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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Amr AbdelFatah (Egypt) Getekend: 20:00, 29/06/2014
Chris Griffiths (United Kingdom) Getekend: 19:59, 29/06/2014
"In principle this is wonderful....the only question I have is....if no-one had to work because everything is free...who would deliver babies?....who would be our Doctors, nurses, surgeons...who would be cleaners, firemen, policemen, teachers....who would be care assistants, truckers, food processors etc etc etc...."
kieran kearns (Ireland) Getekend: 19:56, 29/06/2014
Ashley buckles (United States) Getekend: 18:21, 29/06/2014
sean slattery (United Kingdom) Getekend: 16:35, 29/06/2014
Tania Apostolova (Bulgaria) Getekend: 16:26, 29/06/2014
Guy Giguere (Canada) Getekend: 15:50, 29/06/2014
"Sharing with friends and colleagues "
Khadeeja Motiwala (Pakistan) Getekend: 15:28, 29/06/2014
John McConway (Ireland) Getekend: 14:02, 29/06/2014
"The idea of Government must disappear. We do not need so called "leaders" or to follow a hierarchical structure. We are not ants. What we need are teachers or instructors who will pass on the knowledge that we can actually use i.e. agriculture, technology. Then we will become the teachers or instructors who in turn will pass on that knowledge to the next generation."
Ewout Oord (Netherlands) Getekend: 12:31, 29/06/2014
Adela Kac (Australia) Getekend: 12:21, 29/06/2014
Freddie Whyman (United Kingdom) Getekend: 11:19, 29/06/2014
"Great idea to create a peaceful and joyful world"
Giancarlo Giusteschi (Italy) Getekend: 11:05, 29/06/2014
"i agree Giancarlo Giusteschi"
CHRISTOPHER HARCOAN (Australia) Getekend: 10:58, 29/06/2014
Metka Schmidt (Slovenia) Getekend: 10:39, 29/06/2014
christian lindahl (Sweden) Getekend: 10:23, 29/06/2014
Brandon Elswick (United States) Getekend: 10:21, 29/06/2014
"I vow to be the best United Federation of Planets member there is! I want to work on making my life better, so that I can improve life for others, no mater what planet they are from, their race, their creed, their moto... I love life.. "
Fintan Wallis (Australia) Getekend: 09:44, 29/06/2014
Rolf Krahnert (Australia) Getekend: 09:15, 29/06/2014
Lewis Kelly (Australia) Getekend: 06:34, 29/06/2014
Steven Csenteri (United States) Getekend: 06:31, 29/06/2014
Chloe Finn (China) Getekend: 02:40, 29/06/2014
Kristine Meiser (United States) Getekend: 01:35, 29/06/2014
Aurelie Morcrette (France) Getekend: 00:21, 29/06/2014
George Kemmerling (United States) Getekend: 23:57, 28/06/2014