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sander bish (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 22:43, 27/05/2015
Tineke Leenders (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 19:20, 27/05/2015
Ron Heddes (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 17:27, 27/05/2015
"How live to be"
Jeroen Ghuijs (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 09:47, 27/05/2015
"Finding Voices is building the foundation for a world based on equal rights, no money, food for everyone, and a world without violence."
jolanda scheepmaker (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 09:52, 26/05/2015
John John Erkelens (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 09:18, 26/05/2015
"Best idea ever!"
Derksen Martijn (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 09:11, 25/05/2015
"The only thing standing between our current reality and the free world is time, just have patience. "
Jildert Sijmonsma (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 12:33, 24/05/2015
"Eventualy we won't have a choice but to life without money. It is the only sollution to our problems"
Klaske Kok (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 16:53, 20/05/2015
Mark Spaninks (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 00:08, 20/05/2015
Allard de Goede (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 23:49, 10/05/2015
jordy ver (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 16:33, 03/05/2015
"You could use the music industry to make people aware of this?"
Marouan Bakour (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 15:59, 03/05/2015
Priscilla Thé (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 10:05, 27/04/2015
Miriam Isabella (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 00:05, 27/04/2015
hendrik rietveld (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 00:55, 25/04/2015
"In order to obtain a fair world, education as it is should be abolished. It teaches children to be competitive. This is not helping our situation. We should teach them meditation."
marcel musters (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 12:17, 23/04/2015
victor mathieu (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 16:00, 22/04/2015
Aivy Kamerling (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 06:51, 10/04/2015
Heleen Verhoef (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 22:17, 09/04/2015
I.B. deBie (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 21:15, 09/04/2015
pi berkhout (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 23:42, 31/03/2015
J van Alphen (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 10:53, 22/03/2015
"Gun ieder het zijne."
Wessel Van Alphen (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 07:31, 22/03/2015
"Life could be easy!"
Elmar 't Hoen (Netherlands) Podpísaný/á: 14:11, 19/03/2015