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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Indi Hondema (Netherlands) Getekend: 10:18, 28/06/2015
"How can we actively participate and enforce the Manifest, as we have broad networks in the Netherlands? Welcome to contact us: indi@hartverwarmendwijs.nl Regards!"
Henk Gunneman (Netherlands) Getekend: 08:51, 28/06/2015
GONZALO MARAMBIO GARCIA (Chile) Getekend: 05:11, 28/06/2015
Russell Conant (United States) Getekend: 00:14, 28/06/2015
"What are you doing?? You can't give up make a new video why is this the first I'm hearing of this?! It will is and has worked you can't fail!"
Bruno Peters (Germany) Getekend: 20:54, 27/06/2015
Eva-Maria Zettl (Germany) Getekend: 20:28, 27/06/2015
Thomas Gass (Switzerland) Getekend: 19:55, 27/06/2015
Bhavana Chawla (United States) Getekend: 19:32, 27/06/2015
Sandra VanRyckeghem (United States) Getekend: 18:49, 27/06/2015
"If humanity does not awaken to a sustainable way of life we are going to destroy ourselves. We must iether do away with money or find a way to in the least make it completely transparent so that it cannot be hoareded. If we can get this charter to third world countries and get all the poor people of the world to sign the vast majority will rule. God speed!"
Erik Staflin (Sweden) Getekend: 17:13, 27/06/2015
Alex de Brouwer (Netherlands) Getekend: 17:12, 27/06/2015
Lourdes Kestel (United States) Getekend: 17:01, 27/06/2015
Peter Robotta (Germany) Getekend: 15:34, 27/06/2015
Andrew Webb (United Kingdom) Getekend: 14:14, 27/06/2015
gaetano messina (Italy) Getekend: 13:36, 27/06/2015
Nancy Katz (Germany) Getekend: 13:30, 27/06/2015
David Eldad (Israel) Getekend: 13:05, 27/06/2015
"it's OK"
Michael Semrau (Germany) Getekend: 11:54, 27/06/2015
Ramona Kwestro (Netherlands) Getekend: 11:08, 27/06/2015
Rob Rus (United States) Getekend: 08:35, 27/06/2015
"Let's go for the gold ! "
luca monterisi (Italy) Getekend: 08:04, 27/06/2015
"I was thinking about this for so many years, we really should go through with this as fast as possible for the sake of all the earthlings."
Joti Kohli (Malaysia) Getekend: 07:28, 27/06/2015
zoe booth (United Kingdom) Getekend: 00:03, 27/06/2015
Hamish Graham (Australia) Getekend: 23:28, 26/06/2015
"It's high time the voice of reason triumphed over all."
Rainer Seifert (Germany) Getekend: 22:26, 26/06/2015
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