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Laurent Vernet (France) Potpisao: 17:49, 12/06/2016
Hadleigh Saxon (New Zealand) Potpisao: 17:35, 12/06/2016
Gundula Vernet (France) Potpisao: 17:24, 12/06/2016
Paulo Silva (Portugal) Potpisao: 15:38, 12/06/2016
lee juen won (Korea, Republic of) Potpisao: 07:56, 12/06/2016
David Benfell (United States) Potpisao: 05:19, 12/06/2016
Sahil Khanji (United States) Potpisao: 21:38, 11/06/2016
steve jake (Korea, Republic of) Potpisao: 21:36, 11/06/2016
"Thanks a lot! :-)"
Annekatrin Trautmann (Germany) Potpisao: 21:30, 11/06/2016
Kelley McClure (United States) Potpisao: 20:49, 11/06/2016
Suzanne Segady (United States) Potpisao: 19:44, 11/06/2016
Har Bhajan Khalsa (South Africa) Potpisao: 19:42, 11/06/2016
"Go Rainbow Warriors!"
Elma Pollard (South Africa) Potpisao: 18:18, 11/06/2016
"I am very happy to find you. We can do this, I am on my way already. Thank you for initiating 🙏"
Kim Raese (Germany) Potpisao: 13:51, 11/06/2016
brother thomas (South Africa) Potpisao: 16:36, 10/06/2016
"The decree of the sovereign makes law; "
Donald Mininger (United States) Potpisao: 16:17, 10/06/2016
"I thought I was nuts in my own personal beliefs because, by using my own logic, this Charter is what I came up with. No, I did not have anything to do with writing anything down or creating this actual Charter but by using my common sense this is what I came up with. I'm quite relieved to have come across this magnificent endeavor; it proves I'm not the only one with common sense."
Jennifer Marschall (Germany) Potpisao: 16:11, 10/06/2016
Padrica Lawes (United States) Potpisao: 14:37, 10/06/2016
"I am going to help spread the word. The First World Charter is for the betterment of all humans on this earth. I pray with all my heart that we get enough signatures to put this effort in action. People have suffered enough at the hands of government, corporations & the wealthy. It's time for real positive change!"
Neelpuri goswami (India) Potpisao: 11:15, 10/06/2016
Jennifer Richter (United States) Potpisao: 10:43, 10/06/2016
Stephanie Corker (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 08:21, 10/06/2016
eugen libeld (Germany) Potpisao: 21:06, 09/06/2016
Felicida Portillo (United States) Potpisao: 20:59, 09/06/2016
"Hell, YEAH!!!"
Tobi Shakur (Germany) Potpisao: 19:04, 09/06/2016
"do it"
Nic Rieck (Norway) Potpisao: 15:29, 09/06/2016