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Podpisniki iz Canada
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Christian Blais (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:52, 02/08/2015
"En ce qui me concerne; ce qui est proposé est le seul moyen de sauver notre planète et le future de notre race. Il est pressent d'agir avant qu'il ne soit trop tard et il est déjà très tard. Agissons......"
Glenn Hellrud (Canada) Podpisanih: 04:11, 31/07/2015
Diane Giroux (Canada) Podpisanih: 04:45, 29/07/2015
André Huot (Canada) Podpisanih: 14:25, 28/07/2015
François Desaulniers (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:15, 25/07/2015
David Temple (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:43, 24/07/2015
Betty McDonald (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:48, 24/07/2015
Chungmee Sohn (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:35, 24/07/2015
"This is also a charter for every living thing on the planet, and not just humans."
Derek Taylor (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:26, 24/07/2015
"Its high time that humanity rise to its full potential."
Charles-Eugène Bergeron (Canada) Podpisanih: 09:24, 24/07/2015
"En cette 2015 Année internationale des sols (FAO_ONU) La Charte sera lue et propagée par l'IRASD et lors des Journées Sols vivants , les 26-27 november prochains."
Jean-Pierre Matte (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:18, 23/07/2015
Stéphane Brousseau (Canada) Podpisanih: 19:25, 23/07/2015
Stephane Brousseau (Canada) Podpisanih: 19:18, 23/07/2015
Cecilia de Groot (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:30, 18/07/2015
"I have spoken about the need for this since u was very young. Grateful that this is finally getting put out to the world."
im tenggok (Canada) Podpisanih: 07:55, 17/07/2015
Jennifer Loewen (Canada) Podpisanih: 16:00, 15/07/2015
Diane Godon (Canada) Podpisanih: 04:33, 15/07/2015
Carolle Godon (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:01, 13/07/2015
"Pour un monde meilleur et équitable "
Corrie Loewen (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:30, 12/07/2015
Jackie Dinunno (Canada) Podpisanih: 05:37, 12/07/2015
D. Bourdeau (Canada) Podpisanih: 22:53, 11/07/2015
Joan Alvarez (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:09, 11/07/2015
Mike Porteous (Canada) Podpisanih: 20:08, 11/07/2015
"The elite will fight this tooth and nail! This totally goes against their New World Order! I gladly sign this fully knowing that if the Elite get their chance...this registry will be a hit list for them! And they will try to kill us all!"
Tanya Matthews (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:54, 11/07/2015
"It is possible"
Stacey Craig (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:16, 11/07/2015
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