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George Reynolds (Ireland) Getekend: 16:23, 22/06/2014
Maher Nader (Syrian Arab Republic) Getekend: 12:50, 22/06/2014
Bharath Ganesh (India) Getekend: 11:14, 22/06/2014
"Now ,that's an ideal world"
Bostjan Pecnik (Slovenia) Getekend: 11:11, 22/06/2014
Dejan Trofenik (Slovenia) Getekend: 10:32, 22/06/2014
Karim Eldomyati (Egypt) Getekend: 10:28, 22/06/2014
Julian Phillips (United Kingdom) Getekend: 09:06, 22/06/2014
kenneth johnson (United States) Getekend: 08:42, 22/06/2014
Dariusz Siadek (Poland) Getekend: 05:10, 22/06/2014
Simon Drew (Australia) Getekend: 04:23, 22/06/2014
Shizuku Fujita (Japan) Getekend: 03:27, 22/06/2014
"I am an adult abused as a child. I have longed to display what happened. It has been hard to survive. The rooms for parents to abuse children on the Earth should be helped disappear. As the very person, I want to express what happened, but I am in my last money to survive in this world. If anyone can provide me with a room for me to do this work of my dream for several months, please let me know. This is based on the Charter and also my Zeigeist Movement contribution. Respectfully, Shizuk "
家銘 張 (Taiwan) Getekend: 02:29, 22/06/2014
Benny Degezelle (Belgium) Getekend: 01:53, 22/06/2014
Adriano Papia (Belgium) Getekend: 01:30, 22/06/2014
"Il faut que le monde entier comprenne cette charte. "
Marko Šijanec (Slovenia) Getekend: 00:36, 22/06/2014
Julie Daniels (United Kingdom) Getekend: 00:07, 22/06/2014
"More than ever the 21 century needs a new mind set. More work engaging with people is needed to spread the idea that we don't have to live in this insane world that has been created for greed and control."
Michał Ogryczak (Poland) Getekend: 22:51, 21/06/2014
Roman Glas (Croatia) Getekend: 22:38, 21/06/2014
"Za sve-mir u svijetu, trebamo svi-jest."
layla ali (Saudi Arabia) Getekend: 22:18, 21/06/2014
Connie Smith (United States) Getekend: 21:34, 21/06/2014
"I have dreamed of this but have not expected it in my life time..... There should not be homeless and hungry where there is sooooo much waste........ "
robert osetek (Poland) Getekend: 20:19, 21/06/2014
mirko miljatovic (Serbia) Getekend: 19:41, 21/06/2014
Aleksandra Kabakova (Latvia) Getekend: 19:23, 21/06/2014
Ellinor Lennerman (Sweden) Getekend: 19:01, 21/06/2014
Muhammad Irfanur Rahman (Bangladesh) Getekend: 18:44, 21/06/2014