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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Amrita Ayurveda (Spain) Getekend: 07:20, 14/03/2017

"We welcome you for who you are "
Macklin Mccall (Canada) Getekend: 04:35, 14/03/2017
Annette Chiddister (United States) Getekend: 03:20, 14/03/2017

"Not domesticated."
Naomi Roussety (Australia) Getekend: 13:07, 13/03/2017
issei sawada (United Kingdom) Getekend: 09:16, 13/03/2017

"If we can envision it, we can achieve it. Cutting the middleman had always been the business acumen and doing away with money will be for the greater good of all and not just for the few. Brilliant idea! This will take mankind to new heights of consciousness. No more falsified authenticity behind pretenses but real authenticity at its core values based on real care."
Felipe Fonseca (Brazil) Getekend: 05:47, 13/03/2017

"RBE. "
Shreyansh Dixit (India) Getekend: 05:23, 13/03/2017

Leah Barnett (Australia) Getekend: 02:13, 13/03/2017

"Come on people of the world. We as the people are the power. We are the mojority. Witout us money is useless. We are the builders and backbone to all development on earth. Come together. Say no. Start enforcing your human rights. Dont be fooled by the false hope images of wat money can buy. We don't to buy it. We make it. Evolution of man is got to happen. Stop fueling the groth of the corperations and start the growth of the people. This system is outdated and un helful to any of us little guys. Bring equality my brothers and sisters. "
Larry O'Brien (New Zealand) Getekend: 23:17, 12/03/2017

"Ready to help anyway I can "
Ryan Hibbs (Canada) Getekend: 21:00, 12/03/2017

"Create abundance."
Khotso Khoabane (South Africa) Getekend: 20:38, 12/03/2017

"Resource Based Economy is the Future... Ps. #WeAreInTheFuture #RBENow "
Rolf Friis (United States) Getekend: 20:34, 12/03/2017
Yildiz mustu (Germany) Getekend: 20:18, 12/03/2017

"Dann würden wir Menschen mit dem Leben das machen für das was es vorgesehen hat👍🏽"
Ashara Love (Canada) Getekend: 19:56, 12/03/2017

"Thank you for holding space for the inevitable shift!"
Cathi Smith (United States) Getekend: 14:52, 12/03/2017
Rose Hudson (United States) Getekend: 14:47, 12/03/2017
dave kiss (United States) Getekend: 13:14, 12/03/2017

"Yes we need change now"
Dylan Raines (United States) Getekend: 00:56, 12/03/2017
Vito Bitonto (Canada) Getekend: 18:37, 11/03/2017

"Let's replace our corrupt systems with better systems and benefit everyone, let us reclaim the fruits of our productivity let us share our prosperity."
Laura Pellacani (Canada) Getekend: 04:45, 10/03/2017
Ben Angel (Sweden) Getekend: 04:06, 10/03/2017

"Love, peace and success "
victorjasin Jasin (Canada) Getekend: 04:03, 10/03/2017

"Harmony, Health and Happiness to one and all through living, loving in the light."
Mark Hutchinson (Canada) Getekend: 02:05, 10/03/2017
Leif Holt (United States) Getekend: 01:39, 10/03/2017
Ranald Hooper (Canada) Getekend: 00:46, 10/03/2017

"I would like to train troubled youth in the realities of life."