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Бранимир Айвазов (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 14:03, 20/07/2014
lubimo Minkov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 14:38, 30/06/2014
Radoslav Vladimirov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 21:17, 29/06/2014
Tania Apostolova (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 16:26, 29/06/2014
Nikolai Uzunov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 17:35, 28/06/2014
Mariela Dimitrova (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 00:06, 18/06/2014
"I am agree."
Chavdar Kaldiev (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 09:36, 05/06/2014
Ilina Dimitrova (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 11:24, 25/05/2014
"I appreciate all that has been done by a collection of compassionate and committed human beings and the result manifested in this charter. It is time we approach our problems not as separate in 1000 categories but united in a holistic, world-centric approach. Let us not forget though that our highly scientific and technology based society is our greatest pride and our greatest demise. And that our disregard in the development of our collective consciousness, is observed in the division between science and spirituality, thus hindering the possibility for our healing and return to sanity. With that last note for consideration into the charted I will finish. Lot of love and courage! Ilina"
venelin alexandrov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 19:54, 17/05/2014
радослав станков (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 23:58, 13/05/2014
Aleksandar Garlanov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 19:06, 04/05/2014
Panayot Apostolov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 17:32, 04/05/2014
penka panagyurska (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 21:40, 10/04/2014
Матей Константнинов (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 08:19, 05/04/2014
Любомир Желев Светославов (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 18:40, 16/03/2014
Ia Koyno (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 17:47, 13/03/2014
Васил Алексиев (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 18:48, 26/02/2014
Johan Uyttendaele (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 19:51, 21/02/2014
Мария Стоянова (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 13:08, 05/02/2014
ГАЛИНА МИЛАНОВА (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 10:20, 26/01/2014
Лидия Борисова (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 13:11, 18/01/2014
Svetlozar Nedyalkov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 13:45, 17/01/2014
"Please look at the Keshe Foundation (http://keshefoundation.org/introduction/the-keshe-foundation.html) for its technical solutions and new knowledge might be the catalyst for change! "
Detelina Baldzhieva (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 13:22, 17/01/2014
Rangel Dimitrov (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 11:13, 17/01/2014
"Yes, but it's only words!"
Lubomir Zanev (Bulgaria) Podpisanih: 09:44, 17/01/2014