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Frederik Køie Jerner (Sweden) Podpisanih: 15:43, 19/09/2014
""From" Denmark, live in Sweden. Fantastic initiative, completely agree, keep going :-)"
Erik Moström (Sweden) Podpisanih: 15:17, 16/09/2014
robert karlsson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 18:20, 01/09/2014
Jonas Bergstrand (Sweden) Podpisanih: 14:53, 01/09/2014
Paula Elgstrand (Sweden) Podpisanih: 11:55, 26/08/2014
Cecilia Ekengren (Sweden) Podpisanih: 09:55, 26/08/2014
Julia Lundblad (Sweden) Podpisanih: 07:38, 26/08/2014
Christopher Neitzert (Sweden) Podpisanih: 07:37, 26/08/2014
Joseph O´Neill (Sweden) Podpisanih: 21:22, 25/08/2014
"Interesting view of life...."
Jonas Larsson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 11:19, 12/07/2014
Jonathan Madaj (Sweden) Podpisanih: 15:10, 30/06/2014
Nils Dahlgren (Sweden) Podpisanih: 13:08, 30/06/2014
Karin Jörbrand (Sweden) Podpisanih: 07:51, 30/06/2014
"I am on! In my vision we are already there, Love, abundance, care for eachother and Mother Earth."
christian lindahl (Sweden) Podpisanih: 10:23, 29/06/2014
Roger Jacobsson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 20:11, 24/06/2014
Ellinor Lennerman (Sweden) Podpisanih: 19:01, 21/06/2014
kareem Akoul (Sweden) Podpisanih: 22:00, 18/06/2014
Alexander Alsarraf (Sweden) Podpisanih: 19:25, 18/06/2014
Frank Sanderson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 12:46, 19/05/2014
Isak Sandström (Sweden) Podpisanih: 22:11, 15/05/2014
Martin Johansson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 11:27, 07/05/2014
Samrad Sahba (Sweden) Podpisanih: 19:51, 02/05/2014
Shane Murray (Sweden) Podpisanih: 14:11, 26/04/2014
"We need ideals and the 10 principles represent in sum a well thought out ideal tomorrow. The trick is transitioning to that tomorrow and the only way to do it is for the people to unite and take power and put it back in their hands. Darwinian Marxism applied to energy, goods, and food production is a good start and does not require the bloody revolutions and suffering to get there (here). Cheers. "
Christoffer Patriksson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 14:08, 26/04/2014
Mikael Koistinen (Sweden) Podpisanih: 18:21, 24/04/2014
"Let's make a money free world a reality."