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Luca Moricca (Italy) Potpisao: 10:39, 23/08/2016
Oscar Mendez (United States) Potpisao: 00:44, 23/08/2016

"If only more people shared these thoughts. This would be easy. "
Leonardus Ramakers (New Zealand) Potpisao: 22:33, 22/08/2016

"The changes for the better are upon us because they are called by us. The age of illusion is finished. I call in the Golden Age "
Garry Chant (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 18:19, 22/08/2016
Mija Hamers (Netherlands) Potpisao: 17:28, 22/08/2016
Juan Manuel Cuartas Bernal (Germany) Potpisao: 13:52, 22/08/2016

"There is always an excuse for not protecting the environment: lack of time, lack of money. Nowadays, society is driven by fear, especially, the fear of paying bills. Tecnology is always affected by a better income, for example: programmed obsolescence. We are living, paying for living with our fears, and competing with everyone. We are not in a competition, everyone in life has different goals, also, different ways for obtaining their goals. Let this signature be the beginning of a complete change for society. When you start to appreciate the beauty of life, you will see money is worthless. Take into account life is like "Monopoly" game; once you finish (die), you should give back properties and money. You can take with you only memories and the experiences you had."
Paula Araujo (Netherlands) Potpisao: 10:42, 22/08/2016
Eduardo Jeronimo (Spain) Potpisao: 05:40, 22/08/2016

"no se si se conseguira y consigamos algo de verdad . tengo ya 61 años casi y me gustaria intentar colaborar en mi medida y en lo posible con estos diez principios fundamentales . y que yo mismo en mi cabeza y conmigo mismo me he hablado muchas veces. buena suerte y energia para los humanos de verdad que creen y queremos un mundo distinto. "
Ramon Rodrigues de Freitas Mon (Brazil) Potpisao: 00:58, 22/08/2016

"Fico feliz e menos ansioso ao saber que a idéia de mundo livre e justo que sempre sonhei é compartilhado por outras pessoas ao redor do planeta e mais do que isso, esse movimento que está se formando faz essa visão sair do plano da utopia para a esfera da realidade tangível. Declaro estar de acordo com os termos e os princípios propostos nesta carta registrando aqui meu total apoio, e fico à disposição para ajudar a difundir essa idéia."
Holly Celestine (United States) Potpisao: 22:39, 21/08/2016
Andrea Baum (Germany) Potpisao: 09:51, 21/08/2016
Isabel Santos (United States) Potpisao: 03:48, 21/08/2016
Nadine Klingenfuss (Germany) Potpisao: 00:57, 21/08/2016
Richard Latham (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 23:37, 20/08/2016
karen collins (Ireland) Potpisao: 23:22, 20/08/2016
Sandra Jürgens (Germany) Potpisao: 18:11, 20/08/2016
mike westacott (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 16:25, 20/08/2016

"Change needs to happen and it will, but human nature being what it is will not adhere permantly to the charter and there will be those who will do their utmost to gain power in order to set their own goalsabove those of the community. This being the case, what is anticipated to prevent this?"
John Langerman (United States) Potpisao: 16:04, 20/08/2016
Flavio Hernndez (Mexico) Potpisao: 15:41, 20/08/2016
Jessy Rodriguez (United States) Potpisao: 15:22, 20/08/2016
Ted Thomas (Canada) Potpisao: 12:35, 20/08/2016
Stuart Bright (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 11:41, 20/08/2016
cee grand (Switzerland) Potpisao: 11:31, 20/08/2016
Marie Bright (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 11:29, 20/08/2016

"I truly want this. Please let's make this happen...for my husband and me, and especially for my beloved children."
Henk van Doorn (Netherlands) Potpisao: 09:13, 20/08/2016

"It's about time we sort this collectively..count me in!"