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(Neem in acht dat commentaren niet gemodereerd zijn en misschien de standpunten van dit initiatief niet correct weergeven.)
mark till (United States) Getekend: 20:37, 09/10/2015
"as for the country should that earth not usa ? i agree. how do we get people to read this and understand it is going to be hard at first, getting understandably easier, by the minute, the more we learn about our self. "
Diana Dearen (United States) Getekend: 09:02, 09/10/2015
Orisis P. (United States) Getekend: 23:23, 06/10/2015
"Corruption; few Suffer; us all One goal; liberty Never ending Never starting "
Darryl Martin (United States) Getekend: 20:57, 05/10/2015
Malina Gankova (United States) Getekend: 10:21, 05/10/2015
Liam Long (United States) Getekend: 20:19, 01/10/2015
suzanne norton (United States) Getekend: 04:30, 01/10/2015
Mark DiChiara (United States) Getekend: 23:58, 30/09/2015
James Bentley (United States) Getekend: 17:29, 30/09/2015
"Not sure how it could be implemented, but it sounds like a nice idea."
Jacquelyn Campbell (United States) Getekend: 10:27, 30/09/2015
valerie johnson (United States) Getekend: 18:04, 29/09/2015
"i didn't know there were others out there who thought like this...."
Traci Renae (United States) Getekend: 15:06, 29/09/2015
"I feel people from all over the world should come together and create their own community working towards the same goal. We should all stop paying for things we don't need quit buying from corporations quit feeding the rich. Stop the world leaders from fulfilling their own agendas. We need to make it a fair world for everyone because right now its sickening how many people are starving then you have people with so much they practically throw money away. Money is the root of all evil the people who have the most money... the most evil people who don't have compassion for anyone who doesn't share the same common wealth. "
Blake Friloux (United States) Getekend: 10:42, 27/09/2015
"If only. "
daniel goins jr Clu (United States) Getekend: 06:59, 27/09/2015
"Smells fishy "
Vsev Krawczeniuk (United States) Getekend: 06:18, 27/09/2015
Brandon Minor (United States) Getekend: 05:22, 27/09/2015
Juriah Gaither (United States) Getekend: 20:11, 26/09/2015
JOHNATHON Rankin (United States) Getekend: 18:57, 26/09/2015
Mike Robenhymer (United States) Getekend: 18:35, 26/09/2015
Gigi González (United States) Getekend: 17:05, 26/09/2015
Paul DeBeer (United States) Getekend: 12:48, 26/09/2015
Timothy Leonard (United States) Getekend: 06:38, 26/09/2015
Cheresa Wynne (United States) Getekend: 06:24, 26/09/2015
James Black (United States) Getekend: 06:19, 26/09/2015
Christopher Ostrom (United States) Getekend: 02:15, 26/09/2015
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