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Grant Cottrell (Australia) Podpisanih: 01:04, 18/04/2015
"<3 _/\_"
Susan Susan Etherington (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:47, 17/04/2015
Dawn Curzon (Australia) Podpisanih: 04:23, 14/04/2015
Conor Harty (Australia) Podpisanih: 07:52, 13/04/2015
Wolfgang Loescher (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:20, 12/04/2015
"Things need to change.The world is very sick and we are all living on a knifes edge. The house of cards we have created is about to come down and it could happen tomorrow or in 10 years but it will happen. Everyone needs to wake up to this fact. Imaging what we could achieve if we freed up all the minds in the world. Will it be easy? no Will it be perfect? most likely not What have we got to lose to try it. "
Joanne Saunders (Australia) Podpisanih: 08:21, 07/04/2015
Karin Ross (Australia) Podpisanih: 09:55, 04/04/2015
Micheal Knuckey (Australia) Podpisanih: 00:32, 26/03/2015
Pete Gossner (Australia) Podpisanih: 06:14, 14/03/2015
Ali Milner (Australia) Podpisanih: 23:45, 10/03/2015
Shakti Saraswati (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:47, 10/03/2015
Jamie Brearley (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:32, 09/03/2015
kim brearley (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:25, 09/03/2015
Jason Bandtock (Australia) Podpisanih: 22:04, 08/03/2015
Catherine Dowling (Australia) Podpisanih: 22:39, 04/03/2015
XiaoBin liu (Australia) Podpisanih: 08:14, 04/03/2015
"谢谢你们为我们做出的一切,我非常喜欢你们的理念-永远没有战争,没有饥饿,没有贫困,没有偏见,没有歧视,没有国界。。。。 以前,我觉得那是天堂才有的,但是我看了你们的视频,我相信可以实现它的。 我觉得各国政府会同意吗?他们会想办法无限期拖延,直到计划流产。 我个人认为邀请友善的外星人来帮助我们,例如银河联邦等等,这样我们成功的机会就更大。 不管如何,有机会我都会宣传你们的理念。 再次谢谢你们为我们做的一切!"
Didier Klaar (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:22, 01/03/2015
Bart Heeren (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:37, 27/02/2015
Pat McSweeney (Australia) Podpisanih: 11:22, 27/02/2015
Michael Crick (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:24, 26/02/2015
Wylie Terry (Australia) Podpisanih: 05:44, 25/02/2015
David Cole (Australia) Podpisanih: 13:13, 24/02/2015
"I agree to the principles of the free world charter, for it reflects the ancient existence of my Aboriginal heritage of Australia, that everything has it's respectful and purposeful place and all in the Tribe/Community will work together to exist in balance and harmony with our creator, mother earth and play our role accordingly to ensure a respectful balance exists between all of natures creations. "
Sarah Lucas (Australia) Podpisanih: 12:23, 24/02/2015
Laurin King (Australia) Podpisanih: 03:13, 23/02/2015
Sandra Walker (Australia) Podpisanih: 02:54, 23/02/2015