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Mirosław Wawryniuk (Norway) Potpisani: 18:25, 01/04/2016
"Czy w tym przedsięwzięciu dopomogła by nam jakaś inna cywilizacja pozaziemska, jeśli tak to jaka? Co z systemem sprawiedliwości i ochrony, jak to by działało? Co z odłamem społeczeństwa, które nie chciało by się dostosować do takiego porządku i wprowadzało by ciągły dyskomfort dla pozostałych normalnie żyjących ludzi? Czy było by wprowadzenie rozłamu rodziny, separacja dzieci od rodziców itp.?"
Miriam Bator-Strzelecka (Poland) Potpisani: 17:42, 01/04/2016
Magdalena Kobielusz (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 17:35, 01/04/2016
Jolanta Marszałek (Poland) Potpisani: 16:40, 01/04/2016
Bartosz Chlebowski (Poland) Potpisani: 16:22, 01/04/2016
evette adams lawson (United States) Potpisani: 16:20, 01/04/2016
Marcin Bojsza (Poland) Potpisani: 14:52, 01/04/2016
Tomasz Ziobro (Poland) Potpisani: 14:27, 01/04/2016
Doreen Dodge (United States) Potpisani: 14:25, 01/04/2016
"I agree with everything stated. There is only one main area of concern......the ability to choose freely, there will always be some people who choose to abuse others and be reckless and indifferent. It is as if they become bored with peace and tranquility, and must make problems where none exist. I wonder....if we have no laws....then what is to protect us from these types of people? "
marlene ferguson (United States) Potpisani: 06:14, 01/04/2016
Marsha Willarx (Canada) Potpisani: 05:07, 01/04/2016
Michael Shirley (United States) Potpisani: 03:40, 01/04/2016
Dawid Jozwiak (Poland) Potpisani: 00:31, 01/04/2016
Norma Mcquillan (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 21:29, 31/03/2016
"....visualisation is a powerful tool"
Kathrin Niehoff (Germany) Potpisani: 16:56, 31/03/2016
meerschout gregory (French Polynesia) Potpisani: 08:21, 31/03/2016
Patricia Keene (United States) Potpisani: 03:59, 31/03/2016
"I am in complete agreement of everyone of these principles which are necessary if this planet is to survive in a healthy state, with dignity and respect guaranteed to each living entity. It is an honor to be accepted as a contributing member of this community and to actively participate in making this a reality for future generations of all species and creation on this precious planet!"
Jason Morley (Canada) Potpisani: 21:53, 30/03/2016
"Absolutely amazing work you are doing! Keep it up! I'm behind this 100%"
Carly McDowell (Canada) Potpisani: 20:49, 30/03/2016
Suen Chijiun (Brazil) Potpisani: 20:29, 30/03/2016
"Need act"
Domagoj Filipović (Croatia) Potpisani: 19:40, 30/03/2016
Bram Brauer (Netherlands) Potpisani: 19:15, 30/03/2016
HALIDA ALAGIC (Slovenia) Potpisani: 19:09, 30/03/2016
sheldon cobbler (United States) Potpisani: 16:46, 30/03/2016
"We are all stewards of the earth. We all have a right to access, a right to enjoy and a responsibility to manage all its resources. The powers that be are the only things standing in the way of a Free World and sadly, they happen to be the members of the human family. If this group of dysfunctional individuals do not relinquish their hold over their fellow human beings, they must be removed; by force if necessary. We must realize why a free world is needed; if humanity is to survive and thrive, it must be allowed to do so without the shackles that commercial activities place on it as well as every living being on earth. Therefore, it is the duty of all well – minded individuals, to stand in support of a world free of the influences that hinder us from carrying out full and blissful lives as jovial, courageous and responsible citizens of our Mother Earth. "
Erik Janssen (Netherlands) Potpisani: 16:37, 30/03/2016