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Podpisniki iz South Africa
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shane smith (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:56, 06/03/2012
"Money is what defines our seperateness and perpetuates our slavery to a system designed to serve a small minority."
Fredrika Scheepers (South Africa) Podpisanih: 05:00, 01/03/2012
Kenneth Strang (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:22, 28/02/2012
"The time is NOW."Come gather round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown . . . for the times they are a'changing!" With thanks to Bob who saw these things a long time ago."
Sherise Steytler (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:25, 28/02/2012
Janine Keyser (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:43, 28/02/2012
"How do i connect this to my website "Akashic Knowledge Trust" ? sums it up wonderfully! :-)"
Ignatius van Zyl (South Africa) Podpisanih: 05:19, 26/02/2012
Aldous Erika (South Africa) Podpisanih: 08:27, 25/02/2012
William Dunn (South Africa) Podpisanih: 16:54, 23/02/2012
Kamil Govender (South Africa) Podpisanih: 16:53, 23/02/2012
Micheal Vlotman (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:25, 23/02/2012
""This sh!t has got to go!" No more will we be divided, no more will the "rich" rule over the "poor", the truth is not hidden, it is in plain sight, most just choose to ignore it. Let us be the voice of the world, let us not fear to to bring an end the evil of men, men who is just like us, but think of themselves better because they have more money. I support this cause with all my heart and my soul, and if I have to go to war to fight for a better future, I will lay down my life. "
Angilo Wijnbergen (South Africa) Podpisanih: 09:03, 23/02/2012
Adolf Diekmann (South Africa) Podpisanih: 05:08, 23/02/2012
"Ich bin dabei. Lasst uns weiter aufbauen, und die Bankster ins Gefaengnis."
Davida Athena Westman (South Africa) Podpisanih: 06:14, 20/02/2012
calvin machitje (South Africa) Podpisanih: 06:48, 18/02/2012
Virginia Louw (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:42, 15/02/2012
Darius de Witt (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:31, 09/02/2012
Rehana Leroux (South Africa) Podpisanih: 23:35, 02/02/2012
C.J. Venter (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:20, 25/01/2012
Lee-Ann Losper (South Africa) Podpisanih: 15:23, 22/01/2012
"Thank You."
musa mashinini (South Africa) Podpisanih: 06:20, 20/01/2012
Leo de Jager (South Africa) Podpisanih: 14:53, 16/01/2012
Jaysen Naidoo (South Africa) Podpisanih: 19:37, 10/01/2012
Mabusha Masekela (South Africa) Podpisanih: 22:26, 09/01/2012
Susanne Thomas (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:14, 09/01/2012
Letty Fox (South Africa) Podpisanih: 20:32, 08/01/2012
"How inspiring and encouraging to have stumbled across your website. Without change we are most certainly headed for destruction. Our systems do not work. So happy to see advocates for change."