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"We moeten onszelf bevrijden van onze denkbeeldige limieten."

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Jean HacheyGetekend: 21:44, 09/04/2017
Joseph Gabriel Thomas SalagraeGetekend: 20:43, 09/04/2017
"We will rise or fall together, mediocrity is all we will accomplished alone"
Deborah Rudnicki Getekend: 20:42, 09/04/2017
Robert WilliamsGetekend: 20:23, 09/04/2017
Holly GomezGetekend: 20:10, 09/04/2017
Leslee Mack Getekend: 18:29, 09/04/2017
"I've often wondered why we are the only living species that has to pay to live... This Charter is a fantastic idea! "
Linda Witt-KingGetekend: 18:25, 09/04/2017
Rita FeenstraGetekend: 17:17, 09/04/2017
"...stay calm and disobey"
Aaron SGetekend: 17:16, 09/04/2017
"This is the kind of world I've always envisioned. Anything else is almost certainly going to have immoral implications. It becomes even more feasible with every technological advancement we make. "
Pedro Alexandre Dos Santos FilhoGetekend: 16:30, 09/04/2017
"gostaria de saber se mundo em que vocês almejam seria um mundo mais vegano. "
Nirav PatelGetekend: 10:07, 09/04/2017
Carlos Gabriel Hasbun ComandariGetekend: 06:35, 09/04/2017
""Your playing small does no serve the world, there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you." "
Verónica Padilla ArredondoGetekend: 19:15, 07/04/2017
"I am a middle age woman with a hope for a better future and ready to help anyhow "
Emy ClaessensGetekend: 19:05, 07/04/2017
Berna CalabiaGetekend: 16:43, 07/04/2017
"i think this sistem going to change, there is not another way.. we dont going to see it, but we have to start to think and tolk about it"
Jennifer JarkowGetekend: 14:41, 07/04/2017
"Overflowing with Appreciation and Amazement, I feel deeply. Love deeply. Live fully. Beyond what I thought was possible, beyond what I expect, my life is delightfully filled with magical surprises! Jenni"
Shahab MoradiGetekend: 13:55, 07/04/2017
Gunter BohlesGetekend: 11:53, 07/04/2017
"I like: good conversation (a cup of tea is a tasty lubricant), sharing my knowledge and skills by helping, teaching, coaching."
Kelly FitzpatrickGetekend: 11:37, 07/04/2017
"I believe you can only live in the NOW."
NIKOS KONSTANTOPOULOSGetekend: 11:01, 07/04/2017
" no matter how bad things get music will stil be wonderful unknown "
fabrizio bressanGetekend: 01:09, 07/04/2017
"truth lays in the middle"
Anette BernkloGetekend: 22:30, 06/04/2017
andreas bendoraitisGetekend: 19:07, 06/04/2017
cihan yilmazGetekend: 17:09, 06/04/2017
Dustin DutkaGetekend: 07:06, 06/04/2017
Michal GluszczakGetekend: 03:48, 06/04/2017
"Enthusiast of very advanced longevity, intentional communities, pro-vegan lifestyle, healthy outdoor activities, living surrounded by nature, alternative building natural vegetable cultivation, freedom from religion and cults, psychology, electronic automation, renewable energy."
sahereh wahbiGetekend: 22:56, 05/04/2017
Mark PrestonGetekend: 18:15, 05/04/2017
Palle BollGetekend: 11:11, 05/04/2017
"The time is Now."
Deyanira Mendoza Getekend: 01:38, 04/04/2017
"What the world need is love and compassion!!"
paul wardGetekend: 01:12, 04/04/2017
"We are here to make change and rebuild this planet. "
Leif RileyGetekend: 22:21, 03/04/2017
"A follower of Jacques fresco the zeitgeist movement and the Venus project. Once society falls apart and the people are mass incarcerated and the people fight back maybe then we can see this visionthrough. It needs to be more widespread and on the tips of everyone's younger so when we are ready for change we know what direction to move to."
Kristina MarchettoGetekend: 22:06, 03/04/2017
trowa daryonGetekend: 14:11, 03/04/2017
Zoe VerbaantGetekend: 01:16, 03/04/2017
"We reached a time of big changes! Its time we learn from our pasts, use those lessons and leave a flawing system behind instead of sticking with it until it drags us down with its fall, and let history repeat. Scary? Yep.. but more awareness is less fear, embrace trial and error/success as the best way to learn and while we slowly develope as this new global community we'll start comprehending and it will all make sense, not just in your thoughts but in you.. Lets leave this toxic way of life and step into a better world for every body and every being!"
Siddharth SiddharthGetekend: 22:07, 02/04/2017
Walter GavrisGetekend: 21:53, 02/04/2017
Dave HallGetekend: 20:40, 02/04/2017
"I am English!...my German is poor!I can teach Rock / Pop guitar...I can draw and paint pretty good!(i am great at portraits, doggies etc.!)...you can find me easily on facebook too..just type dave hall then Münster. If you want some artwork please contact me...i have a baby website http://davehallgermany.wixsite.com/artwork Would be interested in a tandem kind of partner for learning German..i would help you with English..and i could help with English proof-reading. "
Aidanz O'BrienGetekend: 14:31, 02/04/2017
Cheri ScottGetekend: 10:23, 02/04/2017
Mason NewellGetekend: 21:12, 01/04/2017
"I am a free thinking individual who wants to help others and make the world a nicer place."
Mason NewellGetekend: 21:00, 01/04/2017
April BeckGetekend: 02:42, 01/04/2017
"I hope I'm around to see what I've been waiting for, for years! 😊"
Christina stainton Getekend: 19:54, 31/03/2017
"Hi I'm Christina "
Oliver FreemanGetekend: 16:17, 31/03/2017
Thomas MondellGetekend: 13:07, 31/03/2017
"I believe the world as it is today is basically corrupt. I also believe humanity has allowed this to occur. Our present financial system is a reflection of this corruption. It needs to change. It needs restarted as do all the other institutions man has created down through the ages. Man's intellect is imperfect, therefore, everything man creates has a shelf-life. It is time to evolve our entire way of living before we totally destroy this beautiful creation. We have allowed what has happened, so now we must allow it to change. Money is a man made concept. Value and appreciation, on the other hand, are what we can offer our fellow man. Everything we create in this world can still be done without the concept of money. It is not needed. Houses can continue to be built, computers can continue to be developed, minerals can still be mined, doctors can still help heal, teachers can still teach, etc. Money is not a factor but appreciation is. It does not cost anything to breathe yet you could "
Lisa PlutoniGetekend: 12:33, 31/03/2017
"Sharing my journey to a healthy mind, body and spirit..."
Luke ByrneGetekend: 00:29, 31/03/2017
Ana Paula Gonçalves AnaGetekend: 15:27, 30/03/2017
Gerda Vasiliauskiene Getekend: 08:56, 30/03/2017

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