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""Glücksforschung" - meditatves, transzendez-offenes Forschen jenseits traditioneller Reduktionismen/Glaubenssätze als höchste SINN-orientierte Wissenschafts-Grundlage! Warum?: wir kommen kollektiv aus tiefster lebensfeindlicher Vergangenheit. Der Begriff LEBENSSINN wurde aus Sicht des HERRschenden Materialsmus zum WAHN-Sinn umgemünzt und all der manipulative wahn-sinn zur erkenntnisleitenden Grundlage erhoben, nachdem "Religion" völlig von pschopathhisch-perversen Macht-Habern ins Gegenteil dessen fiel, was sie sein sollte,in die Hände von "Archonten"= kosmische Parasiten/falschen Göttern u ihren Blut- u Speichleckern gefallen ist. Seitdem ist das Gros der Menschen zu halt- u steuerlosen "Schiffchen" im unendlicjen Meer von Non-sens u Willkür verkommen als leichte Beute ebendieser Parasiten, die alle unsere Lebensgrundlagen uva. unsere Seele zerstören. Beherzte Offenlegung u Heilung all dessen in Verbindun mit uneren "älteren Geschwistern" im Universum!..." - Claudius adF Kern6 hours ago
"It is time the welfare of life on this planet is nurtured and recognised as sacred. Decisions need to based on sustainability, moral and ethical principles. " - Karla Lee Patricia Te Tau7 hours ago
Sandy Saputra13 hours ago
G. Ring17 hours ago
"I pluck myself from the embodiment of these grandiose illusions, to fall deeper into the arms of simplicity. " - Denise Masseya day ago
"~Smile fa ME~" - Stephanie Shipleya day ago
George Hattersleya day ago
"I believe in making heaven of the human civilization. That's everything free. " - REGINALD whibbeya day ago
"讓未來世代活在一個可以仰望星空並探索星辰大海 的時空裏,永遠遠離現今各種狗屁鳥文化價值觀。" - Fice Leoa day ago
Nabhdeep Singh Popli2 days ago
Win signed hard copies of F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man and Into The Open Economy, by Free World Charter founder, Colin R. Turner! Learn more.

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Deanna KellyPodpisanih: 02:47, 10/12/2017
Woodrow WobblesPodpisanih: 15:17, 17/11/2017
Shannon McGurganPodpisanih: 20:00, 14/11/2017
Michael GaglianoPodpisanih: 07:22, 04/11/2017
"Peace Love Prosperity For Everything, Everywhere, For Ever Being & Doing in Creative Harmony in Truth In Benevolent Equality with Diligent Observation with The One Doing No Harm Causing No Loss Respecting the Freedom of Others So It Is Namaste I Am Multidimensional I Am Source I Am One We Are Multidimensional We Are Source We Are One All Is Multidimensional All Is Source All Is One Original Spirit Is "
Timothy CobbPodpisanih: 03:04, 04/11/2017
Nic LPodpisanih: 02:58, 29/10/2017
Peter OscarPodpisanih: 19:45, 28/10/2017
"Yes we all need freedom why is there so much wealth for some and not everyone "
Suzy RossPodpisanih: 21:29, 27/10/2017
"There needs to be a higher level of understanding and corresponding engagement by the general public in matters that have been miserably handled by short sighted (& thinking) government and greedy corporates. Collaborative and innovative thinking and doing is needed now "
Mark FundaPodpisanih: 18:14, 27/10/2017
Michael McleodPodpisanih: 10:01, 27/10/2017
Vince HalpinPodpisanih: 20:20, 26/10/2017
Derek DoranPodpisanih: 05:30, 17/10/2017
Vincent Emmanuel AnthonyPodpisanih: 07:47, 14/10/2017
"I believe in a Free World. We do not need money to survive, when we are already paying with a currency called Time. Sharing resources is what we can achieve, and taming our greed is a purposeful way of life."
Anatoli Karteras karterasPodpisanih: 06:40, 14/10/2017
Robin SpencerPodpisanih: 18:41, 12/10/2017
Janpal SinghPodpisanih: 01:33, 12/10/2017
Taif MashroorPodpisanih: 09:00, 08/10/2017
"There's a reason money is called the root of all evil cause without money the amount of crime happening would be extremely low."
Kabir ChandraPodpisanih: 05:33, 08/10/2017
Owen StanleyPodpisanih: 16:32, 07/10/2017
Margaret MavisPodpisanih: 05:13, 06/10/2017
Kerem AltinorenPodpisanih: 23:36, 05/10/2017
Wendy LanePodpisanih: 13:59, 30/09/2017
"I love being at peace in nature 💖"
Nyarie Hassal-AbbeyPodpisanih: 23:31, 26/09/2017
Luke TieppoPodpisanih: 14:09, 18/09/2017
Alf De hombrePodpisanih: 04:05, 06/09/2017
"Thank you You have my support 😁 Alf"
Brett SlaterPodpisanih: 01:50, 31/08/2017
"We need to do this for a great future."
Ivanka SarincicPodpisanih: 09:29, 29/08/2017
Mile VanchevPodpisanih: 22:04, 23/08/2017
"I am supporting this and hope one day will become reality."
Kevin MitchellPodpisanih: 02:06, 23/08/2017
"Willing to lend a hand in almost anything. If you can relate it to my interests, even better. If you can give me a new interest, fantastic!"
Alcy InfinityPodpisanih: 15:25, 22/08/2017
"Brilliant initiative. I would like to help and support it. Thank you so much. Can you contact me please, thank you. love, kindness and happiness. /\\C'/"
Lisa StewartPodpisanih: 03:07, 22/08/2017
Kala Shekinah Podpisanih: 11:10, 20/08/2017
"Here for bringing people into their highest destiny "
Caz ForbesPodpisanih: 22:56, 18/08/2017
"High Vibes and Happiness 💖 "
Mason ClayPodpisanih: 01:29, 18/08/2017
Nick BaronPodpisanih: 02:26, 17/08/2017
"I believe in a free world, the transition will not be easy, but it can happen - it's free to dream."
david mitsakPodpisanih: 14:48, 10/08/2017
"Bring a vegetable, throw it in the soup pot, share a meal. Bring a good idea or two too. That's just the beginning. "
Sunny TPodpisanih: 01:52, 10/08/2017
Ahmandla WilliamsPodpisanih: 08:21, 04/08/2017
"Perhaps we can agree that we dont know what we dont know"
Theodor CollettPodpisanih: 00:25, 02/08/2017
David BournePodpisanih: 11:53, 27/07/2017
"Looking to connect to like-minded people about ideas to bring about a money-free world."
Adrienne Gaha-MorrisPodpisanih: 21:30, 24/07/2017
Esma SaikipPodpisanih: 01:53, 23/07/2017
Matthew RawlinsPodpisanih: 12:20, 16/07/2017
"Be the change you want to see in the world "
Matthew KeoghPodpisanih: 12:19, 15/07/2017
"Currently moving forward with The Zeitgeist Movement in Townsville."
Amanda DoylePodpisanih: 00:15, 15/07/2017
Amanda Huege de Serville Podpisanih: 23:33, 13/06/2017
Laura PainePodpisanih: 18:26, 13/05/2017
Brett ConstablePodpisanih: 10:52, 11/05/2017
svengali svenPodpisanih: 06:39, 27/04/2017
Richard MochellePodpisanih: 10:52, 26/04/2017

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