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Firmatari da Belgium
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Tim Peeters (Belgium) Firmato: 14:52, 28/05/2016
Raf Seymus (Belgium) Firmato: 04:17, 20/05/2016
Aurélie De Graef (Belgium) Firmato: 11:13, 12/05/2016
charis Schoovaerts (Belgium) Firmato: 08:24, 06/05/2016
Katia Van Avermaet (Belgium) Firmato: 13:11, 03/05/2016
"Ik wil heel graag deel uitmaken van zo'n wereld!"
britta hoeyberghs (Belgium) Firmato: 13:58, 27/04/2016
tony claessens (Belgium) Firmato: 19:02, 26/04/2016
"Earth is home <3"
Andre P. LeBlanc (Belgium) Firmato: 17:10, 25/04/2016
"Great initiative!! But remember: cooperation and communitisation... We must consolidate our efforts... So many good projects who... work independently from the others... Cheers!!"
kas arts (Belgium) Firmato: 11:49, 17/04/2016
Christel Decock (Belgium) Firmato: 01:27, 16/04/2016
"Love & Peace on planet earth"
Dominique Kenens (Belgium) Firmato: 11:04, 15/03/2016
"This needs to be coupled to Unconditional Basic Income!"
daniel de keyser (Belgium) Firmato: 18:08, 14/03/2016
Sofie Haesaerts (Belgium) Firmato: 16:09, 13/03/2016
Carlo Cuijpers (Belgium) Firmato: 10:50, 22/02/2016
Micael keppens (Belgium) Firmato: 19:58, 10/02/2016
Philippe cleenen (Belgium) Firmato: 00:44, 07/02/2016
Michael Sabbe Michael (Belgium) Firmato: 10:07, 05/02/2016
Ivan Van den Bosch (Belgium) Firmato: 12:03, 04/02/2016
claire meyer (Belgium) Firmato: 16:59, 25/01/2016
Didier bracke (Belgium) Firmato: 10:38, 25/01/2016
"Même si cela me paraît irréalisable J acquiesce totalement à cette façon d entrevoir un nouvel ordre"
Rémi Genon (Belgium) Firmato: 09:02, 25/01/2016
Sonja Michiels (Belgium) Firmato: 11:32, 18/01/2016
Thierry GRAFF (Belgium) Firmato: 12:58, 11/01/2016
Ilias Roose (Belgium) Firmato: 14:30, 22/12/2015
"The time has come for all people of this earth to take a good look at ourselves and our society as a whole and to re-evaluate what we want to be. We are recreating the fall of the Roman empire on a global scale and need to take decisive action if we wish to prevent the next 'dark age'. A Resource Based Economy is a viable alternative, but only if we can reach the critical mass of people needed to bring about the changes. So inform as many people as you can and bring them out from the darkness of ingorance and denial. Together we can change the world for the better."
damien caris (Belgium) Firmato: 14:36, 11/12/2015
"j'ai cette utopie en tête depuis gamin, pour moi ses logique, et je n'ai jamais compris cette société de sur consommation mais bon ... j'ai l'espoir, et baucoup d'amour a donner ^^"