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Karthikeyan Tiru selvam (Singapore) Potpisao: 00:24, 27/08/2014
Sivakumar Arumugam (Singapore) Potpisao: 13:41, 26/08/2014
Kent Soo (Singapore) Potpisao: 13:59, 11/06/2014
Carl Yang (Singapore) Potpisao: 16:50, 06/06/2014
Sue Ryan (Singapore) Potpisao: 15:53, 19/04/2014
"I do not want history to repeat itself & the majority of humans worldwide to make the same mistake again. Let's work together to spread the awareness and make for a better world for our future generation."
Jeremy Monteiro (Singapore) Potpisao: 07:25, 05/04/2014
Alex Lim (Singapore) Potpisao: 20:35, 01/03/2014
Ravinraj Gopinath (Singapore) Potpisao: 04:35, 25/01/2014
William Priestley (Singapore) Potpisao: 15:25, 07/12/2013
"The less I have the more happy I am. I am sick of seeing people struggle, starve and die. Because immoral and ethically bankrupt individuals in the world (Not just the West I might add) are too focused on their own lives to see the pain and suffering their wants are causing around the world. This has to stop. This must stop. "
Lionel Wee (Singapore) Potpisao: 22:05, 14/10/2013
"teach me how to eradicate the monetary system"
Alice Ruby (Singapore) Potpisao: 06:02, 10/08/2013
Suriani Salleh (Singapore) Potpisao: 09:47, 07/07/2013
Raymond Ma (Singapore) Potpisao: 14:10, 17/05/2013
"Quick make the world a free world. It is becoming unsustainable!"
Ng Ho Kong (Singapore) Potpisao: 14:32, 16/05/2013
"it will be greatness achievement for mankind to reach this milestone "
Song Chen (Singapore) Potpisao: 02:46, 15/05/2013
"To human equality, liberty, and world peace."
Cliff Yuen (Singapore) Potpisao: 22:26, 14/05/2013
Jane Doherty (Singapore) Potpisao: 05:20, 13/04/2013
"It is impossible to disagree with any of the above. As a dream of what could be it brings hope. Even one small step towards the goal would be an improvement."
Averic Toh (Singapore) Potpisao: 18:21, 09/03/2013
WANG Mark (Singapore) Potpisao: 16:33, 09/03/2013
"To all the people in the world, Good day to all. Hi , after watching the videos and going through the principles I feel that all human beings should start to re-look into what is happening in this world that relates to humanity. As a human beings, we belong to part of the nature creation in the world and we are inter-connected with one another and there should be a close connection into helping one another through caring and giving . Let go the races, status, religion . Everyone who lives in this world should be having equal treatment and should not be treated base on the status of being rich or poor . With that, I hope this message will reach to as many people as possible to reflect what is the real meaning behind of life. Regards Mark Wang"
Ravinraj Gopinath (Singapore) Potpisao: 18:36, 04/03/2013
Leenah Greenwoods (Singapore) Potpisao: 03:57, 15/12/2012
Bahrom Sulong (Singapore) Potpisao: 16:54, 14/08/2012
Marcus LeVere (Singapore) Potpisao: 03:00, 11/07/2012
Kiat-Jin Lee (Singapore) Potpisao: 13:56, 08/07/2012
Davidson Lloyd (Singapore) Potpisao: 13:12, 17/06/2012
"Greetings from TZM Singapore"