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Kristijan Kolačko (Croatia) Potpisani: 10:15, 22/07/2015
"All is Limitless One"
Oliver Thomas (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 08:07, 22/07/2015
ernst sepper (Austria) Potpisani: 08:03, 22/07/2015
Kelly Miles (United States) Potpisani: 07:47, 22/07/2015
Gregory stanton (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 22:53, 21/07/2015
Tanner McFarlin (United States) Potpisani: 21:23, 21/07/2015
Elizabeth Heather Zakheim Rupa Manjari devi dasi (United States) Potpisani: 17:34, 21/07/2015
"This is everything that is needed to stop the avalanche. Now to rebuild what has been lost, to restore our soils and forests, rivers and lakes, clean air and animal species - all we require are pure Brahman (native India) cows and bulls, and to live within a cow-based, self-sufficient agricultural society!"
raul kannela (Estonia) Potpisani: 12:17, 21/07/2015
"hi. yeah i think if we can make world free no money then our life will be better than now. we have right now so lot of technics and then we not see the world around we cant see whats happend around us we are blinded by money and technics if they not exist then we see more around us we help and feel free i think so and i hope many people think same way! and nature will be much cleaner than now. so think again what will be your future it will be free or pain.."
Aleksandar Kolman (Montenegro) Potpisani: 10:21, 21/07/2015
Daniela Padilla (United States) Potpisani: 06:49, 21/07/2015
"Our world needs a real change but a good change. How things are now they are not working. It's time to try something new, something better something fair, something EQUAL for the good of everyone and everything on this planet. We need a change that will bring true happiness and freedom that is not measured by what we have or don't have. "
Jumana Sayed (Jordan) Potpisani: 20:40, 20/07/2015
Michelle Fourie (South Africa) Potpisani: 12:01, 20/07/2015
Manfred Hauser (Germany) Potpisani: 11:18, 20/07/2015
terry james (Australia) Potpisani: 07:57, 20/07/2015
Susan Thompson (Bahamas) Potpisani: 06:49, 20/07/2015
"I wish Jacque Fresco would approach the leadership of The Bahamas to find out if his vision could be tested here. Our archipelago is close to Florida and is presently in turmoil. I'm a Scottish expat who's lived here for 37 years. It saddens me to see what should be paradise become purgatory for the masses while elites live abundantly in gated communities. Violent crime is especially troublesome in Nassau, the more densely populated capital. It would be interesting to know how our present governing party would respond given their apparent lack of concern over our increasingly high murder rate, imposition of VAT without a Freedom of Information Act, high unemployment, foreclosure, and the likelihood life may worsen now the USA has better relations with Cuba, perhaps adversely affecting tourism (our main source of revenue) further as visitor arrivals are declining. Our leaders consistently depend on foreign investment, and show little concern or faith in their people. We need change now."
Monika adHLanfermann (Germany) Potpisani: 23:16, 19/07/2015
"wir sind frei geboren das ist unser aller Geburtsrecht!"
Anna Kestava (United States) Potpisani: 23:04, 19/07/2015
wendy Brockmann (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 21:55, 19/07/2015
Shrikant Sawant (India) Potpisani: 20:27, 19/07/2015
michael Gruhl (Germany) Potpisani: 14:24, 19/07/2015
Caleb Nyland (United States) Potpisani: 12:59, 19/07/2015
Martin Aremark (Denmark) Potpisani: 09:52, 19/07/2015
"This will happen all by it self. Capitalisem can't last. It is build in to the very fabric of the system. At some point, it will self destruct, because people will loose Faith in it, and the believe that money is actually worth anything. Simply because things are getting cheaper all the time. Some things are already free, like music and art. More things will follow. People all over the world are trading goods and services indstead of selling them. And that way of thinking, is what will undo the intire system."
Rasmus Schultz (Denmark) Potpisani: 09:20, 19/07/2015
nabil alhamal (United States) Potpisani: 21:37, 18/07/2015
Cecilia de Groot (Canada) Potpisani: 21:30, 18/07/2015
"I have spoken about the need for this since u was very young. Grateful that this is finally getting put out to the world."
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