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Bryce Murph'Ariens (Canada) Podpisanih: 05:35, 09/02/2016
"I and my family practice permaculture and have an off-grid medieval style experimental farm where we explore sustainable small scale agriculture and food forestry in Ontario Canada. Our transportation is via horse buggy and carpooling, and our income is mostly derived from perennial plant and excess food sales at roadside. We also receive a good income through tithing as we educate about post fossil fuel transition. "
Shane Wittmier (Canada) Podpisanih: 17:26, 08/02/2016
"Thank you for helping to build a new society!"
Ahmed Ali (Canada) Podpisanih: 07:17, 05/02/2016
Adley G (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:38, 05/02/2016
Jean Gravel (Canada) Podpisanih: 02:46, 04/02/2016
"I strongly embrace these principles into my daily life and encourage everyone in the world to do so as well. I actively participate in creating this new world. Change can only happen if we embrace it, accept it and make it happen. Everyone must play their part. "You must be the change that you want to see in the world" ~Gandhi~"
stéphane lavoie (Canada) Podpisanih: 01:19, 04/02/2016
"je crois en ce nouveau monde, en ce projet mondial, il est temps de faire un grand changement... et pour le mieux. "
shauna narvey (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:51, 30/01/2016
Mark Cidade (Canada) Podpisanih: 00:17, 28/01/2016
Don Robinson (Canada) Podpisanih: 05:56, 26/01/2016
Kevin Westermann (Canada) Podpisanih: 22:35, 25/01/2016
Steven Daniel (Canada) Podpisanih: 23:57, 16/01/2016
"I Swear Allegiance to Humanity, Mother Earth and All It's Inhabitants. We Are All One. Namaste'"
david schwartz (Canada) Podpisanih: 09:49, 16/01/2016
"thank blue"
JACO'VIVE LUPIEN (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:06, 15/01/2016
"Je dis nous sommes UN,et je dis IN,LAK'ECH et NAMASTÉ en AMOUR avec Notre MERE--TERRE,,,,,Jaco'Vive paysan-artisan et Fidele Amie de La Mere-Terre......"
Jade-Alex Bergeron (Canada) Podpisanih: 21:57, 05/01/2016
"tank you "
Keith MacDonald (Canada) Podpisanih: 01:05, 05/01/2016
Benjamin Villeneuve (Canada) Podpisanih: 20:04, 04/01/2016
"C'est tellement utopique, mais j’adorerais ça. On peut jamais trop espérer, alors je signe!"
Mathieu Wells (Canada) Podpisanih: 15:22, 04/01/2016
Andre Jacques (Canada) Podpisanih: 06:34, 04/01/2016
"equality for everyone , stop the cabal , New world order,Illuminati,stop the federal reserve private banking banking system, bring out free energy that Nikola Tesla created , bring out cures for diseases that our government around the world are keeping from the population to keep funding big pharma , to sum it all up , bring out all technologies that were back engineered from crash Alien UFOs EX: 1947 Roswell crash one of many examples , LETS CREATE A WORLD FAIR FOR EVERY LIVING THING ON OUR BEAUTIFUL BLUE PLANET <3"
Artur Alexander (Canada) Podpisanih: 02:44, 04/01/2016
Veronica Diment (Canada) Podpisanih: 18:03, 29/12/2015
"We need to all stand together and pledge our life long resolve to see these 10 statements come into being. "
Randy Dennis (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:07, 25/12/2015
John Redfield (Canada) Podpisanih: 23:52, 22/12/2015
Phillip McDavid (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:06, 22/12/2015
Melonie Phillips (Canada) Podpisanih: 23:27, 17/12/2015
Patrice Dupuis (Canada) Podpisanih: 03:14, 17/12/2015
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