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Bob Goeman (Belgium) Podpisanih: 08:03, 16/10/2014
marie-claire steffens (Belgium) Podpisanih: 13:01, 01/10/2014
cesareo gonzalez bahamonde (Belgium) Podpisanih: 00:13, 23/09/2014
"I agree it's wonderful, utopia... but i believe, I am a believer, we are one..."
Johan Bruggeman (Belgium) Podpisanih: 09:08, 21/09/2014
David Nizet (Belgium) Podpisanih: 20:40, 19/09/2014
Peter Reynders (Belgium) Podpisanih: 12:30, 19/09/2014
Dirk Decloedt (Belgium) Podpisanih: 07:24, 05/09/2014
yvette merveille (Belgium) Podpisanih: 22:39, 02/09/2014
Juliette Michaux (Belgium) Podpisanih: 22:26, 02/09/2014
Frank Broux (Belgium) Podpisanih: 14:44, 02/09/2014
Marcus Ampe (Belgium) Podpisanih: 14:57, 28/08/2014
"Each human being should be given equal rights but should also be aware they are only a part of the whole universe which they should respect and treat not differently than that how they would like to be treated."
Lode Willaert (Belgium) Podpisanih: 19:41, 11/08/2014
"Hope together we can start to make some changes! "
Hans Verheyden (Belgium) Podpisanih: 13:08, 10/08/2014
susan gonzalvo (Belgium) Podpisanih: 21:46, 03/08/2014
Denis Van Melkebeke (Belgium) Podpisanih: 22:17, 28/07/2014
Eddy Michhoudt (Belgium) Podpisanih: 17:14, 16/07/2014
Brecht De Brouwere (Belgium) Podpisanih: 21:02, 15/07/2014
Vicky Leire (Belgium) Podpisanih: 15:53, 15/07/2014
Johan Vancoillie (Belgium) Podpisanih: 13:53, 15/07/2014
"Het is dàt of de ondergang ."
Vincent Leire (Belgium) Podpisanih: 23:27, 14/07/2014
"Ik wist dat ik dit handvest ooit ging tegenkomen, alleen niet wanneer. Geduld is een mooie gave want alles komt toch op zijn tijd ;-)"
verhaegen walter (Belgium) Podpisanih: 19:30, 14/07/2014
ozturk emriye (Belgium) Podpisanih: 14:28, 02/07/2014
Benny Degezelle (Belgium) Podpisanih: 01:53, 22/06/2014
Adriano Papia (Belgium) Podpisanih: 01:30, 22/06/2014
"Il faut que le monde entier comprenne cette charte. "
Bernadette Delhoulle (Belgium) Podpisanih: 20:47, 19/06/2014