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Firmantes de Bulgaria
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(Por favor, ten en cuenta que los comentarios de los firmantes no se moderan y es posible que no reflejen la opinión de esta iniciativa)
Kevin Peshev (Bulgaria) Firmado: 21:02, 23/11/2015
Svetlana Mihova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 13:12, 06/10/2015
Камелия Владимирова (Bulgaria) Firmado: 17:42, 05/10/2015
"Да Бъде!!! Благодаря ! <3"
Инна Гецова (Bulgaria) Firmado: 13:12, 05/10/2015
Мери Асенова (Bulgaria) Firmado: 10:23, 05/10/2015
Spasimir Kirov (Bulgaria) Firmado: 16:43, 28/09/2015
"Hi,good luck and keep this project up. I found this page while doing investigation for any available projects in my country (because just one is not enough,this must grow in all countries for all the free thinkers). I really hope to see this growing,it will br perfect example for the rest that don't believe in those kind of society."
Georgi Yordanov (Bulgaria) Firmado: 07:01, 17/09/2015
"I think you should start implementing these ideas in a small community and let it grow , person by person, animal by animal , plant by plant etc. Then ppl will see that this is not just a dream but a reallity . If you need any help im ready to devote my entire life to this idea and spend my last hours working to make it happen !"
Трендафил Кунчев (Bulgaria) Firmado: 19:28, 29/08/2015
Мирослав петков (Bulgaria) Firmado: 19:24, 17/08/2015
"The faster the change the better for all of us, born and to be born. The power is in each one of us. Don't wait for politicians to change the world. Take your voice and speak for yourself. It is time to do what every one can do on his own. "
Теодора Герджикова-Андреева (Bulgaria) Firmado: 06:28, 12/08/2015
yoana cvetkova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 03:24, 12/08/2015
Boyan Georgiev Borisov (Bulgaria) Firmado: 21:56, 11/08/2015
"Yes, please!"
Иванка Павлова (Bulgaria) Firmado: 20:39, 06/08/2015
Ралица Костова (Bulgaria) Firmado: 18:19, 06/08/2015
Надежда Георгиева (Bulgaria) Firmado: 10:00, 02/08/2015
"Мир и любов на всички!"
Иван Ивелинов (Bulgaria) Firmado: 06:35, 02/08/2015
Емилия Михайлова (Bulgaria) Firmado: 06:34, 02/08/2015
Silvia Emilova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 17:40, 01/08/2015
Eliza Nankova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 14:37, 01/08/2015
Станка Айдего (Bulgaria) Firmado: 13:39, 01/08/2015
Stoyanka Indjova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 23:44, 31/07/2015
Veronika Panova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 12:39, 11/07/2015
Carsten Caesar Caius Haase (Bulgaria) Firmado: 11:35, 11/07/2015
"Finally somebody who has the same dream. Thank you. My support is Yours"
Tsanko Petkov (Bulgaria) Firmado: 09:01, 09/06/2015
"Теории и принципни положения колкото иска човек в интернет. Как ще се приложи на практика е основното. "
Eli Statkova (Bulgaria) Firmado: 22:29, 16/05/2015
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