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Muna Padfield (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:37, 26/02/2015
Martin Spearman (United Kingdom) Firmado: 15:19, 26/02/2015
"How about just one fundamental law? "Do no harm"."
Elaine Armstrong (United Kingdom) Firmado: 23:19, 25/02/2015
Norbert Szalai (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:13, 25/02/2015
Jim Knott (United Kingdom) Firmado: 20:49, 25/02/2015
Lord David: Alcock (United Kingdom) Firmado: 18:40, 25/02/2015
Ross Young (United Kingdom) Firmado: 10:43, 25/02/2015
Kari Carrington (United Kingdom) Firmado: 10:32, 24/02/2015
Simon Jones (United Kingdom) Firmado: 08:52, 24/02/2015
See Loon Chai (United Kingdom) Firmado: 00:35, 24/02/2015
"The world is currently run by money and gold seeking individuals who envisage to enslave and endanger the rest of humanity with their power and miseducating the masses from the days they were born. History was rewritten for their benefits. Doctors destroy health, government destroy freedom, lawyers destroy justice, dentists destroy teeth, pharmaceutical companies destroy nature, globalisation creates enslavement. What hope is there for the lay persons."
kevin ogston (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:34, 23/02/2015
"This is an absolute fundamental approach"
John Warburton (United Kingdom) Firmado: 09:57, 23/02/2015
Patricia Spencer (United Kingdom) Firmado: 09:09, 23/02/2015
Cheri Mason (United Kingdom) Firmado: 08:47, 23/02/2015
Martin Nuttall (United Kingdom) Firmado: 02:30, 23/02/2015
Wendy Freeman (United Kingdom) Firmado: 00:32, 23/02/2015
piers Barrow (United Kingdom) Firmado: 18:09, 22/02/2015
laraine Lynes (United Kingdom) Firmado: 15:30, 22/02/2015
Ionut Visan (United Kingdom) Firmado: 13:36, 19/02/2015
Robert Pennington (United Kingdom) Firmado: 17:13, 14/02/2015
Chris Morris (United Kingdom) Firmado: 16:42, 13/02/2015
Ben Lowe (United Kingdom) Firmado: 16:17, 13/02/2015
"I think this is the biggest and most important thing in human history the system we live in today doesn't work anymore and we need a change. I want to help make this possible and iam willing to do whatever I need to do to help make this happen. Iam currently unemployed and I don't want to use money anymore making this future possible is what I want to do with my life. Please could you get back to me with any ideas on what I can do to help. Thank you "
Marina Knezevic (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:10, 11/02/2015
trevor cowan (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:38, 11/02/2015
Matthew Rhind (United Kingdom) Firmado: 01:31, 11/02/2015