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Tyresa Cherosa (United States) Potpisao: 00:34, 19/01/2017
Ryan Silvernell (United States) Potpisao: 16:27, 15/01/2017
Ziah Jyothi (United States) Potpisao: 00:40, 14/01/2017
Tisa Peyton (United States) Potpisao: 17:58, 13/01/2017

"We have the same vision...Need I say more? ;) Looking fwd to connecting... -Tisa TisaPeyton.com TheSoundWhisperer "
Christa Timbers (United States) Potpisao: 16:53, 13/01/2017
Marc Bjorneby (United States) Potpisao: 06:14, 13/01/2017

"The wealthy live in comfort and luxury within a protected elysium space on this planet. "...67 people as wealthy as the world's poorest 3.5 billion" -Kasia Moreno, Forbes Insights The three main industries: technology, retail, and natural resources-based sectors account for the fortunes made by these 67 people; 42% of them are Americans. Earth desparaged by elitism, an economy that neglects to clean up after itself, and technology stagnated by private interest, one can't help but feel inferior working in their chaotic system. Is not philanthropy an admission to one's excessiveness in life or a disputable tax write off each year? The Free World Charter has some very good principles outlined in it. The kind of vision needed to promote change necessary to sustain life on Earth for our posterity. "
Daniel Shai (United States) Potpisao: 03:23, 12/01/2017

"Thank you"
Jeannay Marie (United States) Potpisao: 06:08, 11/01/2017
Susanne Oppong (United States) Potpisao: 06:24, 09/01/2017
Dan Shockley Enki (United States) Potpisao: 19:07, 08/01/2017

"I've been thinking about this for many years and so glad to see someone has put the ideas in writing and on a website. I finally wrote a new religion or philosophy that all humans care share and use; it is called Enki Religion. Together with this sites principles, the universe is our playground. Money is truly evil and causes so much pain in our societies. A lot more work to do in the transition to a money-less world and I know we can figure this out. Peace to all."
Randeau Dee (United States) Potpisao: 20:06, 03/01/2017

"I am in concert with all the Charter's tenets. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet Earth. I promote loving kindness for all people, life-forms, and energy-forms."
Laura Ramirez (United States) Potpisao: 19:19, 03/01/2017
Kurt Brungardt (United States) Potpisao: 23:28, 01/01/2017
Christian Kelleher (United States) Potpisao: 20:06, 28/12/2016

"I am a 20 year old college student who has been radically awoken to the real problems of globalist capitalism. If we keep going this direction: resources, human intentions, social structures.... will all be under the control of the financial elite. This trend has been growing to indoctrinate us into such a world for the last 100 years. I worry the trend will not stop until the average worker/human sees their own value in society, and how their energy and will is being manipulated by the few. I am an engineering student who personally wishes to be part of this movement because I feel the necessity to apply science to government. I will continue learning the secrets behind clean energy production and watershed conservation. I want to be involved in the major step of human evolution. "
::Kerry Clegg (United States) Potpisao: 02:08, 28/12/2016
Dawn Brito (United States) Potpisao: 13:09, 24/12/2016

"Can it be somewhere with a wonderful climate? "
Randal Moore (United States) Potpisao: 02:22, 24/12/2016
Matthew Giancola (United States) Potpisao: 20:01, 20/12/2016
Jerry Cooper (United States) Potpisao: 15:51, 19/12/2016
Raul Garcia (United States) Potpisao: 15:33, 19/12/2016
David McNight (United States) Potpisao: 05:08, 18/12/2016

"Very interesting subject matter. I'm not a big fan of the word 'Free' even with the removal of a monetary system, people still need to work if you will. Also, it's important to clarify skilled labor from common labor, because a Doctor who spent 8 years of his life going to school has no inclination of being equated along side of a person flipping burgers for a living; they are not equal, you have to find a way to reward the Doctor in a resource based system. I'm already working with an organization out of Panama along these same lines. This concept is going to happen and it's exciting to live during this transition we all are in right now. Cheers"
Erin Tarango (United States) Potpisao: 18:22, 17/12/2016
Sara Roberts (United States) Potpisao: 19:25, 16/12/2016
michael stanley (United States) Potpisao: 05:27, 16/12/2016
Skye Rios (United States) Potpisao: 00:07, 16/12/2016