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Podpisniki iz Sweden
Prikazani 598 podpisniki iz Sweden  [Prikaži vse države]
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Martin Måsviken (Sweden) Podpisanih: 20:41, 14/04/2014
"Thanks for this initiative."
Patrik Lundin (Sweden) Podpisanih: 20:21, 09/04/2014
Goran Naderi (Sweden) Podpisanih: 00:27, 06/04/2014
yannis vardanis (Sweden) Podpisanih: 16:02, 05/04/2014
Patric Rehn (Sweden) Podpisanih: 19:41, 04/04/2014
Patric Karlsson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 10:29, 03/04/2014
Zacharias Björk (Sweden) Podpisanih: 01:48, 12/03/2014
Tony Elvström (Sweden) Podpisanih: 15:53, 20/02/2014
Marielle Holmqvist (Sweden) Podpisanih: 17:12, 13/02/2014
Erik Flygt (Sweden) Podpisanih: 13:00, 13/02/2014
Kastriot Rabushaj (Sweden) Podpisanih: 08:45, 07/02/2014
André Jönsson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 14:45, 04/02/2014
Micke Leon (Sweden) Podpisanih: 23:04, 22/01/2014
"Ive been following this concept for years now, im still hoping for more. I truly believe in these principles, and think that we can be so much more as a species.. Humans are actually awesome! But when cornered into poverty or obligation, we react , most often aggressively. This can be changed with more knowledge, cooperation and the will to advance together, not just individually. Lets start today! seriously why don't we? We can share knowledge for free, we can stop over-consuming by choice, and we can all try to make a difference where we live. I promise that i will keep trying, and hopefully ill get to see this idea grow into a paradigm. "
Max Eriksson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 15:43, 20/01/2014
Torgeir Hassel (Sweden) Podpisanih: 08:51, 16/01/2014
BENGT JONSSON (Sweden) Podpisanih: 03:45, 16/01/2014
"We should just listen to Jacque Fresco. He has it all figured out. The only obstacle for a change is the cancer of humanity: GREED."
Johanna Hultin (Sweden) Podpisanih: 03:03, 16/01/2014
Octavio Rodriguez Barbozao (Sweden) Podpisanih: 11:12, 24/12/2013
"Sign me up :)) peace"
John Blaid (Sweden) Podpisanih: 17:00, 17/12/2013
"I am very happy to sign this and finally we are heading towards a brighter and happier future."
Lars Forsbom (Sweden) Podpisanih: 08:37, 09/12/2013
Erika Feely (Sweden) Podpisanih: 06:25, 09/12/2013
Christoffer Johnson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 19:27, 07/12/2013
Jacob Nilsson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 17:00, 07/12/2013
Mira Majstorovic (Sweden) Podpisanih: 07:01, 14/11/2013
Hans-Åke Andersson (Sweden) Podpisanih: 18:00, 13/11/2013