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Podpisniki iz Australia
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Danial Murphy (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:00, 06/07/2015
Jake Scholes (Australia) Podpisanih: 15:04, 02/07/2015
eleni theodoridou (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:49, 02/07/2015
"Keep up the excellent work . We will support u all the way for a better planet ."
Leonard Maiolo (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:03, 02/07/2015
Hamish Graham (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:28, 26/06/2015
"It's high time the voice of reason triumphed over all."
martin dunning (Australia) Podpisanih: 03:51, 22/06/2015
Ross Alexander (Australia) Podpisanih: 20:30, 20/06/2015
Varsha MK (Australia) Podpisanih: 17:05, 20/06/2015
christine whalan (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:40, 20/06/2015
"Human basic right!"
Matt Saunders (Australia) Podpisanih: 05:45, 16/06/2015
Lynne Robertson (Australia) Podpisanih: 04:03, 13/06/2015
"It's so important to be able to visualise this. Thank you for your inspiring clip. "
Sally Packshaw (Australia) Podpisanih: 15:40, 12/06/2015
Leon Greenhalgh (Australia) Podpisanih: 08:07, 08/06/2015
una wood (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:58, 06/06/2015
Valeria Dangubic (Australia) Podpisanih: 10:28, 05/06/2015
Dan Hadfield (Australia) Podpisanih: 16:28, 02/06/2015
Therese Spacov (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:37, 30/05/2015
Louis Dooner (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:49, 29/05/2015
"I look forward to working with you all in our new world of life."
Sarah Pagan (Australia) Podpisanih: 05:53, 29/05/2015
Mark Richards (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:59, 29/05/2015
"Thank you free world charter. I had an awakening last year traveling through asia for 6 months and found this same realisation. Money destroys love, compassion, the earth and our society. I don't want to live this way any more. I am planning on buying a houseboat and going completely off the grid and living sustainably as possible with as little money as possible. I want to start a houseboat community of similar spirited people to help each other live this way and to show people there is another way. I hope through your website you may help me make these connections. Regards, Mark"
Jakob Sikais (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:04, 29/05/2015
kane sorraghan (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:33, 25/05/2015
carissa louise (Australia) Podpisanih: 15:29, 24/05/2015
Joseph Deinnocentis (Australia) Podpisanih: 05:25, 20/05/2015
janine howe (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:19, 11/05/2015
"number 9...people with disabilities still contribute to life on earth simply by existing....although most people with a disability are still able to contribute to society in their own way..every body is capable of making the world a better place simply by being alive and living with a positive spirit.. "
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