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Stefan Repnik (Slovenia) Подписано: 22:06, 09/05/2016
"This can be achieved! Have hope, theres enough for all, and once we all realise that theres no argument. I just hope we dont need to destroy more of our precious, incredibly beautiful and amazing planet! in order for all to achieve this intelligence again.. "
Zala Hasaj (Slovenia) Подписано: 21:29, 09/05/2016
"How would you turn people into living without their wasteful traditions some are very fond of, and fancy but useless clothing and expensive but unhealthy and unnecessay food? And so on... :/ "
Martin Butina (Slovenia) Подписано: 14:22, 25/04/2016
Damir Begović (Slovenia) Подписано: 18:02, 13/04/2016
HALIDA ALAGIC (Slovenia) Подписано: 19:09, 30/03/2016
Jasna Alagić (Slovenia) Подписано: 13:33, 30/03/2016
Aleksander Krapša (Slovenia) Подписано: 16:09, 20/03/2016
David Mrvar (Slovenia) Подписано: 17:48, 03/12/2015
"imamo v Sloveniji kakšno organizirano skupino, ki združuje podobno mosleče?"
Tanja Nastasija Sadriaj (Slovenia) Подписано: 11:22, 25/11/2015
roman jerše (Slovenia) Подписано: 19:46, 23/07/2015
Simon Belcl (Slovenia) Подписано: 11:39, 08/07/2015
Nena Stojanovic (Slovenia) Подписано: 08:15, 26/06/2015
Andreja Filipovic (Slovenia) Подписано: 17:47, 23/06/2015
Tilen Sapac (Slovenia) Подписано: 22:28, 12/06/2015
Vido Praček (Slovenia) Подписано: 14:29, 10/06/2015
"Hi, Do you have your movement also in Slovenia by any chance? I would like to join. Keep on the good work. Thank you. "
Marko Žel (Slovenia) Подписано: 15:42, 28/04/2015
"I actually got to that kind of thinking by myself, and it is almost as if I had written it myself."
Katja Letonja (Slovenia) Подписано: 16:44, 27/04/2015
martin kimble (Slovenia) Подписано: 22:04, 26/04/2015
bozinovic matevz (Slovenia) Подписано: 11:29, 31/03/2015
marco breznik (Slovenia) Подписано: 06:17, 02/03/2015
Luca Dura (Slovenia) Подписано: 17:33, 22/02/2015
Niko Klansek (Slovenia) Подписано: 20:34, 08/02/2015
amalija grosar (Slovenia) Подписано: 19:52, 17/01/2015
FRANCI SUHADOLNIK (Slovenia) Подписано: 18:55, 15/01/2015
" V enotnosti je moč. Pripada nam vse kar potrebujemo in ko se združujemo je to neustavljiva energija. To je naša moč in naša svoboda. Ko bomo spoznali, da imamo dovolj tega suženjstva se bo to tudi končalo. "
Urška Preis (Slovenia) Подписано: 19:55, 10/01/2015