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Andrea Jaud (Germany) Potpisao: 19:08, 18/11/2014
"Ubuntu- Ich bin, weil wir sind! "
Gustav Silfverskild (Sweden) Potpisao: 18:46, 18/11/2014
Robin Weber (Germany) Potpisao: 18:36, 18/11/2014
Fridolin Kainz (Germany) Potpisao: 17:28, 18/11/2014
"Wir sind mit dem jetzigen System in eine Sackgasse geraten, haben wir Mut etwas zu ndern. "
Thomas Mhlberger (Austria) Potpisao: 17:16, 18/11/2014
Manfred Lorenz (Austria) Potpisao: 17:09, 18/11/2014
"So gehts ... WIR sind diejenigen, auf die WIR gewartet haben :-) namaste Souvern & Freeman DON VITO Manjolo ... blessing Peaceman und hier um das Paradies mit zu formen :-) voller demtigem DANK <3 "
Evan Clothier (United States) Potpisao: 16:25, 18/11/2014
" Evan Clothier is simply a name that was given to me, the identity associated with it is in no way, legal or otherwise, who I actually am. My point is this, the infinite eternal awareness that might be called my Soul or maybe my True Self or whatever... agrees with the message presented in this Charter; I Agree and, with full cognitive awareness and faculties, nor under threat of violence or coercion, do Sign the Free World Charter."
liliane marion (France) Potpisao: 16:13, 18/11/2014
philippe marion (France) Potpisao: 16:10, 18/11/2014
Kathy LeBlanc (United States) Potpisao: 15:37, 18/11/2014
Karen Cheah (Australia) Potpisao: 15:16, 18/11/2014
Rajat Channan (India) Potpisao: 15:14, 18/11/2014
beauvillain vivian (France) Potpisao: 14:47, 18/11/2014
Robert Bielik (Sweden) Potpisao: 14:46, 18/11/2014
Allan Funder Kaas (Denmark) Potpisao: 12:12, 18/11/2014
Lina Barbieri (Italy) Potpisao: 11:57, 18/11/2014
"Perfetto! "
Antonia Ramsdorf (Germany) Potpisao: 11:56, 18/11/2014
ALBERTO MARINETTI (Belgium) Potpisao: 09:56, 18/11/2014
paul jones (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 07:49, 18/11/2014
Rene Reymond Okamura (Japan) Potpisao: 07:32, 18/11/2014
"En effet, il est grand temps de changer pour une socit meilleure, et de faire de cette Terre un paradis pour tous."
Manuela Wagner (Austria) Potpisao: 07:07, 18/11/2014
Barbara Beke (Canada) Potpisao: 03:53, 18/11/2014
"This is beautiful! I have always felt this isn't the life we were meant to live. We Are Free! We are One! Sharing! Let's Do This! Thank you!! Peace <3 "
Tamara Elvira (United States) Potpisao: 01:59, 18/11/2014
"I am one of many who is in poverty state and would really like to a change. Where people don't fight over money or land we have natuarl ways to fight diseases.not drugs. and to keep our animals safe!"
Hezekiah Laronda (United States) Potpisao: 01:50, 18/11/2014
Morin Antonia Órdenes (Chile) Potpisao: 01:35, 18/11/2014