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Podpisniki iz Mexico
Prikazani 506 podpisniki iz Mexico  [Prikaži vse države]
(Vedite, da so komentarji podpisnikov nemoderirani in ne morejo natančno odražati stališča te pobude)
Bernardo Aguilar (Mexico) Podpisanih: 03:34, 05/04/2014
Maximiliano Moreno (Mexico) Podpisanih: 19:09, 02/04/2014
"I really believe this is the only way the planet & humanity can live in harmony and strive, otherwise we will kill the planet and us with it."
Larry Gamberge (Mexico) Podpisanih: 02:28, 31/03/2014
"Es muy importante para las nuevas generaciones tener un mundo donde no haya cabida para el desperdicio de los recursos naturales: vegetales, agua y aire."
Oscar Lara Brizuela (Mexico) Podpisanih: 01:26, 12/03/2014
Gabriel Alejandro Garza Caro (Mexico) Podpisanih: 17:43, 24/02/2014
"In a couple of years myself and a group of people are going to try to build and implement a model to implement in small comunities in Mexico. these 10 statements will be part of the model. Thank you! and count with us!"
Edgar Brizuela García (Mexico) Podpisanih: 16:12, 21/02/2014
Daniel Avalos (Mexico) Podpisanih: 21:27, 12/02/2014
alfonso esparza (Mexico) Podpisanih: 04:10, 09/02/2014
Rosalinda Avalos (Mexico) Podpisanih: 01:59, 04/02/2014
"*-* "
Juan Ricardo Romero (Mexico) Podpisanih: 18:21, 31/01/2014
"This sounds great but the problem is people have egos and most aim to be on a "higher position" than its peers. "
Alfredo Barrera (Mexico) Podpisanih: 17:06, 31/01/2014
José Jesús Jiménez (Mexico) Podpisanih: 04:32, 30/01/2014
"Me da mucho gusto ser parte de esta iniciativa. Ojalá prospere y se lleguen a realizar sus metas."
Eloisa Leonor Barrera Pérez (Mexico) Podpisanih: 21:12, 26/01/2014
Alan Garcia (Mexico) Podpisanih: 17:16, 21/01/2014
Claudia Chávez (Mexico) Podpisanih: 02:10, 17/01/2014
Bernardo Hinojosa (Mexico) Podpisanih: 01:41, 17/01/2014
Rodrigo Montes (Mexico) Podpisanih: 06:36, 16/01/2014
Bill Wai-Kin (Mexico) Podpisanih: 04:19, 16/01/2014
Armando Rivera Martínez (Mexico) Podpisanih: 03:55, 16/01/2014
Itta Rodríguez (Mexico) Podpisanih: 21:32, 14/01/2014
"¡¡Estupendo!! ¿Cómo podemos coolaborar de forma individual a que esto sea posible?"
Juan Ceciliano (Mexico) Podpisanih: 17:21, 31/12/2013
"Very difficult to achieve, but not impossible. From a country full of injustice, inequality and corruption I shed a ray of hope."
POLO NEGRETE (Mexico) Podpisanih: 00:21, 17/12/2013
isis marcial (Mexico) Podpisanih: 03:17, 12/12/2013
Christoph Ganzoni (Mexico) Podpisanih: 13:33, 11/12/2013
rodobaldo moran (Mexico) Podpisanih: 21:45, 08/12/2013
"Hello, i agree with you, totally, my country is in chaos and its urgent a change, i hope it happens soon."