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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Metus Berati (Germany) Getekend: 21:41, 27/01/2016
Elli Lamonato (Switzerland) Getekend: 21:39, 27/01/2016
Светослав Дялков (Bulgaria) Getekend: 21:17, 27/01/2016
"Много добра идея!"
Andreas Bechthold (Germany) Getekend: 20:58, 27/01/2016
Стефан Иванов (Bulgaria) Getekend: 20:49, 27/01/2016
Nadya Kirilova (Bulgaria) Getekend: 20:34, 27/01/2016
Detlef Müller (Germany) Getekend: 20:27, 27/01/2016
Tanja Petrović (Serbia) Getekend: 20:08, 27/01/2016
"Borim se za iste stvari. Samo napred!"
Matthias Werner (Germany) Getekend: 20:07, 27/01/2016
Nadine Berrier (Germany) Getekend: 20:04, 27/01/2016
ZORAN ZURZ (Serbia) Getekend: 20:00, 27/01/2016
Marion Holländer (Germany) Getekend: 19:49, 27/01/2016
Annemarie Bachler (Austria) Getekend: 19:15, 27/01/2016
"Diese 10 Punkte entsprechen meinen Lebensgrundsatz."
Kim Heiermeier (Germany) Getekend: 17:01, 27/01/2016
Anita Meeger (Germany) Getekend: 16:20, 27/01/2016
"Was ist mit meiner ganzen Familie?Den Schmetterling habe ich auch."
Amber Galliers (United Kingdom) Getekend: 15:32, 27/01/2016
Anna Galliers (United Kingdom) Getekend: 15:11, 27/01/2016
"It is heart warming to know that someone has the same ideals as myself. Until now I have only met with derision and ridicule when I have presented my ideas for a utopian future for humanity. I want to be actively involved in promoting and developing this idea and will welcome any correspondence regarding the Charter. I have some further ideas that may help to increase awareness and progress the ideas, however, it is more than possible that these have already been considered and are being worked on. Either way, I have no interest in credit, I just desperately want to see these ideas start to be adopted. The alternative seems to be akin to insanity. Thank you for reigniting my hope for the future."
Loren Mancini (United Kingdom) Getekend: 15:01, 27/01/2016
智和 塩田 (Japan) Getekend: 07:21, 27/01/2016
Monica Ramasamy (Switzerland) Getekend: 21:27, 26/01/2016
Amanda Alem Debrezion (Germany) Getekend: 20:11, 26/01/2016
Tilo Adler (Germany) Getekend: 19:29, 26/01/2016
stef santo (Switzerland) Getekend: 19:29, 26/01/2016
"une belle façon de reprendre nos vies comme il se doit !"
issa kourouma (Reunion) Getekend: 18:26, 26/01/2016
Johannes Leuth (Germany) Getekend: 14:21, 26/01/2016
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