/2017

"Also a possibility is to accomplish this through mental unity: the interlinking of all of humanity's minds so that we all sense each other's situations and the accompanying emotional positivity and negativity behind each situation, effectively deterring us from ever harming each other and encouraging only compassion and the sharing of knowledge to better everybody's lives. Please contact me if you wish to know more about this idea."
De We (United States) Signed: 05:53, 18/03/2017
Ryan Meinecke (United States) Signed: 05:04, 16/03/2017

"Ryan Meinecke"
Tyler Goldsby (United States) Signed: 23:34, 14/03/2017
Laura Rosenkranz (United States) Signed: 17:52, 14/03/2017
V R (United States) Signed: 17:10, 14/03/2017
Annette Chiddister (United States) Signed: 03:20, 14/03/2017

"Not domesticated."
Rolf Friis (United States) Signed: 20:34, 12/03/2017
Cathi Smith (United States) Signed: 14:52, 12/03/2017
Rose Hudson (United States) Signed: 14:47, 12/03/2017
dave kiss (United States) Signed: 13:14, 12/03/2017

"Yes we need change now"
Dylan Raines (United States) Signed: 00:56, 12/03/2017
Leif Holt (United States) Signed: 01:39, 10/03/2017
Estuardo's Polanco (United States) Signed: 20:41, 09/03/2017
Miriam Johnson (United States) Signed: 17:38, 08/03/2017

"Love and Blessings to All ☀☀☀❤❤❤"
Adam Johnson (United States) Signed: 13:10, 08/03/2017

"I'd first seen and signed about 10 years back and am sad to see the No. of signatorie.I'm spreading this through social media, anything else I can do to help please email me! Love the idea! "
Skylar Gallahan (United States) Signed: 22:33, 05/03/2017
Kristine Benson (United States) Signed: 20:03, 04/03/2017

"Very interesting."
Yiannos Demetriou (United States) Signed: 19:05, 04/03/2017

"Life is much simpler than what we think. Just love."
Kristina Weber (United States) Signed: 14:28, 04/03/2017
Amoreena Lake (United States) Signed: 18:17, 01/03/2017