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Christine DribinPotpisao: 04:58, 17/10/2017
"Are you wondering how we will take care of ourselves as our infrastructure continues to do less and less for us? What if we could actually get started taking care of each other now? What if we could start sharing our labor and resources with each other equally as soon as we can? This may be the venue we need to emancipate ourselves from the slavery associated with money!"
Christine DribinPotpisao: 04:55, 17/10/2017
Phil FaraboughPotpisao: 04:55, 17/10/2017
"#11 Education is the fundamental corner stone from which we will overcome our short comings. Science on the biology of what this planet is able to sustain. Technologys to carry us into a class one civilization should be the forefront of our curriculum, available to all, starting from grade school and continues through life. Learning will be our #1 priority."
Dianne DupuisPotpisao: 08:38, 16/10/2017
David LonginoPotpisao: 18:56, 15/10/2017
Laura PetersonPotpisao: 13:42, 15/10/2017
Tim OwensPotpisao: 07:18, 14/10/2017
Andrea AmayaPotpisao: 23:48, 13/10/2017
Chong Kee TanPotpisao: 12:23, 11/10/2017
Amy MariePotpisao: 03:26, 11/10/2017
Jake MxcDanielPotpisao: 03:38, 08/10/2017
Charles FosterPotpisao: 21:20, 06/10/2017
"We need to do this now!! What do we have to do to make this happen?"
Rebecca ButlerPotpisao: 16:34, 06/10/2017
Corlina JohnsonPotpisao: 12:07, 04/10/2017
Ulysses VargasPotpisao: 08:00, 04/10/2017
Amy PeacockPotpisao: 17:07, 03/10/2017
"Wish this would happen in my life time."
Oskar Almar Potpisao: 16:29, 03/10/2017
Rachael RaymondPotpisao: 03:17, 03/10/2017
JOHN AngelPotpisao: 10:05, 01/10/2017
Terrry leePotpisao: 02:54, 01/10/2017
Eva McClearyPotpisao: 02:29, 29/09/2017
Jacob RobiePotpisao: 00:07, 29/09/2017
"I intend to bring forth heaven on earth, for the benefit of all."
Carol A JulienPotpisao: 22:34, 27/09/2017
Vicki LauruhnPotpisao: 16:18, 27/09/2017
Julia ThorleifsonPotpisao: 16:06, 27/09/2017
Garrett D'angeloPotpisao: 14:35, 27/09/2017
Evelyn OakleyPotpisao: 12:49, 27/09/2017
"This was needed THOUSANDS of years ago! Down with money and greed!"
James O'NeillPotpisao: 22:24, 26/09/2017
Creig DickersonPotpisao: 17:06, 26/09/2017
"“... From each according to ability ... to each according to need.” Karl Marx (paraphrase) A concept with Money, Credit, debt, and no need for barter. "
Claudia ReesePotpisao: 15:38, 26/09/2017
Anita MillerPotpisao: 14:03, 24/09/2017
Joseph ChirafisiPotpisao: 18:38, 21/09/2017
Ryan TarrPotpisao: 14:50, 20/09/2017
Alan HalversonPotpisao: 23:38, 19/09/2017
"This is the premise by which we can all learn by and live by for a better life, a better world and a sustainable future for us all."
Jaclyn JudyPotpisao: 02:33, 19/09/2017
karen LeonhardtPotpisao: 15:36, 18/09/2017
Noah SpargoPotpisao: 02:09, 18/09/2017
Ashlee LamonsPotpisao: 21:23, 17/09/2017
"We need to help our fellow citizans"
Christopher TenEyckPotpisao: 07:47, 17/09/2017
"I wish the world would do this before the end of my lifetime, i want a better more enjoyable life for my family. The fact that we live in an enslaved world sickens me to the point im miserable with daily life. Money is just a way to have power over others, its surely not what keeps people motivated. The only thing that will change this world is us humans, unfortunately us being humans its impossible for everyone to see eye to eye even tho everyone is so miserable in our antmound lifestyle. "
Brittany FordingPotpisao: 16:22, 16/09/2017
"If FREEDOM has a price FREEDOM isn't FREE"
mike dornPotpisao: 23:34, 15/09/2017
"I don't know if the rich will go for it, but there is plenty of scriptures that forbids being wealthy. Luke 16, where rich men get a one way ticket to hell, all them are lovers of money anyway. That is the only time they get what they deserve."
Ricky WarnerPotpisao: 19:39, 14/09/2017
"Hey guys, I'm on the internet!"
Andrea DobbinsPotpisao: 18:33, 14/09/2017
Courtney SandhoffPotpisao: 15:06, 14/09/2017
Sarah KnutsonPotpisao: 04:27, 13/09/2017
"8. Heart and empathy are possibly just as important to me as a basis for decision as logic and knowledge which can be socially constructed to advance some interest groups over others."
Neo SwayPotpisao: 00:30, 12/09/2017
"I want to contribute to your process. Let me know how I can."
Yasemin ReyPotpisao: 16:50, 07/09/2017
Wendy McGlothlinPotpisao: 20:00, 06/09/2017
Monica ParkPotpisao: 22:12, 05/09/2017
Andrew DavidsonPotpisao: 15:29, 04/09/2017
"The world I dream of living in"

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