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mary davidson (United States) Potpisao: 18:07, 28/05/2016
harold gogarty (United States) Potpisao: 01:49, 28/05/2016
Amaris Alayon (United States) Potpisao: 00:55, 28/05/2016
Lauren Killingsworth (United States) Potpisao: 05:27, 26/05/2016
Mollie Weiser (United States) Potpisao: 06:09, 25/05/2016
Andrew Johnson (United States) Potpisao: 11:56, 24/05/2016
"With all the hungar, war, and just plain nasty dirty greedy outcomes that have come from the invention of money, we as a planet need to change. We need to step up and strive to be better humans to each other and to the future generations yet to come. I believe this is achievable but it will take more support that a couple thousand to achieve this. This is going to be extremely hard to convince a society in the whole to change especially when whealth is such a high priority and with out said whealth some of these people would not survive noir Would they be able to just function. In a society where money is everything these people will fight against such causes with everything they have. I do not believe there are enough truly strong people willing to rise up and resist and make this happen especially when are opposition has such an upper hand that we are nothing but a grain of sand in there desert. Keep the faith and drive on."
Matthew Holdener (United States) Potpisao: 14:14, 23/05/2016
"I would like all my friends to stop searching for cash especially Justin Larson."
Tri Hoang (United States) Potpisao: 06:56, 23/05/2016
felix odiase (United States) Potpisao: 06:31, 23/05/2016
Emily Ospina (United States) Potpisao: 21:07, 22/05/2016
"Progress is held back by humanity's cruel greed for dominance. Looking the other way was finciancialy convenient,as we destroyed our beautiful resources for the latest market. A competitive market for the cheapest, fastest,and latest items to show off. Will soon be for food,medicine and pure air.Puerto Rico a island that is hit with hurricanes every yr I remember 15yrs ago with major roads and vast natural resources for both food and water. Families traded crops and if a animal was sacrificed, the community was welcomed to feast and everyone would bring dishes to serve with the meat shared. Plates were sent to the ill or that couldn't attend. This is PEACE. I recently visited and saw an interstate highway?on an island? No more crops/farms that used to along the side roads. The crystal clear beaches free to all are dirty and privately owned. Employment is either gov,tourism and crimes. Relying on overseas for nutrition that used to grow free in abundance. I fear the acts of hunger."
Sergio Sanchez (United States) Potpisao: 16:24, 22/05/2016
"We are born in this world, only to realize that we are in a discreet war against world leaders. And there's always something to fight for, but nearly all of us are weak because we don't have the monetary power that they do to rule over governments. "
Katherine Chapman (United States) Potpisao: 07:18, 22/05/2016
"We can't get our own country, but there are certainly enough of us to buy some large pieces of land together if anyone would take the leadership initiative."
Michael Paiz (United States) Potpisao: 07:07, 22/05/2016
"In this charter finally will you see hope and truth, piercing with an ever growing light shining through the clouds of depression and suppression, giving life and abundance. "
Sharon Jang (United States) Potpisao: 23:49, 21/05/2016
Dominick Bergeron (United States) Potpisao: 19:35, 21/05/2016
Julie Ross (United States) Potpisao: 18:24, 21/05/2016
leila alayon (United States) Potpisao: 16:11, 21/05/2016
Joe Medeiros (United States) Potpisao: 16:04, 21/05/2016
"However: "They are not of the world, as I also am not of the world." --John 17:16"
GEORGE BOUDAHER (United States) Potpisao: 04:54, 21/05/2016
Mario Esguerra (United States) Potpisao: 04:34, 21/05/2016
"Ya era hora de que como conciencia universal nos unieramos en beneficio de una humanidad global cansada de tanta desigualdad y abuso a nuestra madre tierra"
Dawn Collins (United States) Potpisao: 01:25, 21/05/2016
"Why not!"
Kenneth Cohen (United States) Potpisao: 21:41, 20/05/2016
"No more military organizations or arms production."
Tani Shainberg (United States) Potpisao: 20:46, 20/05/2016
Patrick Faram (United States) Potpisao: 20:01, 20/05/2016
"I have had this dream all my life. I just couldn't wrap my mind around how to make it happen. Kudos if you can. I'm on board! "
Richard Plunkett (United States) Potpisao: 16:49, 20/05/2016