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Carol Hargett (United States) Getekend: 00:34, 24/03/2016
Helio Silva (Portugal) Getekend: 21:54, 23/03/2016
Robin Coulon (United States) Getekend: 21:13, 23/03/2016
"It is time to wake up and co-create a world of abundance, love, and community among all men and women everywhere"
Akram mohamed (Israel) Getekend: 20:55, 23/03/2016
J Lynn Haslag (United States) Getekend: 19:45, 23/03/2016
Stefan Berz (Germany) Getekend: 19:25, 23/03/2016
"Freie Energie, Volle Enthüllungen der geheimen Weltraumprogramme und deren Technologie und Medizin."
Ruth Fourie (South Africa) Getekend: 18:37, 23/03/2016
Bernhard Oberrauch (Italy) Getekend: 17:10, 23/03/2016
Kim Leasure (United States) Getekend: 17:05, 23/03/2016
"Bring it on!"
Barbara Schiess (Switzerland) Getekend: 15:18, 23/03/2016
Elaine Charles (United Kingdom) Getekend: 14:42, 23/03/2016
"Stop the greed and corruption, stop destroying our planet, which please the greedy coporations. Stop breeding fear in your endeavour to gain control and power. Stop illegally invading countries and murdering innocent men,women and children. Stop feeding the greedy corrupted bankers and selling and purchasing weapons which make the warmongers richer. Stop killing the masses using evil weapons like harp/cern, spraying poisons in the air and on the food we eat."
JOHN REAGAN (United States) Getekend: 14:29, 23/03/2016
Steffen Seidel (Germany) Getekend: 14:27, 23/03/2016
Charleen Gordey (Canada) Getekend: 14:21, 23/03/2016
Michael Motta (United States) Getekend: 14:08, 23/03/2016
Ana Cristina de Vasconcelos Calais (Portugal) Getekend: 13:16, 23/03/2016
Jeremiah Davis (United States) Getekend: 11:54, 23/03/2016
Raquel Cuadrado (United States) Getekend: 10:00, 23/03/2016
"I as an Animal Lover, can be a great Asset to Anyone who needs a farm hand! I Love and Honor Animals, and they Respond Well to me! I am Vegan. I am Also a Master Wire Bending, and this skill may come in handy in any form needed, or I am also a great teacher in the art of jewelry making. I hope to be a Great Asset in the Free World if we Can Achieve This!!! Share, Share, Share! Peace, Love, Light and Harmony for Everyone!"
Marilyn Crucet (United States) Getekend: 09:49, 23/03/2016
Clifford Cliff (United States) Getekend: 05:29, 23/03/2016
"Take government out of the equation & doing things ourselves is the only way we will survive. Its obvious the controllers want it all, including us or our deaths."
Diana Guinard Nonof Yourbusness (United States) Getekend: 05:29, 23/03/2016
Lorna Richard (Canada) Getekend: 05:10, 23/03/2016
"I HAVE A DREAM! In this dream I live in a world without opposites. I live in a world in which all are living from the language of the Heart, the language of true LOVE and not the idea of love. I live in a world in which an individual no longer makes decisions from the fear of not being enough. I live in a world in which an individual no longer makes decisions from the fear of not having enough. A world that understands it is Source and is expressing The One Source and that Source is LOVE! In this world the heart opens to flow the love of its own Source. Living from this Source of Love gives way to a life free of suffering. In this even compassion dissolves for All are living from the truth of their true nature and seeing with the eyes of Divine Love. The body transforms and becomes the expression of IT’S DIVINITY! I DREAMED IT, SO IT ALREADY EXISTS. ALL I NEED DO NOW IS TO Hold This Vibration ALIGNING MY PHYSICAL EXPRESSION WITH IT. "
Vera Bartolo (Australia) Getekend: 05:01, 23/03/2016
Kyle Bickler (United States) Getekend: 04:56, 23/03/2016
"Thank you"
Sandy Wikum (United States) Getekend: 04:48, 23/03/2016
"There is enough for all ! "