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Aditya Vemireddy (Australia) Potpisao: 09:10, 18/12/2015
Magdalena Buchacz (Germany) Potpisao: 07:57, 18/12/2015
Pascal KROMER (France) Potpisao: 06:16, 18/12/2015
"I suggest to do with the 10th December, day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a public holiday in all countries of the world. This will be a way of giving to all peoples on Earth the feeling of being part of one Humanity."
Samuel caban (Puerto Rico) Potpisao: 04:08, 18/12/2015
jose jacinto oliveira costa (Spain) Potpisao: 02:12, 18/12/2015
Camilla Dinesen (Denmark) Potpisao: 01:24, 18/12/2015
Melonie Phillips (Canada) Potpisao: 23:27, 17/12/2015
Alf de Hombre (Australia) Potpisao: 20:27, 17/12/2015
"This is a sane approach to the safe progression of our societies into one humanity. Please share and support and keep in touch as this wonderful group grows. Alf"
Jennifer Johnson (United States) Potpisao: 18:48, 17/12/2015
"I fully support this idea. I actually talk about this all the time. I feel so trapped in the society we live in now. I would love for this effort to be made more publicized. "
RUBEN EDUARDO ROJAS SANTA (Colombia) Potpisao: 18:36, 17/12/2015
"Gracias por tan grande iniciativa http://www.paraismo.org"
Jarosław Turkowski (Puerto Rico) Potpisao: 16:59, 17/12/2015
Exequiel Bayo (Argentina) Potpisao: 14:14, 17/12/2015
Larry Abdullah (United States) Potpisao: 14:08, 17/12/2015
"Paradism is the key: http://www.paradism.org"
Christian Brandstätter (Austria) Potpisao: 14:01, 17/12/2015
Dermot Murray (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 13:18, 17/12/2015
"This is the future as described by Rael in 1973 and it is the ONLY way humanity can survive and grow into a cosmic civilisation."
Franco Apolloni (Italy) Potpisao: 13:13, 17/12/2015
Emanuel Toifl (Austria) Potpisao: 12:54, 17/12/2015
Ilanit Yevchev (Israel) Potpisao: 11:58, 17/12/2015
Sky Lam (Cambodia) Potpisao: 11:07, 17/12/2015
pierre gary (France) Potpisao: 10:15, 17/12/2015
chaness linker (China) Potpisao: 05:50, 17/12/2015
chares linker (China) Potpisao: 05:40, 17/12/2015
Timothy Nicholas (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 04:16, 17/12/2015
Patrice Dupuis (Canada) Potpisao: 03:14, 17/12/2015
Maxime Gilbert (Canada) Potpisao: 02:24, 17/12/2015
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