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Mohamed Doukali (United Kingdom) Firmado: 00:16, 20/12/2014
Antoinette Everts (United Kingdom) Firmado: 21:41, 19/12/2014
RUTH SAINT (United Kingdom) Firmado: 21:29, 19/12/2014
Anthony Willans (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:38, 19/12/2014
"I hope that we can combine efforts to bring forth this reality and make our progress apparent within our generation. Let us create a legacy of a more peaceful race and through a planet wide co-operative, create a more 'real' reality for our children, grandchildren and countless future generations. A society nurtured by compassion and empathy for fellow human beings. We are all cells of humanity and of the earth :) "
Ghassan Hassanyeh (United Kingdom) Firmado: 20:13, 18/12/2014
"Watching 3 of your documentaries, I was amazed to know that Iidentified in them my long time views on Religion, Countries, Inequality and most of all the crime of not fully extending the necessities of housing,education,medical care and nutrition freely to every human all over our planet"
James Coleman (United Kingdom) Firmado: 13:06, 18/12/2014
Lucy Woods (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:56, 18/12/2014
"I do not agree with no 9. 'Our community acknowledges its duty of care and compassion for members who are unable to contribute.' - I disagree as this somehow suggests that somehow there are people who contribute nothing, the elderly, infirm etc. still contribute (love, wisdom, laughter), it is just today's society does not count these contributions as worth while, and instead burdensome. In a planet where we all have enough, no one is a burden, no one is wasting time trying to survive or make money, so everyone has time to look out for each other instead; even the most "needy" are a joy just to have around, thus contributing to human hapiness. The pain that comes from "having" to look after others, is the pain of not being able to look after yourself or anyone else too, alienation, isolation, blame. In a fair world, everyone can look after themselves, and then some. It becomes easy to care for people: a joy even. "
Allan Rowell (United Kingdom) Firmado: 07:11, 18/12/2014
Paddy Vipond (United Kingdom) Firmado: 00:32, 18/12/2014
Heather Carter (United Kingdom) Firmado: 00:02, 18/12/2014
CHARLES BRITTON (United Kingdom) Firmado: 01:20, 17/12/2014
Tim Robinson (United Kingdom) Firmado: 23:21, 16/12/2014
Charles W E Loft (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:27, 16/12/2014
Andrew Bruus (United Kingdom) Firmado: 17:29, 16/12/2014
Alec Bruce (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:46, 15/12/2014
Ian Sanders (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:42, 13/12/2014
Nadene Coetzee (United Kingdom) Firmado: 09:01, 13/12/2014
Declan Field (United Kingdom) Firmado: 18:54, 12/12/2014
Stafford Reynolds (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:55, 11/12/2014
Jon Shaw (United Kingdom) Firmado: 08:01, 10/12/2014
"The time has come to end Wage Slavery."
Michael Marshall (United Kingdom) Firmado: 01:16, 10/12/2014
akos nagy (United Kingdom) Firmado: 17:37, 09/12/2014
Emma Brown (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:15, 08/12/2014
john brown (United Kingdom) Firmado: 07:45, 07/12/2014
Chloe Smith (United Kingdom) Firmado: 21:35, 06/12/2014
"I believe this is the best way forward, who wouldn't like a world without the stress and burden of money! Let's be free, courageous, generous and share our humanity with the world and the living things that we share this world with."