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"We moeten onszelf bevrijden van onze denkbeeldige limieten."

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Paul JohnsonGetekend: 17:50, 24/05/2018
William TaylorGetekend: 13:07, 24/05/2018
Jared JamsGetekend: 18:22, 22/05/2018
Austin KentGetekend: 18:06, 22/05/2018
"This is the system we need to advance society to its peak potential and global cooperation."
Rebecca GretzGetekend: 05:19, 22/05/2018
Jay RichGetekend: 05:35, 21/05/2018
"Let us all live a peaceful life where paper does not rule out lives."
Spencer RobinsonGetekend: 00:17, 21/05/2018
Jeanette JohnsonGetekend: 16:20, 20/05/2018
Linda TurnerGetekend: 11:05, 20/05/2018
gen agustssonGetekend: 15:50, 18/05/2018
"we want to be free"
Julia SimmonsGetekend: 18:11, 16/05/2018
"Hi I'd like to have fun even though I'm 72 and I enjoy nature but no pets allowed here and I don't have any pets to take to you"
Marc BjornebyGetekend: 22:37, 15/05/2018
"I place great emphasis on developing & promoting policies that are influential towards advancing human longevity, exotic propulsion systems, & expanding community programs. I identify areas needing reform by collaborating together with those affected by current problems. My goal is to encourage social change & to achieve this, I must maintain an ongoing dialog with the community. In addition, I must constantly earn the trust of those whose attention & creativity I depend upon for implementing my solutions. These solutions are developed within pilot projects, which I often carry out with appropriate, qualified partners. When ideas prove successful, I help them find application on a broader social scale. Within my own organization, I oversee the selection, design, evaluation & execution of my projects in a manner that ensures my ability to monitor the appropriate & effective implementation of my goals. "
Moises A.Getekend: 03:36, 13/05/2018
Jai Lee GalantiGetekend: 18:57, 12/05/2018
Devkirn KhalsaGetekend: 14:14, 12/05/2018
"“Every moment you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world” Harry Palmer, creator of the Avatar course"
john SchilterGetekend: 14:34, 11/05/2018
Denver SmithGetekend: 22:55, 07/05/2018
Meagan WhitsonGetekend: 16:51, 07/05/2018
Leslie TallantGetekend: 06:30, 06/05/2018
"I want to be more involved. "
Daniel VeraGetekend: 23:08, 05/05/2018
"Just seeing what this is all about. "
Lester WickenkampGetekend: 21:38, 05/05/2018
Davetta HayesGetekend: 21:34, 02/05/2018
Gabrielle SylvesterGetekend: 13:48, 02/05/2018
"I want to make the world a free place, without money, and peaceful for all."
PATRICK HAMILTONGetekend: 00:38, 02/05/2018
Rose marie DuesterwaldGetekend: 06:08, 01/05/2018
"At first glance,yes it seem utopian. However there maybe enough people who are ready for a world of sharing and mutual respect. "
Heather VicarsGetekend: 18:19, 30/04/2018
"I love sharing my gifts and talents to build a better community."
Veronica MarrGetekend: 16:56, 29/04/2018
Nancy WorthingtonGetekend: 17:24, 27/04/2018
Carol BuckoGetekend: 09:15, 27/04/2018
"Finally found philosophy I agree with."
Ken BehrendtGetekend: 13:29, 25/04/2018
Veronica MichaelsenGetekend: 16:14, 24/04/2018
Mike DeVriesGetekend: 22:23, 23/04/2018
"These are the principles of the M&M Foundation. "
James BighamGetekend: 05:44, 20/04/2018
Tevin ChidesterGetekend: 03:35, 20/04/2018
Tiffany MorrisGetekend: 01:26, 20/04/2018
Matthew SearsGetekend: 13:39, 16/04/2018
paul welshonsGetekend: 20:25, 15/04/2018
Anthony DunlapGetekend: 09:17, 15/04/2018
Melissa PuckettGetekend: 14:02, 14/04/2018
"WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!!!! Start uniting and speaking of one day, at the best place we can all unite."
John CalvinGetekend: 23:32, 13/04/2018
Dyanne GavinGetekend: 08:00, 12/04/2018
Julie BillingsleyGetekend: 04:06, 12/04/2018
Maria HorvathGetekend: 05:12, 11/04/2018
Lisa McKay Getekend: 12:37, 10/04/2018
Michaela CollinsGetekend: 11:52, 10/04/2018
Jeanette GarciaGetekend: 09:44, 10/04/2018
Daniel LeimerGetekend: 06:39, 10/04/2018
Lisa St.OngeGetekend: 20:58, 06/04/2018
"I am in 100% agreement with all the principles of the Free World Charter. Thank you for articulating these universal, fundamental precepts. Our world is in dire need of a course correction. "
Stephanie JoanneGetekend: 04:19, 06/04/2018
" #unityincommunity"
Nik GilbertsonGetekend: 14:42, 05/04/2018
"Looking to connect with likeminded beings who are passionate about taking action to create the kind of world we want to live in."

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