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Podpisniki iz Netherlands
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John van Geldere (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 02:23, 11/02/2016
Karsten Hartog (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 18:28, 04/02/2016
"What about people like Daesh and neocon warmongers are they equal to the rest?"
Gwendolyn van der Krieken (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 18:07, 04/02/2016
"with all my heart"
Chiel Wieringa (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 18:39, 21/01/2016
"Although the term "the common good" has been misused extensively over the last period, I trust the use here is of it's original intention. "
Ruut Gommers (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 21:23, 19/01/2016
Marjan Muskee (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 16:59, 18/01/2016
Ingrid Erkelens (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 12:51, 18/01/2016
truusje barten (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 11:38, 18/01/2016
"Een heel mooi initiatief maar dan moeten alle regeringsleiders ook meedoen "
Michael Polling (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 10:45, 18/01/2016
"Leave all fears behind and make place for love."
Hasan Aabed (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 16:39, 11/01/2016
"Let's do it ! what we are waiting for!? common people"
janny de vos (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 19:59, 02/01/2016
Rop van Vledder (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 16:24, 29/12/2015
"We are born free!!"
Adam Eden (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 18:03, 10/12/2015
Harrie Vdf Custers (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 15:19, 06/12/2015
"En laten we a.u.b. nederig blijven en niet de wetenschap tot de nieuwe Godheid of autoriteit verklaren. Gezond verstand en het besef dat mijn (over)leven, het (over)leven van mijn naasten en het (over)leven van alle mensen en de wereld, onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden zijn."
Caroline Rademakers (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 19:29, 24/11/2015
Richard Dumpel (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 15:48, 22/11/2015
"One Earth One LOVe One PEOPLE"
Alajandra Castro (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 18:43, 18/11/2015
Fraukje Ramona Weishaupt (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 20:32, 13/11/2015
Bob Bouwman (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 10:47, 23/09/2015
"The Venus Project brings this all. "
Karin Vrijenhoek (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 13:33, 19/09/2015
Geert-Jan van der Wolf (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 14:27, 17/09/2015
"How intricately simple life actually is."
Marcel Legierse (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 13:53, 17/09/2015
Chris Rulkens (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 07:02, 17/09/2015
Harrie van Vaore Tjeu (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 23:47, 16/09/2015
"I take responsibility for the benefit of all. We are all one. Non agression. No coercion."
Manno Koenders (Netherlands) Podpisanih: 10:00, 16/09/2015
"I see a ResourceBasedEconomy as the only cure to this profit based world wide cancer that feeds itself with the Fears, Inequality, EGO, Lies, Wars, Theft, etc of the people and that will eventually kill of our host, Earth..."
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