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Ondertekeningen uit Italy
Weergeven 2162 handtekeningen uit Italy  [Laat alle landen zien]
(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
Domenico Ceparano (Italy) Getekend: 10:07, 24/08/2016

"Condivido il vostro progetto ....spero di poter essere una risorsa x la comunità.."
Luca Moricca (Italy) Getekend: 10:39, 23/08/2016
Francesco Sanna (Italy) Getekend: 23:33, 11/08/2016

"Brevi con così e chiari i concetti espressi in buona parte nel D.U.D.U."
maria luisa falcone (Italy) Getekend: 10:14, 11/08/2016

"concordo su tutto"
simona vizzinisi (Italy) Getekend: 18:02, 10/08/2016
Pietro Nistri (Italy) Getekend: 18:22, 29/07/2016
maurizio polito (Italy) Getekend: 11:01, 25/07/2016

"magari un mondo cosi"
Serena Russo (Italy) Getekend: 01:25, 24/07/2016

"I want this world to change, I don't feel free. I'm desperately looking for a change and I hope signing this Charter is going to bring the world where it should be."
salvatore d'antoni (Italy) Getekend: 09:52, 13/07/2016
Emanuele Occhipinti (Italy) Getekend: 09:27, 13/07/2016
lorenzo ciarcia (Italy) Getekend: 23:54, 11/07/2016
MICHELE PETITTO (Italy) Getekend: 13:33, 09/07/2016
michele bellavista (Italy) Getekend: 11:23, 08/07/2016
Salvatore Caccamo (Italy) Getekend: 10:34, 08/07/2016
SEBASTIANO SALAFIA (Italy) Getekend: 08:06, 08/07/2016
Valentina Ghidoni (Italy) Getekend: 23:57, 07/07/2016

"Niente è impossibile, basta volerlo!"
Eugenio crispo (Italy) Getekend: 19:01, 07/07/2016
Giuseppina Crescimanno (Italy) Getekend: 18:57, 07/07/2016
salvina favara (Italy) Getekend: 18:41, 07/07/2016
Betty Desy (Italy) Getekend: 16:31, 07/07/2016
CHIARA DI BLASI (Italy) Getekend: 16:18, 07/07/2016
Michael Angeli (Italy) Getekend: 13:06, 06/07/2016
tina ivesa (Italy) Getekend: 09:51, 05/07/2016
Dario Dell'Orto (Italy) Getekend: 12:25, 25/06/2016

"It sounds like common sense that everybody should understand and share, nonetheless it is not yet. Hopefully, it'll be in the days to come for the sake of our well-being, so I surely agree on every single point stated."
Massimo Ponchia (Italy) Getekend: 17:22, 22/06/2016

"Darei più risalto al concetto di cooperazione fra umani, e di rispettoso e libero uso delle risorse del pianeta."