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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Alessandro Ciccarelli (Germany) Getekend: 23:45, 10/11/2016
Mistyorila Mistyorila (Denmark) Getekend: 22:19, 10/11/2016

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Tuula Saarela (Finland) Getekend: 17:54, 10/11/2016
Maureen Collins (Canada) Getekend: 15:55, 10/11/2016
Miranda Nys (Belgium) Getekend: 13:03, 10/11/2016

"The solution for world Peace ❤😘✌ YES! ❤"
三井 健市 (Japan) Getekend: 09:00, 10/11/2016
Beverley Peel (Ireland) Getekend: 08:27, 10/11/2016
Rudy Palmboom (South Africa) Getekend: 06:48, 10/11/2016

"Thank you. "
Stella Ukhanna (Australia) Getekend: 19:39, 09/11/2016
BARBARA ROBINSON (United Kingdom) Getekend: 13:37, 09/11/2016
良明 柳岡 (Japan) Getekend: 12:33, 09/11/2016
Sandra Persson (Sweden) Getekend: 08:42, 09/11/2016
Vesna Mirović (Netherlands) Getekend: 20:11, 08/11/2016
山縣 久高 (Japan) Getekend: 12:29, 08/11/2016
細田 麻央 (Japan) Getekend: 12:08, 08/11/2016

"いまやモンスターと化してしまった、お金というもののない世界の到来を望みます。 すべての動物、植物、そして人間が、家畜であることから、解放されますように。"
Janja Mitrović (Slovenia) Getekend: 11:20, 08/11/2016
shail upadhyaya (Japan) Getekend: 09:48, 08/11/2016
Henry Jefferson Abunda (Philippines) Getekend: 04:59, 08/11/2016
Aaron Greenspan (United States) Getekend: 19:08, 07/11/2016

"I have been advocating for, speaking about and actively searching for exactly this organization. Thank you so much for your effort to compile the information, gather willing participants and begin this most noble task of transitioning to a free world! Love you all!!!"
סיגלית ברמן (Israel) Getekend: 12:38, 07/11/2016
Pavlína Hroníčková (Czech Republic) Getekend: 11:35, 07/11/2016
Daniel Segarra (United States) Getekend: 04:03, 07/11/2016

"We are not the owners of this world. Humans are temporary residents who will flourish if we develop a symbiotic relationship with the only home We have ever known. Simply put we need to be more mature than we were in kindergarten and stop making a mess of our home with our toys. Happiness cannot be achieved through collecting stuff."
shay cantini (Israel) Getekend: 20:21, 06/11/2016

"Let us be free!!!!!"
ים לביץ (Israel) Getekend: 20:10, 06/11/2016