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Klaus Szmigiel (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 16:06, 29/01/2017
Stephen Hawczak (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 13:03, 12/12/2016
Carsten Lutz (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 10:21, 18/10/2016

"Money and its derivatives are instruments of slavery, exploitation and inequality. Actual politics will and have to support this system, because it keeps them in power. Any change to a fairer world and society can only be achieved by the people. If you want to change the system, start with yourself. "
Jeroen van Maaren (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 22:58, 27/09/2016

Paulo Silva (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 15:38, 12/06/2016
alexandre vidinha (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 11:11, 14/04/2016

"A Free world with a scientific distrubution of all resources. "
Fernando Martins (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 00:47, 10/04/2016

"this needs more and more mediatization (please adress the freeworldcharter.org to media channels thru a direction of whole world acknowledge of these proposals."
Eric Silva (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 00:00, 06/04/2016
fernando jorge (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 07:14, 28/03/2016
Helio Silva (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 21:54, 23/03/2016
Ana Cristina de Vasconcelos Calais (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 13:16, 23/03/2016
Pedro Rosário (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 22:14, 29/02/2016
wayde stock (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 20:26, 22/02/2016

"When i was a child i was so confussed with the way in which the world opperates.. i could never grab the concept of money, when i looked around and saw that nature provided everything we as people need to survive happily, as long as we worked with nature. I could never understand why we have to pay for everything. At a young age i realised that money is the problem. But with growing up came teachers and people that would make fun of these ideas. I knew deep down inside people wish this was true. Some how people fear the unknown... i know we as humanity this should be our current reality...is it not what the universe and all nature teaches us, how to share perfectly, the ratio for perfect sharing... all in this whole cosmos share the same principle, the golden ratio 1.6180339....everything i mean everything share this ratio... and its the key to perfect sharing... if anything as intellectual beings, this should be one of the most important lessons we could learn from nature."
Stefanie Brand (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 10:23, 09/02/2016
Manuela Santos (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 14:52, 18/01/2016
Fatima Cunha (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 11:12, 09/12/2015
herculano oliveira (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 15:02, 28/11/2015
Rui Nascimento (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 11:31, 02/11/2015

"I'm looking forward for it to be on the run."
Dário Mendonça (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 21:43, 24/10/2015
Riadh Silva (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 13:19, 22/10/2015

"É mais do que essencial... É necessário. "
João Fernandes (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 22:12, 20/10/2015
ana sousa (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 19:42, 20/10/2015

"Lutar pelo direito á vida digna"
Pedro Jorge Morais (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 12:55, 20/10/2015

"Pelo que é necessária uma solução prática fundamentada em cibernética no Viable System Model por forma a eliminar as hierarquias mas sem dinheiro nem competitividade. Uma forma de implementação de baixo consumo energético existe no projecto vénus com a respectiva implementação de pequenas cidades sustentáveis e autosuficientes, cortesia de Mr.Jacque Fresco."
Paulo Paiva (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 22:27, 19/10/2015
marcio pereira (Portugal) Podpísaný/á: 21:06, 19/10/2015