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Ondertekeningen uit Netherlands
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Jorgen Bazin (Netherlands) Getekend: 00:05, 29/07/2016
Alice Vermeulen (Netherlands) Getekend: 00:11, 26/07/2016
"We need to teach our children self compassion starting at Kindergarten. It's the only way we can truely change new generations to being truely compassionate towards all beings including nature."
Merijn Testroote (Netherlands) Getekend: 15:17, 24/07/2016
wouter vernooij (Netherlands) Getekend: 10:55, 24/07/2016
Cornelis van Gaalen (Netherlands) Getekend: 01:05, 11/07/2016
Grytsje Kramer (Netherlands) Getekend: 00:11, 11/07/2016
J. de Vries (Netherlands) Getekend: 15:38, 02/07/2016
Nina Judin (Netherlands) Getekend: 13:38, 01/07/2016
Afke van der Woud (Netherlands) Getekend: 07:59, 27/06/2016
Frans van 't voort (Netherlands) Getekend: 10:24, 26/06/2016
"Best id, have this idea for over 10 years now, good to see someone work with it."
Devi-Nora van der Zwan (Netherlands) Getekend: 09:45, 14/06/2016
barkey denise (Netherlands) Getekend: 07:08, 14/06/2016
Robert Rieck (Netherlands) Getekend: 21:44, 13/06/2016
Dave Hopman (Netherlands) Getekend: 19:24, 13/06/2016
Xander Hoogendoorn (Netherlands) Getekend: 09:02, 13/06/2016
Simon Jauke Jonker (Netherlands) Getekend: 22:19, 05/06/2016
Jessica Molendijk (Netherlands) Getekend: 16:40, 01/06/2016
Sander Verhoef (Netherlands) Getekend: 20:49, 24/05/2016
"I really look forward to the day we live in such society, living with a grudge to this monetary system of us, isn't a way to live at all, with that I mean, we do everything against our morals to survive... What can I do to help?"
Nathalie Verplanke-Meulbroek (Netherlands) Getekend: 19:58, 22/05/2016
Ewa Jaroch (Netherlands) Getekend: 16:42, 19/05/2016
Włodzimierz Pelowski (Netherlands) Getekend: 16:17, 16/05/2016
MB Maat (Netherlands) Getekend: 18:47, 14/05/2016
Natalia Uzieblo Kiyak (Netherlands) Getekend: 08:59, 14/05/2016
Suzanne Stoetzer (Netherlands) Getekend: 09:34, 02/05/2016
"I can agree wholeheartly with 9 of the 10 points. I have my doubts, however, about point 8: to depend mostly on the scentific method to bring about this change, might prove to be a serious trap in creating a uniformity that will proof deadly to the spirit. It is the diversity in nature and the differences between human beings that makes life unique."
leon Hakvoort (Netherlands) Getekend: 10:07, 27/04/2016