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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Marshall Masters (United States) Getekend: 22:14, 17/01/2015
"We, the bulk of humanity, are the chattels of a slave world controlled by a narcissistic few who see themselves as the only form of intelligent life upon this planet. However, their service-to-self paradigm is failing them along with all forms of life on Earth, but it is something other they fear. The story of humanity is like a great book of many chapters and as with all books, each chapter comes to an end. This chapter, which belongs to these self-serving slavers can never be taken from them. However, it is drawing towards a close, and the next chapter is not theirs by destiny. Only through trickery can they take it from us, and only if we fail to say “no.” By signing this charter, I now and forevermore say "no!""
Swen-Michael Müller (Germany) Getekend: 21:32, 17/01/2015
amalija grosar (Slovenia) Getekend: 19:52, 17/01/2015
Wilberto Claudio (Puerto Rico) Getekend: 19:40, 17/01/2015
"Anteriormente había comentado, pero se me olvidó marcar los encasillados."
SONIA PATRICIA FADEL (Argentina) Getekend: 19:27, 17/01/2015
Álifer Aparecido Montier Arackter (Brazil) Getekend: 19:24, 17/01/2015
"Todos sabem como esse mundo deveria ser, mais ainda assim ele não é como deveria. Há muito para alcançarmos e será um processo lento, porém é muito viável, o ser humano possui potencial para tornar real, "porém só se trabalharem todos juntos como um só"."
María Ayelén Horno (Argentina) Getekend: 18:55, 17/01/2015
"que asi sea"
Alejandro Figueroa (Chile) Getekend: 18:30, 17/01/2015
Vanessa Toth (Hungary) Getekend: 16:59, 17/01/2015
GUADALUPE Gonzalez Martinez (Spain) Getekend: 15:30, 17/01/2015
Diego Alejandro Pelaez Marin (Colombia) Getekend: 15:04, 17/01/2015
Jorge Luis Fimbres Castillo (Mexico) Getekend: 14:48, 17/01/2015
CONFEDERACION GALACTICA ARGENTINA (Argentina) Getekend: 14:41, 17/01/2015
"excelente. no es "utopia"....."
Jan Carter (New Zealand) Getekend: 13:29, 17/01/2015
"At last!"
Ian Law (Australia) Getekend: 11:46, 17/01/2015
"Let's kick some asss and win the game of life."
Mitchell Bloom (New Zealand) Getekend: 08:13, 17/01/2015
Zoe Jukes (United Kingdom) Getekend: 08:08, 17/01/2015
Caroline Orlik-Furler (Switzerland) Getekend: 07:29, 17/01/2015
Dr Tony Minervino, DC (New Zealand) Getekend: 07:00, 17/01/2015
"It's time to be FREE - IT'S TIME FOR EVERYBODY TO BE FREE!!! Love Ya, Tony Minervino"
Luis Esteban Sánchez Rodríguez (Mexico) Getekend: 04:52, 17/01/2015
Alessandro Mazzarelli (Germany) Getekend: 04:50, 17/01/2015
Delfin Marly (Mexico) Getekend: 04:48, 17/01/2015
amairani oliveros (Mexico) Getekend: 04:25, 17/01/2015
Iesha Selby (United States) Getekend: 03:48, 17/01/2015
"I hope this comes to pass in my life time."
freddy gomez rojas (Peru) Getekend: 03:32, 17/01/2015
"me ha gustado mucho ver el video y leer la carta, me parece que es una forma muy buena de unirnos por un mundo mejor."