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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
vania franceschini (Italy) Getekend: 15:12, 10/07/2015
Philippe Lavigne (France) Getekend: 13:14, 10/07/2015
"Le temps est arriVé !"
Tore-Jan Henden (Norway) Getekend: 13:07, 10/07/2015
"I didn't read the finer print but there should be a clause on birth control according to demographics included in order to limit the size of cities vs rural land available for growing food. I believe population control would also limit famines and diseases as well as sexually transmitted ones. A vegan lifestyle should be the goal if at all possible in order to co-exist in harmony with the livestock and sea-creatures."
Pia Soave (France) Getekend: 11:57, 10/07/2015
"Pour l'avenir des hommes et de la terre ces dix principes c'est un minimum pour que le respect, la conscience et le partage s'installe"
sabine haslinger (Austria) Getekend: 09:30, 10/07/2015
Pascal DROUGLAZET (France) Getekend: 08:33, 10/07/2015
Hanh NGUYEN (France) Getekend: 08:19, 10/07/2015
Megan Ireland (Canada) Getekend: 02:21, 10/07/2015
"Hello Friends, I have never given up hope that this may be actualized. I am a metaphysician and have relied on soul during my time on earth; I have begun everyday here with the attitude to share happiness, (but not annoyingly:) *While building this non monetary system in my head the major problem I foresaw was how do people get unique things they want, such as clothes, dishes and art if they have nothing to trade? This is my answer; If I am in school or at work, the time I put in goes into an account. This "time" can be subtracted from the account when receiving an item. Yes I understand it is like money, but because everyone has been raised doing something they LOVE, the whole perception would be different. If all of society does what they love, they will be happy to make what they love and give it away to the people who have contributed to that society.* I would leave NOW and join ANYONE to promote this and take the steps to seeing this through! ASK ME and I will! This is the onlyway"
gillian gifford (Australia) Getekend: 00:18, 10/07/2015
Mica DAVIS (United States) Getekend: 20:48, 09/07/2015
Yvonne Seebald (Switzerland) Getekend: 19:14, 09/07/2015
Marc Rufer (Switzerland) Getekend: 19:08, 09/07/2015
"Gute Sache ... ;)"
ARmelle THERIEZ (France) Getekend: 19:08, 09/07/2015
Charlotte Cumberbirch (Spain) Getekend: 19:03, 09/07/2015
schulze ben (Germany) Getekend: 16:41, 09/07/2015
Alessio Sanna (Italy) Getekend: 15:40, 09/07/2015
"Sembra di leggere i veri 10 comandamenti scaturiti dal buon senso ed empatia universali :)"
Margot de Weijs (Netherlands) Getekend: 10:36, 09/07/2015
Margit Thurner (Austria) Getekend: 06:32, 09/07/2015
"Der Mensch muss erkennen, dass er selbst der Wert ist und zum Wohle aller mit seinen Fähigkeiten beitragen kann. So kann sich jeder in seinem Vielfalt und Einzigartigkeit entwickeln. EinLeben in Einklang mit sich und der Natur. Das ist bestimmt für jeden Einzelnen erstrebenswert."
Eva Toth Pal (Canada) Getekend: 04:26, 09/07/2015
Adrian Byrne (Australia) Getekend: 04:16, 09/07/2015
Andre Mindreau (Peru) Getekend: 00:22, 09/07/2015
Mark Dopson (United States) Getekend: 00:22, 09/07/2015
Kyser Sauzet (France) Getekend: 23:14, 08/07/2015
"Je n ai plus besoin de ma banque. J ai fermé mon compte bancaire, plus d aggio, plus de frais bancaire, plus de decouvert, je me sens mieux. Je me deplace uniquement en velo, pas de pollution, pas de carte grise, pas de controle technique, pas d assurance, pas de revision, pas d entretien, pas d essence, je me sens mieux. "
tyler chorlton (Andorra) Getekend: 20:06, 08/07/2015
Marcin Kurzawa (Portugal) Getekend: 17:55, 08/07/2015
"Czuje się zniewolony, pora to zmienić i ułożyć życie tak jak powinno wyglądać ."
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