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alex bernhagen (Australia) Podpisanih: 14:45, 28/08/2014
"i also like the ubuntu contributionalism model as a means of achieving this goal."
Bonnie Ross (Australia) Podpisanih: 14:33, 28/08/2014
Blake Kongas (Australia) Podpisanih: 12:42, 28/08/2014
Jackson Danaher (Australia) Podpisanih: 10:29, 28/08/2014
"Great idea, i have had an imagination that produces thoughts constantly on how irrelevant money is. I do not hope that this is successful, because with hope comes chance of failure. I know if this project doesn't get the currency free world we are all after, then there will be another project that does. why let this fail when we can make it win? Namaste"
Leanne Savage (Australia) Podpisanih: 14:07, 27/08/2014
"I can only hope and pray that our collective consciousness is raised to a level of awareness that transcends the fear and greed that drives world governments and institutions. "
Lauren Knight (Australia) Podpisanih: 13:30, 26/08/2014
"If only this is truly a beautiful aspect if what we could all become.. Peace, love and light :)"
Gail Price (Australia) Podpisanih: 10:43, 26/08/2014
Lachlan Vellenoweth (Australia) Podpisanih: 06:25, 26/08/2014
kristy hamilton (Australia) Podpisanih: 05:22, 26/08/2014
Irma Maierhofer (Australia) Podpisanih: 04:53, 26/08/2014
Ross Slattery (Australia) Podpisanih: 04:47, 26/08/2014
"If I had no mortgage or bills I would go out and help my neighbours and friends because thats what I want to do. That to me would be the most rewarding thing in life. So long as my family is safe and healthy."
Ton Lagerway (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:52, 25/08/2014
"We are a spirit having a human experience!"
Kevin Woods (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:46, 25/08/2014
"Great work. I am slowly working on a Vision as well. Similar structure but different naturally. Basically presents a new philosophy to guide all people of the earth including donkeys in power towards being able to honour all life within participation of life towards achieving a future living Heaven on Earth. This includes constitutions as agreements of peoples values, charters, frameworks and models for human development under stewardship program and transition of system from central governance to self governing communities and individuals. Naturally there is a lot more as well but this should give you some idea and greater feeling of support."
Jay Moulton (Australia) Podpisanih: 03:26, 23/08/2014
"I will be buying a large block of land in subtropical NSW in Australia and creating a town based on these principals. If anyone is interested in assisting and joining me please email me. coralium@gmail.com"
Matthew Stirling (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:05, 18/08/2014
Martin Rogers (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:20, 18/08/2014
carl sulz (Australia) Podpisanih: 13:13, 14/08/2014
"I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above and had similar ideas of my own. You can check on my website seatopia.org"
Malcolm Gall (Australia) Podpisanih: 01:48, 13/08/2014
Albert Hunter (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:51, 11/08/2014
Helden Voicemaster (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:30, 11/08/2014
Susan Cheong (Australia) Podpisanih: 13:37, 11/08/2014
Michale-John Stratford (Australia) Podpisanih: 12:32, 09/08/2014
spencer gay (Australia) Podpisanih: 03:56, 02/08/2014
"Totally agree with every aspect"
Paul Hickman (Australia) Podpisanih: 08:46, 31/07/2014
"To quote past first nations traditional custodian and Elder Uncle Ted Gubboo Thomas who said "We Are All One" and " The Best is Yet To Come" "
Aleksandar Romanov (Australia) Podpisanih: 14:05, 28/07/2014