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Anand Vadodaria (India) Podpisanih: 10:04, 22/04/2015
Vinoth Sekar (India) Podpisanih: 11:29, 20/04/2015
Abhi Wan (India) Podpisanih: 12:52, 17/04/2015
Mayank Kumar (India) Podpisanih: 07:34, 15/03/2015
Disha Arora (India) Podpisanih: 08:32, 10/03/2015
Bachospati Chakraborty (India) Podpisanih: 09:11, 03/03/2015
Nishant Gupta (India) Podpisanih: 18:01, 01/03/2015
"A money less society is a great but radical concept which if comes into force would be a game changer for the human species and our planet Earth. However, the powers that be would never allow such a thing to happen as they stand to lose the most (even though it may be notional) power over others. Another challenge would be to change the thinking of the people themselves, who are so conditioned to think in terms of money and base their whole life around it. "
Uday Nair (India) Podpisanih: 17:20, 01/03/2015
MANJUNATH GALIVEEDU (India) Podpisanih: 09:42, 27/02/2015
Maulik Chaudhary (India) Podpisanih: 19:39, 25/02/2015
Neel Gupta (India) Podpisanih: 09:38, 25/02/2015
"Although I feel ignorance rules and ignorance will eventually finish us off, I think all of us, in our respective little spheres, should go on trying to educate people about the importance of living in harmony with the natural world. Keep up the good work."
Sitav Bhadra (India) Podpisanih: 19:01, 22/02/2015
nidhin das (India) Podpisanih: 17:33, 10/02/2015
Raghu Rayanna (India) Podpisanih: 08:52, 04/02/2015
Krishna Chaitanya Chereddy (India) Podpisanih: 09:00, 28/01/2015
Milan Palei (India) Podpisanih: 02:46, 13/01/2015
ashok ahuja (India) Podpisanih: 10:29, 03/01/2015
"It's a novel idea.let us hope for the best.As at present the people/countries with money and power will fight tooth and nail against this money free system"
Ralph Koehnen (India) Podpisanih: 12:37, 31/12/2014
"Truth & Love"
prithvi vignesh (India) Podpisanih: 06:30, 29/12/2014
Shantanu Saha (India) Podpisanih: 17:23, 20/12/2014
MohanaGanesh Kandasamy (India) Podpisanih: 03:44, 24/11/2014
prathapchandra kedilaya (India) Podpisanih: 12:51, 23/11/2014
Mohammed Mir (India) Podpisanih: 11:35, 23/11/2014
"In order to make this world a better place, we must start with abolishing and criminalising religions, countries/borders & capitalism, else therez more disaster ahead"
Utkarsh Dadhich (India) Podpisanih: 19:58, 22/11/2014
Rajat Channan (India) Podpisanih: 15:14, 18/11/2014