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Signatories from United States
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Marla Luster (United States) Signed: 00:34, 24/08/2017
Mrudula Chakravarthy (United States) Signed: 20:16, 23/08/2017
Kevin Dyer (United States) Signed: 09:04, 23/08/2017

"Apocaloptimist, radical solutionary, contrarian polemicist, aspiring autodidact. #wannabewordsmith"
Dannilee McNeel (United States) Signed: 03:29, 23/08/2017

"Finally some common sense answers to the greed and waste that flourishes in today's world. We can't live without clean air, water & sustainable food. We have the power to unite for change that will improve all lives, not just the wealthy. I hope I live to see the day when we can all come together as a world and cherish the beautiful planet we have entrusted to us. Our future generations depend on it."
Mat Bryan (United States) Signed: 02:22, 23/08/2017

"Meh... "
Love Spirit (United States) Signed: 04:10, 22/08/2017

"Greetings, I'm apart of a Moneyless Global Community and if I can help you get off the grid, I'm here. GlobalSharingCommunity.com Love"
Mark Dannemiller (United States) Signed: 01:53, 22/08/2017

"This is a good action to the groups I have learned about such as The Venus Project, The Transition & People Do Everything. "
Queen Phoenix (United States) Signed: 15:25, 21/08/2017
Kimon Tsinteris (United States) Signed: 06:55, 21/08/2017
Maha Brown (United States) Signed: 03:37, 21/08/2017
Laurie Baker (United States) Signed: 21:03, 20/08/2017

"Build connections, build community, build a peaceful world. "
Boston Bailey (United States) Signed: 04:03, 20/08/2017

"Love and peace always BB"
Joseph Huerta (United States) Signed: 18:16, 19/08/2017
Zach Hoon (United States) Signed: 13:46, 19/08/2017
Mary Vu (United States) Signed: 03:41, 18/08/2017

"Life is free"
Barbara Stuart (United States) Signed: 13:18, 17/08/2017
Cheryl Wrangle (United States) Signed: 01:20, 17/08/2017
Don Bass (United States) Signed: 23:42, 16/08/2017
John Smeresky (United States) Signed: 19:51, 16/08/2017

"Everything is Love or a request for love. We are all creating our own reality. We are the only one who can change the world. "
sunny connolly (United States) Signed: 06:40, 16/08/2017
Laura Schappert (United States) Signed: 22:59, 15/08/2017
Janice Daly (United States) Signed: 15:33, 15/08/2017
Timothy Speck (United States) Signed: 08:22, 15/08/2017

"I'm retired with no pension. I will help where ever I can. I'm friendly and understanding. Looking forward to a free world."
Joshua Tewell (United States) Signed: 10:48, 10/08/2017

"It's time to do what is needed to bring about a new world that works for everyone...including those who can't speak for themselves."
Amanda Dobbins (United States) Signed: 03:44, 10/08/2017