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SOLEHIN SABTUPotpisao: 15:41, 19/09/2017
"Try sometime to derive a solution entirely without the use of currency. It could be a wonderful thing."
Davide BonomiPotpisao: 02:07, 17/10/2015
Kelvin TierPotpisao: 15:53, 16/08/2015
Tessa ThaiPotpisao: 17:04, 28/06/2015
Wai Gie KokPotpisao: 07:56, 08/01/2015
Zephan GohPotpisao: 11:18, 30/12/2014
"Indeed, we need a better system instead of monetary capitalism. SG is an example of every of its citizens stuck in a meaningless rat race, and will only take action in the beneficial name of money. Wages surpressed and costs of living go up, and an income inequality between the haves and have-nots. We need to reset the system, or else everybody loses in the end."
Anwar TamPotpisao: 12:35, 27/10/2014
Kenneth AngPotpisao: 08:27, 18/10/2014
"Finally people with common sense are taking action, a free world is really how the world is supposed to be in the first place, rendering poverty and human suffering basically irrelevant. Because each human is born into this world without a choice, why are we not helping each other the best we can, and utilizing the planet's resources to the fullest in the most efficient and intelligent way? When this "new" system is combined with our current technology, we as a species can LITERALLY accomplish so much more together, things that the current world system and its politicians can only spout with empty, meaningless words. It's time to do away with the old, these chains holding the potential of mankind back. I cannot comprehend how any healthy human with the slightest sense of compassion would think otherwise."
Hee Dek SumPotpisao: 00:39, 25/09/2014
Edwin TohPotpisao: 22:13, 22/09/2014
Karthikeyan Tiru selvamPotpisao: 00:24, 27/08/2014
Sivakumar ArumugamPotpisao: 13:41, 26/08/2014
Kent SooPotpisao: 13:59, 11/06/2014
Carl YangPotpisao: 16:50, 06/06/2014
Sue RyanPotpisao: 15:53, 19/04/2014
"I do not want history to repeat itself & the majority of humans worldwide to make the same mistake again. Let's work together to spread the awareness and make for a better world for our future generation."
Jeremy MonteiroPotpisao: 07:25, 05/04/2014
Alex LimPotpisao: 20:35, 01/03/2014
Ravinraj GopinathPotpisao: 04:35, 25/01/2014
William PriestleyPotpisao: 15:25, 07/12/2013
"The less I have the more happy I am. I am sick of seeing people struggle, starve and die. Because immoral and ethically bankrupt individuals in the world (Not just the West I might add) are too focused on their own lives to see the pain and suffering their wants are causing around the world. This has to stop. This must stop. "
Lionel WeePotpisao: 22:05, 14/10/2013
"teach me how to eradicate the monetary system"
Alice RubyPotpisao: 06:02, 10/08/2013
Suriani SallehPotpisao: 09:47, 07/07/2013
Raymond MaPotpisao: 14:10, 17/05/2013
"Quick make the world a free world. It is becoming unsustainable!"
Ng Ho KongPotpisao: 14:32, 16/05/2013
"it will be greatness achievement for mankind to reach this milestone "
Song ChenPotpisao: 02:46, 15/05/2013
"To human equality, liberty, and world peace."
Cliff YuenPotpisao: 22:26, 14/05/2013
Jane DohertyPotpisao: 05:20, 13/04/2013
"It is impossible to disagree with any of the above. As a dream of what could be it brings hope. Even one small step towards the goal would be an improvement."
Averic TohPotpisao: 18:21, 09/03/2013
WANG MarkPotpisao: 16:33, 09/03/2013
"To all the people in the world, Good day to all. Hi , after watching the videos and going through the principles I feel that all human beings should start to re-look into what is happening in this world that relates to humanity. As a human beings, we belong to part of the nature creation in the world and we are inter-connected with one another and there should be a close connection into helping one another through caring and giving . Let go the races, status, religion . Everyone who lives in this world should be having equal treatment and should not be treated base on the status of being rich or poor . With that, I hope this message will reach to as many people as possible to reflect what is the real meaning behind of life. Regards Mark Wang"
Leenah GreenwoodsPotpisao: 03:57, 15/12/2012
Bahrom SulongPotpisao: 16:54, 14/08/2012
Marcus LeVerePotpisao: 03:00, 11/07/2012
Kiat-Jin LeePotpisao: 13:56, 08/07/2012
Davidson LloydPotpisao: 13:12, 17/06/2012
"Greetings from TZM Singapore"
Zubi KhawajaPotpisao: 20:43, 01/05/2012
Peng Ee ChewPotpisao: 23:08, 28/03/2012
Terence ChingPotpisao: 02:48, 20/03/2012
Xavier SporePotpisao: 13:02, 15/03/2012
Lewis LiewPotpisao: 14:01, 14/03/2012
"I hope the progress do not just stop here. After signing, there must be a implementation stage, we should not rush into it, but we should also not take a decade to realise it, we are running out of time, simply. "
Mohamed AliPotpisao: 05:52, 23/01/2012
Teng jie NgPotpisao: 08:36, 08/01/2012
Losita BhattacharyaPotpisao: 05:23, 15/12/2011
"It was great to come across your video and your website- it's a great time to start talking about a free and fair world and once we start talking about it, the idea grows. If there is any support I can give you, like an interview or a space for your video on my website, http://www.ionearth.org, please write to me. The resources section is kept free for all on their spiritual path/journeys. In love and oneness, Losita"
jannah LevingePotpisao: 09:56, 10/11/2011
Sim DarrenPotpisao: 03:58, 12/10/2011
Ghanesh PVPotpisao: 01:03, 04/10/2011
"lets start a day calling it free day, everything on that day is free...."
Chris Stephen Naveen RanjitPotpisao: 09:21, 02/10/2011
"I wholeheartedly agree that the first step is for people to want change, and the only way to do that is for them to realize its possible."
Wai Lyn ChingPotpisao: 17:13, 29/09/2011
Vincent ChingPotpisao: 14:47, 19/09/2011
"Truth is a simplicity, which we have made complexity of.. We are all intricately inter-connected.. There is only one Home - its Earth, there is only one Family - its Humanity.. & there is only one true religion - its Love.. The only way for a Family to live sustainably, is to built a society that is cooperative based.. not competitive.. Life is not a race.. nor is it subject to discrmination.. so don't make it so... Peace! "
aida kingPotpisao: 05:11, 24/07/2011
"About time something was done to erradicate poverty."

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