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Darion Burgess Potpisao: 03:41, 18/03/2018
Jonell LeischPotpisao: 04:28, 16/03/2018
Sandra HumphreyPotpisao: 03:03, 16/03/2018
Tammy AskewPotpisao: 07:40, 15/03/2018
Marquis Lancaster Potpisao: 16:24, 14/03/2018
Roxanne Rhoden Potpisao: 23:58, 13/03/2018
Melissa MasonPotpisao: 16:18, 13/03/2018
Roger ONeilPotpisao: 18:33, 12/03/2018
Jason NelsonPotpisao: 23:44, 10/03/2018
Krista RolandPotpisao: 03:56, 10/03/2018
Michael IrwinPotpisao: 07:41, 08/03/2018
John AmrenPotpisao: 16:14, 07/03/2018
Abigail RytherPotpisao: 03:01, 07/03/2018
Aaron FrostPotpisao: 23:47, 06/03/2018
"I am one thinker of meat and mind, learning to tinker the conscience I find."
Miles KendziorskiPotpisao: 10:03, 05/03/2018
"Who knows how much scientific potential to better our world we have already lost because of all the life that we've lost to poverty"
Arron CraftPotpisao: 22:32, 04/03/2018
Arron CraftPotpisao: 18:31, 04/03/2018
M Marie McVeyPotpisao: 17:13, 03/03/2018
"All we need is a database/server and an app for personal feedback as "currency" while we slip into this new reality, and it will be a seamless change from the monetary system we have right now, making it easier for people to understand and be at ease with. It might be a hard transition for some due to social programming...."
Gabriel FrithPotpisao: 07:47, 02/03/2018
Lori McAllisterPotpisao: 01:04, 01/03/2018
Rick HillPotpisao: 19:43, 28/02/2018
"I also support Global Country of World Peace."
Jamie EdwardsPotpisao: 16:21, 28/02/2018
"This is the world I have always wanted to live in. We can all have paradise on earth. Everthing on this planet started out free to everyone. To be able to help each other without a piece of paper (fiat money) controlling our every move. When you're able to truley help someone, not feeling like you are forced or that it's just your job. Mental illnesses would decrease because the society we live in causes a lot of them. It's not how life was ment to be. Crime rates would drop dramatically and nobody would starve to death. So many people believe in the monetary system because that's just how it's always been, but this planet could be so much better for all humanity!"
Heather WingfieldPotpisao: 14:27, 27/02/2018
Sree OgguPotpisao: 07:50, 27/02/2018
"You are on the dot with your observations and articulations of the same"
Trish Harris Potpisao: 14:45, 26/02/2018
Edgar MejiaPotpisao: 00:55, 26/02/2018
"I love what your website states and I am fully in to the change in how we all live . The time for change has comes."
EVA NOVARPotpisao: 18:43, 24/02/2018
"ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL! "
Philip AlbinPotpisao: 20:43, 20/02/2018
Michael JervisPotpisao: 03:28, 19/02/2018
Eric ParkerPotpisao: 11:49, 18/02/2018
"There's always been a sense of injustice within me concerning the world I've grown up in. Univerisal love, respect and well-being should be a birthright and universally applied."
Mike BowmanPotpisao: 02:11, 18/02/2018
"Acquiring wealth is not the driving force in my life. I work to better myself & humanity."
Harry RichardsonPotpisao: 02:01, 18/02/2018
Eddie MartinPotpisao: 20:43, 17/02/2018
Melissa GuccionePotpisao: 18:33, 16/02/2018
"Although, I can't wrap my head around these ideas completely, yet, I fell in love with them. My heart sings to be a part of educating myself and my community. And I look forward to how I will contribute. Because ACTION is exciting! Keep up the important work. Melissa Guccione"
Michael JohnsonPotpisao: 01:18, 16/02/2018
"I've signed previously. I'm so glad that the Free world charter is back. I received the email just now, and would love to reinvest my time and skills to the community. Thank you once again for reinvigorating my hope. Mike"
Richard SchultzPotpisao: 13:31, 15/02/2018
Richard SchultzPotpisao: 00:28, 15/02/2018
Margaret NyburgPotpisao: 21:53, 13/02/2018
Nicole JoyPotpisao: 05:56, 13/02/2018
Norman DomenechPotpisao: 18:25, 11/02/2018
"In order to comply with these ten principles, it is necessary to eliminate capitalism from Earth. How can it be done?"
Daniel GreenPotpisao: 09:11, 10/02/2018
Al RodriguezPotpisao: 21:34, 09/02/2018
Robbey WeasPotpisao: 01:17, 09/02/2018
Robert C JacksonPotpisao: 21:23, 08/02/2018
Ayla BolstadPotpisao: 20:10, 07/02/2018
Robert DobbinsPotpisao: 09:38, 07/02/2018
"All power to the people!"
Bilal Yasin El-AminPotpisao: 01:08, 07/02/2018
"The principles stated herein are very closely reasoned arguments that probably cannot be successfully disputed. "
Shannon RomanPotpisao: 00:16, 07/02/2018
"I am a single mom with lots of interests, and struggling to provide a free-learning environment for my kid with the demands of work and school for myself, and the ever-increasing cost of living. I am fluent in American Sign Language, currently working toward becoming an interpreter. I also work with young children up to the age of 3 that have physical or intellectual delays or disabilities, and use play-based approaches to help them reach their milestones. I am also an eco-friendly jewelry maker, and currently have my pieces displayed on my facebook page: http:facebook.com/ecochicjewelry . I love art that supports equality, advocacy, and raising awareness on issues that are important to me. I would love to connect with any artists that are looking for models for these types of projects! I've worked in over 15 different industries, and am a quick learner. I even worked as a raw food chef. I would be happy to trade services in any way possible, and see if this community can support full"
Sherlon SmithPotpisao: 22:49, 06/02/2018
Richard Facer Potpisao: 15:37, 06/02/2018

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