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Veronique Free Spirit (South Africa) Podpisanih: 09:39, 19/05/2013
Danica Janse van Vuuren (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:55, 17/05/2013
Rasigan Maharajh (South Africa) Podpisanih: 16:20, 16/05/2013
Adolf van den Berg (South Africa) Podpisanih: 13:09, 16/05/2013

"Every great social movement has started with a document that outlines it's purpose. "
Nadine Myers (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:55, 16/05/2013

"This is brilliant, and I'm soooo ready for this kind of world. In many ways I'm already living this way, living in a community, growing our own food sustainably and bartering where we can. I already see how it works, and it will also lead to people following their passions in life rather than chasing money. Thank you for your efforts! You have my full support!!!"
Barbara Boltar (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:02, 16/05/2013

"I believce in this dream of a free world. it is possible and could be amazing. Money causes some people to have and some people to have not, it seperates and leaves many thinking only for themselves. This world can not sustain us naturally anymore because of what we have created through money. I vote and vow for a free and fair world."
thabang elias (South Africa) Podpisanih: 08:05, 16/05/2013
Susan Nel (South Africa) Podpisanih: 05:30, 15/05/2013
Tertius van der Merwe (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:06, 13/05/2013

"This is also what we are doing @ http://www.ubuntuplanet.org - goes to show, a good idea will have the tendency to pop up in more than one place :) I support this charter 100% Thanks for the great work...! "
Leigh Brodie (South Africa) Podpisanih: 21:32, 11/05/2013
Dominic Pawinski (South Africa) Podpisanih: 03:18, 28/04/2013

"This is the consciousness needed to be adopted by our society for humankind to have any chance of delivering the custodianship we are signature to."
Theresa van Gysen (South Africa) Podpisanih: 09:10, 04/04/2013
Linda Johnston (South Africa) Podpisanih: 08:58, 04/04/2013
Darren Isaacs (South Africa) Podpisanih: 13:16, 02/04/2013

"This is what humanity needs"
Hannes Breytenbach (South Africa) Podpisanih: 19:41, 30/03/2013
GERT CHRISTIAAN (South Africa) Podpisanih: 09:19, 28/03/2013

"We need a new economic system now. The old one is not working any more, we all know that. "
Surprise Mhlaba (South Africa) Podpisanih: 14:11, 27/03/2013

"This is signification, please don't stop this type of initiative we will support in whatever way until humanity is free from the monitory system..."
Mark Kisogloo (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:55, 27/03/2013

"Funny thing is the ones that are the biggest culprits will not read or sign this!"
Simon Hillion (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:11, 27/03/2013

"It's better to dream of what could be than just accept what is, even if it's only a dream we remain positive!"
Paul Pereirinha (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:47, 27/03/2013
Jane Payne (South Africa) Podpisanih: 10:27, 27/03/2013
Beverly Engels (South Africa) Podpisanih: 07:25, 27/03/2013
Cornelius Rall (South Africa) Podpisanih: 06:48, 27/03/2013
Aidan John Walsh (South Africa) Podpisanih: 12:26, 25/03/2013
Anton Cloete (South Africa) Podpisanih: 11:51, 25/03/2013