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Dennis Köller (Germany) Potpisao: 00:33, 13/04/2016
Dominika Stańczyk (Poland) Potpisao: 21:33, 12/04/2016
Barbara Witthaut (Germany) Potpisao: 19:42, 12/04/2016
dean Smith (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 17:44, 12/04/2016
"Utopia and freedom which is a reality in our time "
Joshua Greenhalgh (Australia) Potpisao: 13:55, 12/04/2016
"I believe in a community where all living beings are free of fear and power struggles, where they are able to co-exist on equal terms and work together for the common good of our planet, it's residents and their futures."
Sandra Molina (Switzerland) Potpisao: 12:41, 12/04/2016
Robb Andrew (United States) Potpisao: 02:41, 12/04/2016
"As "Above so Below". "
Ruth DeVors (United States) Potpisao: 00:20, 12/04/2016
Francesca Tabor (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 23:27, 11/04/2016
steve smith (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 22:11, 11/04/2016
Barry Robinson (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 20:46, 11/04/2016
Valinda Carlson (United States) Potpisao: 20:30, 11/04/2016
"And no Government control or control of any kind except The 10 commandments. GODS LAWS"
Joachim Pichol (Germany) Potpisao: 20:14, 11/04/2016
Augusto Castellano (Argentina) Potpisao: 17:26, 11/04/2016
Łukasz Komorowski (Poland) Potpisao: 17:00, 11/04/2016
Daniel Donovan (Ireland) Potpisao: 13:59, 11/04/2016
Kamenidis Christodoulos (Greece) Potpisao: 12:45, 11/04/2016
Patricia Amoabeng (Denmark) Potpisao: 09:46, 11/04/2016
Karin Jonasson (Sweden) Potpisao: 09:27, 11/04/2016
Martina Herold (Germany) Potpisao: 09:26, 11/04/2016
Vanburen Lewis (United States) Potpisao: 00:49, 11/04/2016
"Greetings, I appreciate the principles upon which this framework is established. This is similar to the divine principles of; Love-Truth-Peace-Freedom-Justice for all. I am interested to learn more. Regards, VL"
Kurt Love (United States) Potpisao: 23:37, 10/04/2016
Ghislain Serise (Canada) Potpisao: 22:38, 10/04/2016
"Please reference http://www.tromsite.com They share the same ideas in a very complete way. Let's make it happen!"
Thomas Fogg (United Kingdom) Potpisao: 19:39, 10/04/2016
"Money is the root to all evel It's what's coursing pain and suffering Around the world Take out privet banking and corporations and unlawful laws Give us back are God given right to freedom with out control"
akim benfares (France) Potpisao: 18:25, 10/04/2016