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Darryle Lloyd (United States) Signed: 15:57, 24/04/2017
Joy Swiney (United States) Signed: 06:11, 23/04/2017
Noah McKee (United States) Signed: 06:37, 22/04/2017

"I believe that we can achieve more on a free society as money is our only restraint of curing disease, creating a healthier world, ending the need for war. The coming of money brings a need for war and makes humans think and do things that they normally wouldn't really do if money didn't existed. If money didn't exist, do you think that America would poison their citizens with fluoride or put bromide in their medications, for what? The answer is money, a child could be so selfish. It wasn't till money was created, homeless people existed, crime flourished, madness broke. Madness is the outcome of money as fear is the left over aftermath. The note of a dollar makes people do things that are immoral and unacceptable as it puts the illusion of being is the meaning of life and that we need money to be successful. They would kill off this world, for what? They would kill off this world to make a fortune and rot inside of this world, for a couple billion dollars. We are one, and not two. "
Samuel Reppert (United States) Signed: 13:51, 18/04/2017

"Would this society initially be separate from other countries and nationalities, or would we try to change a government somehow? "
Hope Golden (United States) Signed: 00:32, 18/04/2017
Dennis McLaughlin (United States) Signed: 18:00, 17/04/2017
Shiny Indigo (United States) Signed: 16:09, 17/04/2017

"May we all be better able to understand our commonalities, and better able to celebrate our differences. May we pour out Love and Light to all, so that all may live in peace. May we all be surrounded and embraced by kindness, respect and love, and may we actively express that everyday to those around us."
Nancy Swanson (United States) Signed: 18:47, 16/04/2017

"Have been thinking for a while about my ideal world. The Free World Charter comes very close. We should NOT have to enslave ourselves to exist!!"
john morrissey (United States) Signed: 19:44, 15/04/2017

"We are all one love"
William Laughlin (United States) Signed: 19:21, 15/04/2017

"I've wondered, if the goal of the so called "elite"is to reduce population in such a significant and cruel way. Is there a list somewhere? If you believe your in that club, how can you be so sure?"
m.matt heckert (United States) Signed: 13:44, 15/04/2017
John Fridinger (United States) Signed: 05:26, 14/04/2017
Matt Murphy (United States) Signed: 18:39, 13/04/2017

"Matt Murphy "
Cindi Halkola (United States) Signed: 14:55, 13/04/2017
Robin Derrick (United States) Signed: 12:48, 13/04/2017

"We can't afford not to; we MUST bond with each other as we were born to do, to see each other as the souls we are. AWAKEN COMPASSION IN THE MASS. Delve in with me through a soulistic approach to a better culture, better society, actual community, unity. Ubuntu. We are all on the same side - humanity."
Ryan Burrill (United States) Signed: 09:20, 12/04/2017

"Peace and infinite love!"
Jennifer Haag (United States) Signed: 01:54, 12/04/2017
Kris Cahill (United States) Signed: 15:56, 11/04/2017
Pamela Lego (United States) Signed: 15:36, 11/04/2017

"Let's share our talents!"
John G. Wolf (United States) Signed: 06:19, 11/04/2017

"Robert David Steele's "The Open Source Everything Manifesto, Truth, Trust & Transparence" explains the whole concept from another point of view. Basicly, we all live like millionaires! With the planet going into the long supressed golden age! A new holographic program where everyone wins, no one loses. All in, no one out. Here! Here! ❤ "
Robert Brighton (United States) Signed: 20:45, 10/04/2017

"“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”― Henry Ford"
Rudolph Villalaz (United States) Signed: 19:34, 10/04/2017
Miguel Laboy (United States) Signed: 04:48, 10/04/2017
Judy Utah (United States) Signed: 01:49, 10/04/2017

"Specialize in helping you create your best stories."
Joseph Gabriel Thomas Salagrae (United States) Signed: 20:43, 09/04/2017

"We will rise or fall together, mediocrity is all we will accomplished alone"