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Marc Demers (Canada) Podpisanih: 04:36, 25/08/2016

Andrew Mitton (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:06, 24/08/2016
Ted Thomas (Canada) Podpisanih: 12:35, 20/08/2016
Robert Bigelow (Canada) Podpisanih: 04:02, 20/08/2016

"The charter is a good start as we(human race+other benevolent races) move forward but will most certainly require amendments to resolve unanticipated problems. "
Mary Beth (Canada) Podpisanih: 01:28, 20/08/2016
Chris Parker (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:16, 18/08/2016
C. Castilloux (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:59, 12/08/2016
Jim Murray (Canada) Podpisanih: 19:54, 09/08/2016
Jacques Rubacha (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:54, 09/08/2016

"Now if only we could succeed in electing politicians that thought this way and were not bought and paid for by Corporate Greed. "
Donna Dillman (Canada) Podpisanih: 12:18, 09/08/2016
Dylan Muirhead (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:51, 06/08/2016

"Hello As someone who advocates a moneyless society already, I agree with this notion of a global community, without oppression, without starvation, without the destruction of our earth for profit. We as the human race need to abandon this use of money, to free ourselves of debt and stress, just to stay alive. I love my work (carpentry) and would continue to work to provide the service I have, to help my out society, without a wage. But work really is a "desperation" thing. I NEED to work, to provide for my family, to make sure they have clothes, food, clean water, a roof over their head, are safe and healthy. And we struggle to do this, and because of "Capitalism" this is my fault, since I couldn't afford a better education, or get a better job. I hope your project continues to grow, and I will be beside you and help in anyway I can to continue to advocate for a better society for all humans."
Fred Gardiner (Canada) Podpisanih: 16:56, 03/08/2016
Scott Green (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:31, 28/07/2016

"we can we start? "
Roger Page (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:13, 27/07/2016
jean vandal (Canada) Podpisanih: 23:25, 26/07/2016
Josh Rory (Canada) Podpisanih: 22:37, 26/07/2016
Roger Page (Canada) Podpisanih: 19:49, 26/07/2016
Petrina Fenton (Canada) Podpisanih: 05:18, 26/07/2016
Sandra DaCosta (Canada) Podpisanih: 04:15, 26/07/2016
Carol Christofferson Jean Christofferson (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:41, 24/07/2016

"A place to start"
Isabelle Provencher (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:26, 18/07/2016

"Thank you so much. This is so amasing ! Namasté! Isabelle "
William William Gibson (Canada) Podpisanih: 00:29, 16/07/2016
Jesse O'Leary (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:19, 12/07/2016

"55000 signed up, just over 7,000,000,000 or so left. :)"
Luc Champagne (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:13, 09/07/2016

"I hate money, always hated money and will always hate money. I have been a house painter now for over 30 years and have always dreamed of a day where I could do what I love doing for free. In exchange I could get groceries for free, a roof over my head at no cost and travel around the world worry free. This would truly be heavenly. As a Christian I believe it is possible. The Lord himself left us a prayer and in this prayer he told us to pray for God's will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven. And his will is that we all love one another. So for me to believe that this is impossible would mean I have no faith. Luc"
Thomas Kiesewetter (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:58, 05/07/2016