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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Henry Jefferson Abunda (Philippines) Getekend: 04:59, 08/11/2016
Aaron Greenspan (United States) Getekend: 19:08, 07/11/2016

"I have been advocating for, speaking about and actively searching for exactly this organization. Thank you so much for your effort to compile the information, gather willing participants and begin this most noble task of transitioning to a free world! Love you all!!!"
סיגלית ברמן (Israel) Getekend: 12:38, 07/11/2016
Pavlína Hroníčková (Czech Republic) Getekend: 11:35, 07/11/2016
שקד רבינוביץ (Israel) Getekend: 05:59, 07/11/2016
Daniel Segarra (United States) Getekend: 04:03, 07/11/2016

"We are not the owners of this world. Humans are temporary residents who will flourish if we develop a symbiotic relationship with the only home We have ever known. Simply put we need to be more mature than we were in kindergarten and stop making a mess of our home with our toys. Happiness cannot be achieved through collecting stuff."
shay cantini (Israel) Getekend: 20:21, 06/11/2016

"Let us be free!!!!!"
ים לביץ (Israel) Getekend: 20:10, 06/11/2016
Tony Beldin (United States) Getekend: 15:18, 06/11/2016

"Additionally, I contend that we are all essentially just "Ghosts in meat suits cruising through the universe at about 22,000 mph". There is definitely a need for a polar shift to our current societal structure. Unfortunately, history shows that "revolution" precedes change and that typically means violence and bloodshed."
Sandrine pillon (France) Getekend: 08:24, 06/11/2016
טל רוזנבלט (Israel) Getekend: 21:18, 05/11/2016
Anna Caudron (United States) Getekend: 19:03, 05/11/2016

"I have been desperate to figure out a way to break free from this money-based lifestyle I was born into. I had a mid-life epiphany and realized after raising a family and working in the current system how very unhappy and unfulfilling my life was with regards to how I spent the majority of my time toiling for someone else to make money to give someone else in order to maintain my unhappy lifestyle. Almost everything I do is unnatural and for the purpose of obtaining more money. Very little of my time is even available for relationships, nature or improving my own well-being, etc. I do not subscribe to this way of life and am hopeful to find like-minded folks to join and rally on a new life journey without monetary value but real life value. Thank you!"
סיגל פרוזנסקי צור (Israel) Getekend: 12:29, 05/11/2016
Juliette Zahavian (Australia) Getekend: 10:12, 05/11/2016
Ilya sogolov (Germany) Getekend: 09:31, 05/11/2016
Yossi Gelbart (Israel) Getekend: 08:53, 05/11/2016
maya brilliant (Israel) Getekend: 07:52, 05/11/2016

"very geberal but sure ill sign"
Moria Lahis (Israel) Getekend: 07:09, 05/11/2016
דרור ונציה (Israel) Getekend: 05:59, 05/11/2016
מירב זמורה (Israel) Getekend: 05:28, 05/11/2016
חיים וינקור (Israel) Getekend: 23:09, 04/11/2016
LaTisha Dehart (United States) Getekend: 21:37, 04/11/2016
לילך אליהו אדרי (Israel) Getekend: 17:48, 04/11/2016
Mateo Astaiza (Colombia) Getekend: 15:00, 04/11/2016
Liora Onn (Israel) Getekend: 08:51, 04/11/2016

"הכל מאוד כללי אמנם. אבל אם נרצה אין זו אגדה. גם אני חולמת על עולם טוב ואדיב שמכבד, מעריך ואוהב את החיים"