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Leandro Javier Guarrera (Argentina) Potpisani: 00:26, 14/08/2016
Pentti Kinnunen (Sweden) Potpisani: 20:42, 13/08/2016
fariba sajadi (Iran, Islamic Republic of) Potpisani: 19:14, 13/08/2016

"good for all...green world foe all"
royston bennett (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 03:22, 13/08/2016

"in some respects this idea that living with out money sounds great the pressure to build up lots of it taints us wears us down better cars houses clothes nice exotic holidays etc many many years ago we never had the pressure like we do now but i cant see how the academics of this world and the self driven will accept it they have studied for years to become better and higher in society then the working class i can not see it working but i wish it would i hate the greed the religious wars the killing and abuse of animals and humans and the devastation of nature would this idea stop this hell on earth we hope it would i am fed up of paying high council tax and other taxes to feed corrupt mps etc we need a complete shake up of our way we live. "
Haris Ibrahimbegović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Potpisani: 02:24, 13/08/2016
Danilo Gioannini (Argentina) Potpisani: 00:27, 13/08/2016
Diego Bernal (Colombia) Potpisani: 22:01, 12/08/2016
C. Castilloux (Canada) Potpisani: 18:59, 12/08/2016
JASON GREEN (United States) Potpisani: 18:57, 12/08/2016
Jorge Enrique Umaña (Colombia) Potpisani: 18:02, 12/08/2016
Stella Eich (Germany) Potpisani: 13:23, 12/08/2016
Samuel Sanchez Martínez (Mexico) Potpisani: 08:34, 12/08/2016
Francesco Sanna (Italy) Potpisani: 23:33, 11/08/2016

"Brevi con così e chiari i concetti espressi in buona parte nel D.U.D.U."
Vladimir Yonkov (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 17:08, 11/08/2016
Alexander Mochner (Germany) Potpisani: 11:42, 11/08/2016
Cerstin Wenger-Shenouda (Germany) Potpisani: 11:37, 11/08/2016
Adrian Schüller (Germany) Potpisani: 11:16, 11/08/2016

"Our planet is my country. All people are my brethren. To do good is my religion."
maria luisa falcone (Italy) Potpisani: 10:14, 11/08/2016

"concordo su tutto"
dan chamla (Israel) Potpisani: 09:38, 11/08/2016
Karolina Koprek Bajs (Croatia) Potpisani: 05:08, 11/08/2016
Lee Porter (United States) Potpisani: 03:06, 11/08/2016
Maria Torvad (Sweden) Potpisani: 23:02, 10/08/2016
simona vizzinisi (Italy) Potpisani: 18:02, 10/08/2016
Iveta Nesrovnalová (Czech Republic) Potpisani: 16:25, 10/08/2016
Pankaj Nair (India) Potpisani: 16:19, 10/08/2016