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Debbie Suffolk (South Africa) Getekend: 14:58, 11/07/2016
Tzviel Rozenblum (Israel) Getekend: 14:21, 11/07/2016

"Hello, my name Tzviel, I am 20 years old from Israel, more than half a year bothers me about the money controlling us and the world and I really want to do something with it, I got to YouTube search something related to the world without money, and I saw your video, very connected and loved, is there way suggesting that you think you can do something with it, it does not give me rest and I keep thinking about it, please help me to help everyone."
andreas oelsner (Germany) Getekend: 13:41, 11/07/2016
Robert Koelbel (Germany) Getekend: 13:11, 11/07/2016
Anja Plesiutschnig (Austria) Getekend: 12:38, 11/07/2016
Benjamin Smith (Australia) Getekend: 08:13, 11/07/2016
Torres Orlando (Mexico) Getekend: 04:25, 11/07/2016
Cornelis van Gaalen (Netherlands) Getekend: 01:05, 11/07/2016
Grytsje Kramer (Netherlands) Getekend: 00:11, 11/07/2016
Fernando Carbonel (Peru) Getekend: 23:15, 10/07/2016
Leonardo Mariano (Argentina) Getekend: 22:05, 10/07/2016

"Predispuesto para este cambio ya! "
Lynn Holland (United States) Getekend: 19:46, 10/07/2016
Manuela Familienname : Guerlich (Germany) Getekend: 17:15, 10/07/2016
Carol Anne Peacock (United States) Getekend: 15:54, 10/07/2016
Hasan Emre Kucuk (Turkey) Getekend: 13:49, 10/07/2016
Christoph Berg (Germany) Getekend: 11:11, 10/07/2016
Salih Aydin (United Arab Emirates) Getekend: 10:56, 10/07/2016
David Smith (Finland) Getekend: 21:14, 09/07/2016
Rainer Kranz (Germany) Getekend: 20:50, 09/07/2016
Katherin Miranda mora (Costa Rica) Getekend: 18:11, 09/07/2016

"Firmen la carta del mundo libre "
Nicola Tidu (United Kingdom) Getekend: 17:27, 09/07/2016
Stefan Dr.Spaarmann (Germany) Getekend: 15:40, 09/07/2016

"wieviel mehr sind wir, die das wollen"
MICHELE PETITTO (Italy) Getekend: 13:33, 09/07/2016
Piotr Fiuk (Poland) Getekend: 13:20, 09/07/2016
Luc Champagne (Canada) Getekend: 13:13, 09/07/2016

"I hate money, always hated money and will always hate money. I have been a house painter now for over 30 years and have always dreamed of a day where I could do what I love doing for free. In exchange I could get groceries for free, a roof over my head at no cost and travel around the world worry free. This would truly be heavenly. As a Christian I believe it is possible. The Lord himself left us a prayer and in this prayer he told us to pray for God's will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven. And his will is that we all love one another. So for me to believe that this is impossible would mean I have no faith. Luc"