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Kenneth Ang (Singapore) Potpisani: 08:27, 18/10/2014
"Finally people with common sense are taking action, a free world is really how the world is supposed to be in the first place, rendering poverty and human suffering basically irrelevant. Because each human is born into this world without a choice, why are we not helping each other the best we can, and utilizing the planet's resources to the fullest in the most efficient and intelligent way? When this "new" system is combined with our current technology, we as a species can LITERALLY accomplish so much more together, things that the current world system and its politicians can only spout with empty, meaningless words. It's time to do away with the old, these chains holding the potential of mankind back. I cannot comprehend how any healthy human with the slightest sense of compassion would think otherwise."
Neil Shelton (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 04:52, 18/10/2014
"I have a dream ! Freedom for all ! Equality in all things ! I am a Citizen of the Universes !"
Fabrizio Marsili (Italy) Potpisani: 01:37, 18/10/2014
Bruce McLachlan (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 22:25, 17/10/2014
Monty Phillips (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 21:01, 17/10/2014
Emily Matchica (United States) Potpisani: 19:44, 17/10/2014
Boris Molchanov (Israel) Potpisani: 18:08, 17/10/2014
Frances Green (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 16:41, 17/10/2014
Christopher Priest (United States) Potpisani: 14:46, 17/10/2014
Arjun R (India) Potpisani: 13:11, 17/10/2014
"It is very much possible. Between Birth and death what does a human do --> Live. What does he need to live? Food ! Food is right in front of him, But he refuses to take it. He in turn slogs and slogs to earn money and then buy his food. Is it really necessary. Life is just a time pass between birth and death. You just have to live it responsibly. Everyone is equal."
Tyler Hall (Canada) Potpisani: 13:00, 17/10/2014
Dagmar Neumann (Germany) Potpisani: 20:32, 16/10/2014
sandro furrer (Switzerland) Potpisani: 17:42, 16/10/2014
David Mallits (Austria) Potpisani: 17:27, 16/10/2014
Maciej Czernic (Poland) Potpisani: 16:43, 16/10/2014
"All in."
Jana McLean (Australia) Potpisani: 11:54, 16/10/2014
"My dreams have just been realized, Welcome brothers and sisters to the free world as is our birthright. I share with you, you share with me and the world turns on love and goodwill. Thus begins the thousand year reign of peace and privileged united association with all there is above and below."
გიორგი ჭოჭუა (Georgia) Potpisani: 09:38, 16/10/2014
aartje siemensma (Netherlands) Potpisani: 09:30, 16/10/2014
Bob Goeman (Belgium) Potpisani: 08:03, 16/10/2014
Nicola Doyle (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 21:07, 15/10/2014
Anke Schrader (Germany) Potpisani: 20:29, 15/10/2014
Paula Lustemberg (Netherlands) Potpisani: 20:02, 15/10/2014
"Ustedes son exactamente la única gente que quiero tener como amigos. Gracias y quiero que sepan que voy a formar parte de vuestro grupo."
Rene Klever (Netherlands) Potpisani: 19:51, 15/10/2014
Camilo Murillo (Colombia) Potpisani: 17:12, 15/10/2014
"deseo que se cumpla a cavidad!"
Lisa Muck (Germany) Potpisani: 16:28, 15/10/2014