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Josué Segovia (Mexico) Firmado: 07:53, 04/08/2017

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. "
Arturo Cruz Escalante (Mexico) Firmado: 17:05, 28/07/2017

"Así nomas quedo!"
Fernando Gomez (Mexico) Firmado: 15:26, 28/07/2017
Adrián Sosa (Mexico) Firmado: 21:20, 31/05/2017

"If the small island or archipelago that constitutes the U.K. is European than an island such as Cuba is very much American! Therefore a Mexican is American and that word should not just be considered for those born in the United States! I have little faith in people and perhaps this will not work out could we at least use language correctly!!! English as a tool is horrible and I can not see it bringing world peace! The history of the English as much as you want it erased eroded or sugar coated is extremely hypocritical and we don't want any of it. It's not worthy of anything! the only virtue of the English is malice! After all they don't build cathedrals nor anything for humanity only with economic selfish notions in mind!!! "
Lise Simard (Mexico) Firmado: 23:01, 18/05/2017

"I am in at point of my life that i think the most important think to do is to help other human. Human as one humanity, Humanity as one human"
Jean Hachey (Mexico) Firmado: 21:44, 09/04/2017
Verónica Padilla Arredondo (Mexico) Firmado: 19:15, 07/04/2017

"I am a middle age woman with a hope for a better future and ready to help anyhow "
Ernesto Marquez (Mexico) Firmado: 08:43, 18/03/2017

"Nesesito hablar con ustedes y me orienten y compartir informacion "
jose luis Riaño Sandoval (Mexico) Firmado: 00:43, 07/02/2017
Aaron Santana Gonzalez (Mexico) Firmado: 05:43, 26/01/2017
Miguel Arenas (Mexico) Firmado: 08:30, 22/01/2017

"It's not a fantasy. Smart people know it can be possible, but there is where paradox lives. To go there, we must evolve, and go above our natural instincts; we need to achieve a communitary entity, an organism self capable to react according to our necessities, an entity without attachments; like religion, status or even something so fundamental as family. In the most raw sense, you love people because of who they really are, and because of your interaction with them, and not because of the blood. Only by seing that potential in the others, is when you understand that the trigger to go there, the soul to create a better and more humanae society, is right infront of everyone of us. My best regards and wishes"
dale hoskins (Mexico) Firmado: 21:59, 19/01/2017
Raúl López (Mexico) Firmado: 05:42, 16/01/2017
José Alfredo Heredia Ramírez (Mexico) Firmado: 05:11, 30/12/2016
Alberto Laposse (Mexico) Firmado: 19:47, 03/12/2016
Irene Nuñez Lozano (Mexico) Firmado: 00:52, 30/11/2016
Myriam Cristina Lozano Assad (Mexico) Firmado: 00:46, 30/11/2016
VICTOR ANTONIO RANGEL MELENDEZ (Mexico) Firmado: 19:02, 29/11/2016
Daniel Alberto Castillo Reynoso (Mexico) Firmado: 20:20, 28/11/2016
Rafael Romo (Mexico) Firmado: 02:33, 10/10/2016

"It would be an honor and pride to belong to such a community. An awakened community aligned with the beauty, the truth, and the consciousness of all things."
Levis Wilson (Mexico) Firmado: 01:33, 09/10/2016

"Muy buen documento."
Carlos Germán Barraza Cedillo (Mexico) Firmado: 05:13, 06/10/2016
Jorges Alberto (Mexico) Firmado: 23:53, 02/10/2016
LUIS FABIAN GARCIA CRUZ (Mexico) Firmado: 02:08, 30/09/2016

"Para llevar a cabo la idea del proyecto venus, se requiere una organización líder que concentre aportaciones económicas para poder crear al menos una ciudad pequeña que no utilice dinero, para así validar el "modelo". De lo contrario ¿Quién lo va a hacer? ¿el gobierno? ¿alguna coorporación? es dudable. Si no es la sociedad posiblemente nadie lo hará y todo se queda en una hermosa utopía. Si ya existe una organización que lo esté haciendo, por favor háganmelo saber, pues yo deseo participar junto con mi equipo. Saludos."
Ricardo Lopez (Mexico) Firmado: 15:40, 27/09/2016

"Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor"