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Ryan Whitteker (Canada) Podpisanih: 20:34, 04/12/2016
Tibor Rozsahegyi (Canada) Podpisanih: 23:43, 26/11/2016
Anna Pascal (Canada) Podpisanih: 11:53, 26/11/2016
Richard Wright (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:54, 18/11/2016

"The Galactic Federation is here to assist us with this plan. I am 100% certain we will attain these goals. "
Lloyd Allan MacPherson (Canada) Podpisanih: 22:20, 17/11/2016
Tyson Adolfson (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:26, 11/11/2016
Maureen Collins (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:55, 10/11/2016
Robert Grammer (Canada) Podpisanih: 09:02, 03/11/2016
richard benoit (Canada) Podpisanih: 22:14, 30/10/2016

"pour l évolution sa c est génial, la pleine liberté pour tous et mettre ses talents au service de la société..bravo."
Cynthia McMillan (Canada) Podpisanih: 14:18, 29/10/2016
Lori Mellom (Canada) Podpisanih: 11:30, 29/10/2016
Andrew Hall (Canada) Podpisanih: 00:46, 27/10/2016
James Lott (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:04, 26/10/2016

"I'm ready for revolution."
Ibrahim Abdurazag (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:53, 19/10/2016

"Free World. we need to make this happen and every one needs to wake up "
Adam Chammoury (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:45, 19/10/2016

"This needs to be shared to every single human being on this planet so we can finally overthrow the elite 1% and reclaim our planet as a new evolved species of human. "
Derek Stephen McPhail (Canada) Podpisanih: 07:35, 15/10/2016

"our community is not just based on an intellectual understanding of what we call nature, but actually is our "Indigenous Soul", or psychic connection with the energetic entity that is nature."
Jacob Scow (Canada) Podpisanih: 19:27, 11/10/2016
Hila Russ (Canada) Podpisanih: 23:40, 09/10/2016

K T (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:06, 09/10/2016
Deanna LaValley (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:03, 09/10/2016
Byron Barwick (Canada) Podpisanih: 16:56, 09/10/2016
carol selig (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:28, 09/10/2016
Stefan Selig (Canada) Podpisanih: 13:19, 09/10/2016
Derryl Reid (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:19, 06/10/2016
Nathan Isbister (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:42, 04/10/2016