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Harry Teyn (United Kingdom) Firmado: 12:23, 28/07/2014
Ian Gormlie (United Kingdom) Firmado: 06:57, 28/07/2014
Emma Manchester (United Kingdom) Firmado: 04:32, 28/07/2014
Lesley Rodgers (United Kingdom) Firmado: 02:51, 28/07/2014
Douglas Ogisi (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:16, 27/07/2014
"Indeed, This charter is a bold step in the right direction. There are many skeptical questions about how this would work but those questions, in my opinion, represent the living challenge of controlling our own socioeconomic evolution."
Harry Teyn (United Kingdom) Firmado: 09:53, 27/07/2014
Joshua austin (United Kingdom) Firmado: 21:34, 26/07/2014
Sean Whitfield (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:30, 20/07/2014
Shaun McPherson (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:29, 20/07/2014
michael beck (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:22, 20/07/2014
Jeremy Shoosmith (United Kingdom) Firmado: 10:21, 20/07/2014
Ricardo Alarcon (United Kingdom) Firmado: 19:50, 17/07/2014
akos nagy (United Kingdom) Firmado: 14:57, 17/07/2014
"Got rid of the banking system and money based economy. "
Sarah Bettany (United Kingdom) Firmado: 17:30, 14/07/2014
Louise Fairclough (United Kingdom) Firmado: 13:38, 10/07/2014
Catherine Greenall (United Kingdom) Firmado: 11:24, 10/07/2014
"This is the most logical, fair and sustainable set of principles that I have ever encountered. It should be implemented now."
Steve Moyes (United Kingdom) Firmado: 09:43, 10/07/2014
Richard A. Vick (United Kingdom) Firmado: 06:56, 10/07/2014
Neil Kirby (United Kingdom) Firmado: 20:53, 09/07/2014
Ash Franklyn (United Kingdom) Firmado: 20:01, 09/07/2014
"I couldn't put i was from planet earth , so i suppose i had to put where i currently live, anyway i have been trying to get this message across to a lot of people for along , but i have never been able to get it across properly, this is perfect thank you keep it up , if this spreads use it wisely "
Gavin Anthony (United Kingdom) Firmado: 23:41, 08/07/2014
"Things must change. The world is broken and we need to unite for change, we are change. We need to live in balance with Mother Nature. Our roots need nurturing, we need to become human beings again and stop acing like animals."
Derek Shiel (United Kingdom) Firmado: 17:51, 08/07/2014
David Windley (United Kingdom) Firmado: 22:46, 07/07/2014
andre kum (United Kingdom) Firmado: 17:26, 07/07/2014
"The Free world charter is more than a document it is a way to a better future .Akum."
Connor Shepherd (United Kingdom) Firmado: 23:27, 06/07/2014
"Inspiring stuff."