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Lars Karlsson (Sweden) Firmado: 14:50, 22/10/2016
Ingrid Ahlinder (Sweden) Firmado: 11:34, 10/10/2016

"Det här har jag väntat länge på. Helt Underbart att detta nu satts i rullning. Jag kan tyvärr inte skriva ut stadgarna. Kärleksljus Ingrid "
Ingunn Ananda Merkesdal (Sweden) Firmado: 11:19, 10/10/2016
Peter Johansson (Sweden) Firmado: 05:54, 10/10/2016
Elisabeth Sanderson (Sweden) Firmado: 08:27, 15/08/2016
Pentti Kinnunen (Sweden) Firmado: 20:42, 13/08/2016
Maria Torvad (Sweden) Firmado: 23:02, 10/08/2016
Julia Urbanski (Sweden) Firmado: 15:56, 09/08/2016
Lucas Andersson (Sweden) Firmado: 12:17, 31/07/2016

"Im sick of the goverment brainwashing the world and making everyone believe that we need money to survive. And that we all should prioritise money instead of compassion and progress. A world without money has been a world of my dreams since I was a kid. And im willing to make it a reality."
Johan B. Löfquist (Sweden) Firmado: 05:22, 17/05/2016
Trym Berglund (Sweden) Firmado: 16:12, 12/05/2016
Matti Manhem (Sweden) Firmado: 23:21, 09/05/2016
Per Andersson (Sweden) Firmado: 18:42, 25/04/2016
sonny kristiansson (Sweden) Firmado: 03:23, 19/04/2016
sonny kristiansson (Sweden) Firmado: 21:57, 16/04/2016
Karin Jonasson (Sweden) Firmado: 09:27, 11/04/2016
Paul Martina (Sweden) Firmado: 11:42, 16/03/2016
Grazyna Szafruga (Sweden) Firmado: 16:13, 12/03/2016

"To byloby szczesliwe zycie,ktore jest tak krotkie........."
Ramin Rezadost (Sweden) Firmado: 17:08, 09/03/2016
Heike Kunkel (Sweden) Firmado: 12:46, 20/02/2016
Kansel Meil (Sweden) Firmado: 14:14, 14/02/2016

"I agree"
Mélia Parizel (Sweden) Firmado: 12:58, 25/01/2016
Mathias Hamlet (Sweden) Firmado: 11:54, 13/01/2016

"Hopefully I have not just signed a extermination list, and if I did Im glad Im not one of the 1%;ers anyway. And before I go extinct I put my vote on Open Source Ecology thats the way forward guys, no room for hidden agendas and crazy conspiracies in a society where everything is open for scrutiny, let's do it! "
Thom Gustafsson (Sweden) Firmado: 20:42, 03/01/2016
Erik Källgren (Sweden) Firmado: 20:29, 17/11/2015