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Thomas Rawlins (United Kingdom) Firmado: 05:45, 07/07/2015
"This is certainly the way t go. It can not be achieved overnight but we can do it!"
Matt Holroyd (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:30, 06/07/2015
grant wells (United Kingdom) Firmado: 18:38, 05/07/2015
Naomi Gabriel (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:55, 05/07/2015
Marie Blanchet (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:57, 05/07/2015
Tracy Maddison (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:31, 05/07/2015
"I want this to happen ASAP! "
David Morrison (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:18, 05/07/2015
Claire Till (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:08, 04/07/2015
"Positive and thought provoking, well done guys. You will hear from me again, would love to have this on my website when it's ready. I am embarking on a journey that aims to build our communities back up and restore some positive energy in society. It's now or never ❤️"
Herbert Leonelli (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:51, 04/07/2015
"let's hope to make it before 2040!! "
Philip Tennyson (United Kingdom) Firmado: 19:25, 01/07/2015
"Capitalism finds it principles upon infinite growth with no care given. this is neither sustainable or fair and needs to change. "
Lucyna Anna (United Kingdom) Firmado: 15:59, 01/07/2015
Andrew Webb (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:14, 27/06/2015
zoe booth (United Kingdom) Firmado: 00:03, 27/06/2015
Dominic Barnes (United Kingdom) Firmado: 21:34, 26/06/2015
Adam Wragg (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:39, 26/06/2015
Nigel Burkitt (United Kingdom) Firmado: 09:36, 22/06/2015
Antonious Hopkins (United Kingdom) Firmado: 08:18, 22/06/2015
"hope this goes viral "
Tony Johnson (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:44, 20/06/2015
Jane Clifford (United Kingdom) Firmado: 18:38, 18/06/2015
"Technology has existed for years that wd supply us all with free clean energy. New technologies for de salination of the ocean wd solve water problems. We need illuminati trials & to be freed from the military industrial complex & pharmaceutical industries shd also be brought to account along with so many fascist corporations"
Helen Taylor (United Kingdom) Firmado: 13:41, 18/06/2015
"I am so glad I have found you"
Sophie Brown (United Kingdom) Firmado: 07:11, 18/06/2015
Noriko Hamilton (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:42, 17/06/2015
"Thinking long-term is what will benefit us all."
Jackie Menon (United Kingdom) Firmado: 18:41, 16/06/2015
Elliot Smales (United Kingdom) Firmado: 13:15, 16/06/2015
Eddie Galvin (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:58, 16/06/2015
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