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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Nina Judin (Netherlands) Getekend: 13:38, 01/07/2016
David Steele (United Kingdom) Getekend: 13:36, 01/07/2016

"I'd like to know more about the proposed structure of this world society and how it will be organised and by whom."
Joel Patterson (United Kingdom) Getekend: 13:15, 01/07/2016

"I'm signing because I feel the charter is a constructive, progressive idea, and one that appeals to my soul and my spirituality as a being of Earth. I have hope, and I personally feel that I (and that we all idealistically) need to work NOW... Towards saving our species, and this Planet from the extinction of intelligent life (and all or any life). I will never give up on humanity. <3 "
Terry McKean (United States) Getekend: 12:24, 01/07/2016
Tracy Jacobs (United States) Getekend: 03:20, 01/07/2016

"Great idea!"
محرز الحاج عمار (Tunisia) Getekend: 00:04, 01/07/2016

"بنود رائعة لحماية الانسان و الطبعة الان و للأجيال القادة من اجل العيش بكرامة و سلام و مساوات "
Louise King (United Kingdom) Getekend: 20:34, 30/06/2016
Darren O'Neill (United Kingdom) Getekend: 20:20, 30/06/2016

"I wholeheartedly agree and have thought this way since I was able to think so far as I recall. I'm 42 years old, I believe money had a purpose but we have outgrown it and it is now restrictive and essentially causes many evils and ills. We could be so much more without it!!"
nastja potočnik (Slovenia) Getekend: 12:09, 30/06/2016

"I support the idea to try and change the current slavery to freedom life"
Justin Justin Drescher (Canada) Getekend: 02:44, 30/06/2016

"we are but one mind in multiple forms scattered across earths surface. we all share a common goal of surviving out our lifetimes and in the mean time provide each other with our hard worth through the creations we make daily. we humans are insignificant in the grand view of the universe but working together allows us the ability to travel into the unknown and to learn all we can about the lives we live and the reality of our existence. we are all family no matter what."
Tom Keith (United States) Getekend: 23:59, 29/06/2016

"We are overdue for this. If we don't act soon all will be lost !"
Margrit Lieske (Germany) Getekend: 23:42, 29/06/2016
leila haddadi (Algeria) Getekend: 19:43, 29/06/2016

"I truly wish we can make a real change"
Alex Mir (Spain) Getekend: 18:38, 29/06/2016
Renate Schips (Germany) Getekend: 13:31, 29/06/2016
Manuela Feneberg (Germany) Getekend: 07:36, 29/06/2016
Ivonne Gertloff (Germany) Getekend: 00:47, 29/06/2016
Jean Michel Michaelis (Germany) Getekend: 19:59, 28/06/2016
Don Wollny (Poland) Getekend: 19:35, 28/06/2016

""Back to Eden .. :) ""
Shanti Träumeline (Switzerland) Getekend: 19:33, 28/06/2016

"Bless up!!!"
Oliver Dohm (Germany) Getekend: 17:28, 28/06/2016

"Das wäre DIE Lösung, zusammen mit Freier Energie (Tesla- oder Keshe-Technologie) stehen uns die Tore zu den Sternen offen, um frei zu leben wo und wie wir wollen! Auf in eine goldene, geldlose und friedliche Zukunft! Liebe und Respekt!"
Susanne Tolle (Germany) Getekend: 17:10, 28/06/2016
Manuel Schmidt (Germany) Getekend: 16:59, 28/06/2016
Heike Tamm (Germany) Getekend: 16:44, 28/06/2016