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Signataires de India
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(Veuillez noter que les commentaires des signataires ne sont pas modérés et ne reflètent pas nécessairement les points de vue de cette initiative)
Gajanan Latthe (India) Signature : 17:55, 21/05/2016
"Nothing could be more important and urgent.I have been making consistent efforts to live by these principles in my own and in my family life and all my interactions with the world"
julie palkhivala (India) Signature : 05:47, 20/05/2016
prashant nalawade (India) Signature : 13:22, 05/05/2016
"I think anarchy principal and these principal could help each other to survive."
Pranav Joshi (India) Signature : 16:47, 03/05/2016
"This is what the world needs today! WE will make this happen together!"
Jitendra Kumar (India) Signature : 17:12, 01/05/2016
Naresh Edem (India) Signature : 16:46, 01/05/2016
"Excellent!!! "
Abhishek Raj (India) Signature : 10:05, 29/04/2016
Nilmani Priyadarshi (India) Signature : 21:57, 25/04/2016
Nabhdeep Singh Popli (India) Signature : 19:16, 24/04/2016
tanusha gupta (India) Signature : 07:32, 17/04/2016
Kishore Nath (India) Signature : 11:11, 16/04/2016
"Already a member of TZM. Looking to make my own personal transition into a RBE community in whatever form or degree."
Abhijeet Deshpande (India) Signature : 20:23, 06/04/2016
Tushar Kapoor (India) Signature : 20:50, 24/03/2016
"This should be the new world order"
Sanapally MallikarjunaRao (India) Signature : 16:57, 20/03/2016
"Dig up the dead rivers & lakes .. Earth will recover itself ..and produce Abundance . "
RIAZ KHAN (India) Signature : 07:51, 16/03/2016
dory fuchs floyd (India) Signature : 05:06, 13/03/2016
"hey - light and love to you it is the first time that i see my consciousness and way of life coming from out of me -- thank you and please contact me for i feel excited to know more about you. "
siddharth sehgal (India) Signature : 18:39, 02/03/2016
"Money....yeah it is must A person kills/assault another human just for some few bucks may be more....hence the value of money is more than the value of life ......"money" would be a reason in the destruction of our happiness and prosperity With love from india"
Siddharth sehgal (India) Signature : 18:49, 25/02/2016
"Money yeah it is necessary it is must Today ....the value of money is more than the value of someone's life ..how? Ask a person who kills people for money ...hence money would be the reason of the destruction of humanity.with love from india"
sandesh mr (India) Signature : 15:06, 14/02/2016
Abid Ullah (India) Signature : 04:24, 07/02/2016
Harpokrates Mannus (India) Signature : 00:23, 15/01/2016
"Everything will be good in the end. If it's not gold it's not the end."
Maxim Khe (India) Signature : 15:17, 13/01/2016
"A co-operating society will develop at a much faster rate as compared to a society with a financial hierarchy. Extreme wealth and extreme Poverty must be abolished."
vamsi krishna avirneni (India) Signature : 04:55, 08/01/2016
Thabi Dolly (India) Signature : 04:36, 08/01/2016
Archana Iyer (India) Signature : 16:42, 07/01/2016
"Me ready to share so much knowledge that me loves earth and its creatures so much. Me thank you for this"