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Cleve Hughes (Australia) Podpisanih: 21:42, 18/12/2014
"Oneness "
Cathy Zervos (Australia) Podpisanih: 06:22, 18/12/2014
"This needs to happen sooner rather than later for the sake of mother earth."
Emmanuel Letellier (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:51, 18/12/2014
sandra disley (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:29, 18/12/2014
Stuart Gadenne (Australia) Podpisanih: 09:06, 11/12/2014
Brennan Scott (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:40, 02/12/2014
Kevin Middleton (Australia) Podpisanih: 14:16, 01/12/2014
Debbie Northover (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:38, 30/11/2014
Frances Seychelles (Australia) Podpisanih: 19:28, 30/11/2014
"I have been thinking about a world with no money for a long time. Money is so evil. We don't need it. We don't spend enough time with our families. The press always advertise to make us think that we need to buy stuff. Its a viscous greedy circle and IM OVER IT!!! I wish the world could see what a world without would be like. Giving away with out any thought behind getting paid for it. No need for money i would LOVE to push this. Im actually starting to put together a movie about a world without money. Just to put it out there and start the thinking process off. This world has to change for the better. Because the way its going atm is heading towards a huge disaster for man kind. Good luck and thank you. I only wish i could have see this earlier. "
Michael harry (Australia) Podpisanih: 06:46, 30/11/2014
"Decriminalise all Medicinal Herbs"
Fi Jolli (Australia) Podpisanih: 17:27, 29/11/2014
"I am not sure how you will convice the elite of this without a revolution but it would seem a more balanced ideology with a sustainable future."
Sevastiyan Kostov (Australia) Podpisanih: 14:56, 29/11/2014
"Lets do it!"
Al Crombie (Australia) Podpisanih: 09:19, 28/11/2014
Susie London (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:48, 28/11/2014
Francia Robinson (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:08, 27/11/2014
Glenn Berger (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:18, 27/11/2014
"Lets get his ball rolling!!"
Els Scroop (Australia) Podpisanih: 03:17, 27/11/2014
"We have been enslaved far to long,everything we do costs money,there should be no need for any one to suffer,eg hunger,homeless,sickness,etc, there is enough on this planet for ALL human beings,there is and has been a great deal of mis management by governments and most in power,we need to see a light at the end of the tunnel"
Eric Eralp (Australia) Podpisanih: 01:23, 27/11/2014
Denise Sullivan (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:58, 26/11/2014
TUNG HING (Australia) Podpisanih: 22:42, 26/11/2014
"Human being is a spiritual being of light being, the physical body is a vehicle for soul to learn, experience and evolve further. The birth right of humanity is freedom, sovereignty and full consciousness."
Edna Hills (Australia) Podpisanih: 22:21, 26/11/2014
Dawn Bellamy (Australia) Podpisanih: 22:19, 26/11/2014
"I feel priviledged to live in these times, thank you for the ability to help through a simple signature. God Bless"
Brian Emery (Australia) Podpisanih: 18:48, 26/11/2014
Joel Dickson (Australia) Podpisanih: 10:19, 24/11/2014
chris fitzjohn (Australia) Podpisanih: 06:01, 24/11/2014