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Mário Penetra (Portugal) Potpisani: 04:27, 13/04/2015
D Burns (United States) Potpisani: 01:39, 12/04/2015
Wolfgang Loescher (Australia) Potpisani: 00:20, 12/04/2015
"Things need to change.The world is very sick and we are all living on a knifes edge. The house of cards we have created is about to come down and it could happen tomorrow or in 10 years but it will happen. Everyone needs to wake up to this fact. Imaging what we could achieve if we freed up all the minds in the world. Will it be easy? no Will it be perfect? most likely not What have we got to lose to try it. "
ondine pieper (Germany) Potpisani: 21:49, 10/04/2015
Aivy Kamerling (Netherlands) Potpisani: 06:51, 10/04/2015
Heleen Verhoef (Netherlands) Potpisani: 22:17, 09/04/2015
I.B. deBie (Netherlands) Potpisani: 21:15, 09/04/2015
Eugene Badin (Russian Federation) Potpisani: 13:23, 09/04/2015
Martin Schwab, Ph.D. (United States) Potpisani: 07:29, 09/04/2015
"Great Free World Charter! In Principle 1, "biosphere" might be either changed to "the biosphere" to indicate our vulnerable living Earth or "planetary biospheres" to indicate our responsibility to protect other celestial bodies as we co-explore spaces beyond Earth in the interest of human preservation. The term "humanity" is critiqued in some quarters of academe as all-consuming of individual identities and those of human cultures. In this regard, the term "human family" might convey a better sense of synergy and mutual dependence among both individuals and societies across our world."
Michael DeJonge (United States) Potpisani: 00:48, 09/04/2015
wayne murray (United States) Potpisani: 05:02, 08/04/2015
Stepanka Khaznova (Czech Republic) Potpisani: 14:45, 07/04/2015
Chris Davenport (Spain) Potpisani: 14:37, 07/04/2015
Marcela Severová (Czech Republic) Potpisani: 09:25, 07/04/2015
"je to až utopistické - krásný program - kéž by se to vše stalo splněným přáním, nebo alespoň částečně "
Joanne Saunders (Australia) Potpisani: 08:21, 07/04/2015
Austin Starnes (United States) Potpisani: 01:52, 07/04/2015
jakbin Alsaleh (Germany) Potpisani: 00:21, 07/04/2015
Margita Kolčáková (Slovakia) Potpisani: 22:15, 06/04/2015
Alberto Souza Gomes Neto (Brazil) Potpisani: 21:51, 06/04/2015
Helmut Lippitz (Austria) Potpisani: 21:13, 06/04/2015
"Wenn wir einen Dauerhaften Frieden haben wollen, wird es gut sein, wenn wir uns selbst organisieren."
Rana Elwahsh (American Samoa) Potpisani: 20:43, 06/04/2015
"There is no reason to even have money its just not necessary and in fact without money we would not have people starving to their deaths or even people homeless because they just cant pay their bills.To make this world better I think we should stop hearing the word money and stop using it.It would help people alot,in fact Universitys would not tell their research that are so important to anyone until they get the amount of money they want.For example Medical Universities that might know the cure to cancer wont tell hospitals the cure until they pay the amount of money they want.If there was no such thing as money we would not have robberies,Murders,etc. or other words we would not have CRIMES.Its common sense we should just end money.It will make everyone have a better life then ever before.It would help the environment obviously because money is made out of paper and paper comes from trees.Everyone would be equal from poor to rich.Its the best way to make this world one in a million."
rigoberto ramirez (Colombia) Potpisani: 20:20, 06/04/2015
Michal Hrbáč (Czech Republic) Potpisani: 20:18, 06/04/2015
Josef Sítek (Czech Republic) Potpisani: 20:13, 06/04/2015
Jiří Nedavaška (Czech Republic) Potpisani: 20:05, 06/04/2015
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