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Podpisniki iz South Africa
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Brahm Meyer (South Africa) Podpisanih: 14:25, 02/10/2013
Maria Nanabhai (South Africa) Podpisanih: 22:00, 30/09/2013
"This is one of the best initiatives I have ever come across. I believe in everything stated above 100%. Thank you."
Helen Richter (South Africa) Podpisanih: 16:45, 28/09/2013
Clive Dobson (South Africa) Podpisanih: 22:11, 20/09/2013
"Please make a sustainable planet for everything and everyone .... VEGAN for Life."
Lisa Steyn (South Africa) Podpisanih: 14:08, 27/08/2013
christie bellairs (South Africa) Podpisanih: 09:55, 04/08/2013
Gonda Brincat (South Africa) Podpisanih: 20:36, 03/08/2013
Jessica Louise (South Africa) Podpisanih: 19:27, 03/08/2013
"This is everything that I can possibly hope for, thank you for creating this I will inform as many people as possible! Really hope this will change the world"
Robyn Brice (South Africa) Podpisanih: 21:14, 02/08/2013
Gideon Abraham Sigurdsson (South Africa) Podpisanih: 18:33, 01/08/2013
"This is brilliant!"
Warren Rae (South Africa) Podpisanih: 04:51, 14/07/2013
Rene de Lange (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:11, 12/07/2013
martin carstens (South Africa) Podpisanih: 15:25, 09/07/2013
Daniel Clark (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:50, 09/07/2013
Sven Fautley (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:59, 06/07/2013
Sebastian Lanser (South Africa) Podpisanih: 07:54, 24/06/2013
Keith Louw (South Africa) Podpisanih: 00:00, 10/06/2013
Cristelle van der Merwe (South Africa) Podpisanih: 18:27, 09/06/2013
Godwynne Maart (South Africa) Podpisanih: 08:32, 07/06/2013
Abdulsamed Bulbulia (South Africa) Podpisanih: 21:42, 01/06/2013
samed bulbulia (South Africa) Podpisanih: 21:35, 01/06/2013
Lee Cahill (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:44, 31/05/2013
"I strongly believe in all of these principles, but have no idea of how they can be translated into practical, implementable ways of organizing a money-free society."
Aunty Karen of the house Webber (South Africa) Podpisanih: 14:38, 30/05/2013
" Prabashni Mahadave ASSISTANT MASTER MASTER OF THE KZN HIGH COURT PIETERMARITZBURG Tel. no: 033 - 2647185 Fax no: 0865078780 Website: http://www.justice.gov.za It is regarding the Late Estate of Mr Leon Wentzel RE: SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION RE: FILE NUMBER: 8275/2012/PMB RE; DECEASED ESTATE OF: LEON WENTZEL Due to the nature of the deceased estate.. I being the widow and having my rights have filed documentation to you and your High Court claiming my true rights and having filled this documentation with you and your High Court RE file Number 8275/2012/PMB this was both hand delivered and sent via registered post , I was under the impression that you had received and read the documentation... and that as there was no reply from you that tacit agreement was in place. I filed the relevant documentation for the court to take care of various claims REG POST RD 906 253 532 ZA To the Assistant Master The Court has not responded, No due diligence has been observed"
BRUNO Brincat (South Africa) Podpisanih: 13:51, 30/05/2013
Johan Of the family Marneweck (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:59, 30/05/2013
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