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Firmatari da Belgium
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Thomas Baars (Belgium) Firmato: 22:58, 10/05/2015
Jonas Mallisse (Belgium) Firmato: 15:11, 07/05/2015
Tine Deceuninck (Belgium) Firmato: 06:27, 27/04/2015
Kathleen Van Geyt (Belgium) Firmato: 19:06, 26/04/2015
fulya akyazili (Belgium) Firmato: 18:41, 26/04/2015
Nicolas Zampiero (Belgium) Firmato: 06:19, 13/04/2015
"11 Our community consciously vow to never use violent means or behavior to solve temporary difficulties of understanding. "
ben zeveraar (Belgium) Firmato: 15:09, 29/03/2015
Mathieu Cassisi (Belgium) Firmato: 21:59, 26/03/2015
CE EM (Belgium) Firmato: 21:39, 24/03/2015
"Conscious Unselfihness, Honest Intention, Empathic Integrity applied in a anarchistic pragmatic, ecological responsable, ergonomic comfortable & natural harmonious world. Where Pure Freedom and Overwhelming Respect for Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Fauna & Flora are the highest prizes to win so garantee is offered for Man & Mankind, Human & Humanity to survive once People start to explore the universe (Cosmos). The Singularity in the infinity as the inevitable link of the Perfect Whole. Peace & Love for All my Brothers & Sisters in Our country World on the motherplanet Earth. :) "
Aidan Keenan (Belgium) Firmato: 22:55, 10/03/2015
Dette van Zeeland (Belgium) Firmato: 15:56, 24/02/2015
Kim Rottiers (Belgium) Firmato: 15:50, 24/02/2015
Melll Mel (Belgium) Firmato: 11:59, 21/02/2015
"J'ai hâte! Vous devriez peut être songer a vous associer au Venus Project de Mr Jacques Fresco.. Bonne chance à vous et pour le salut de l'humanité toute entière... J'en parlerai autour de moi toute ma vie s'il le faut..."
Linda Linda Camurato (Belgium) Firmato: 08:23, 12/02/2015
Malika Leys (Belgium) Firmato: 00:45, 07/02/2015
virginie lobet (Belgium) Firmato: 20:43, 03/02/2015
Robin Wouters (Belgium) Firmato: 01:05, 03/02/2015
Ramon Emmaneel (Belgium) Firmato: 22:55, 29/01/2015
Sarah Debaise (Belgium) Firmato: 14:19, 26/01/2015
linda Danneels (Belgium) Firmato: 13:16, 22/01/2015
Nancy Danneels (Belgium) Firmato: 14:38, 21/01/2015
Guy Baeten (Belgium) Firmato: 18:07, 20/01/2015
"Hi, I have a few questions How would this organization start to implement these principles? Are there locale branches of this organization in Belgium that I can get in touch with? Kind regards, Guy "
Krystyna Leonkiewicz (Belgium) Firmato: 09:05, 18/01/2015
Jasmijn Van Mele (Belgium) Firmato: 13:52, 29/12/2014
Marie Her (Belgium) Firmato: 14:26, 23/12/2014
"Ich stimme hierzu zu.Ich finde geld Sch****"