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Jose Ortín (Spain) Getekend: 11:32, 07/09/2014
belabbas abdelali (Morocco) Getekend: 06:43, 07/09/2014
Thales monteiro leite XC (Brazil) Getekend: 05:40, 07/09/2014
Julia Horn (United States) Getekend: 03:28, 07/09/2014
Terry Terrian (Canada) Getekend: 23:30, 06/09/2014
Robert Garita (Costa Rica) Getekend: 22:00, 06/09/2014
sean king (Australia) Getekend: 21:54, 06/09/2014
"The only thing you haven't seemed to consider is if everything is free who is going to do the jobs no one wants to do. We have to step back from technology and step into human nature"
Stephanie Piddock (United States) Getekend: 20:55, 06/09/2014
Chiel van Meeuwen (Netherlands) Getekend: 20:17, 06/09/2014
Kathleen O'Rourke (United States) Getekend: 19:37, 06/09/2014
Robert Felix (United States) Getekend: 13:46, 06/09/2014
Olga Kokhanovskaya (United States) Getekend: 04:21, 06/09/2014
"READ http://www.ascentofhumanity.com I agree with all of it, FREE THE WORLD AND HUMAN MINDS!"
Jane Dale (United Kingdom) Getekend: 00:38, 06/09/2014
Andrew McGill (Australia) Getekend: 00:33, 06/09/2014
amavi princess (Ghana) Getekend: 23:35, 05/09/2014
"my only concern is that the West should take an example of Africas civilisation way before slavery colonialism and neocolonialism started. we used to use traditional medicine to cure our ancestors. yes africa is rich and that is why we are being abused by the western world. you come and force your doctrines on us holding a gun and a bible to our heads infecting us with ebola (yes, ebola was manufactured in an American laboratory- go to the laboratory like I did and learn about your own history America),killling innocent people the way you want. when will the white man start to understand that living is not about money. it is about what you do to all the souls - either you have blood on your hands or you don't there is no inbetween. "
Brian Leitch (Canada) Getekend: 22:50, 05/09/2014
Helen West (New Zealand) Getekend: 22:04, 05/09/2014
Alexander Slavschik (Belarus) Getekend: 21:49, 05/09/2014
naima buhiso (France) Getekend: 20:20, 05/09/2014
claude albert (France) Getekend: 20:01, 05/09/2014
"il manque des paragraphes stipulant que tout groupe politique ou autre , ne sont plus reconnus par le peuple pour etre leurs representants ,de demissionner de leur poste et supprimer les multinationales et le système bancaire"
Zara Talukdar (Bangladesh) Getekend: 20:00, 05/09/2014
Rob Constantine (United States) Getekend: 17:47, 05/09/2014
"The current Global Monetary System is the root of all problems and evils today. Fix it or better evolve beyond money by Awakening Humanity to the insanity of this debt-based, greed-based, antiquated system that enslaves us all and we will have collectively made the greatest quantum leap in Humanity's Awakening, liberation and sustaining life on Earth!!!"
Ingrid Maria Kirchsteiger (Austria) Getekend: 16:19, 05/09/2014
Kim Barreto (Korea, Republic of) Getekend: 15:31, 05/09/2014
Paul O'Riordan (Ireland) Getekend: 14:25, 05/09/2014