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Leah BarnettPotpisani: 02:13, 13/03/2017
"Come on people of the world. We as the people are the power. We are the mojority. Witout us money is useless. We are the builders and backbone to all development on earth. Come together. Say no. Start enforcing your human rights. Dont be fooled by the false hope images of wat money can buy. We don't to buy it. We make it. Evolution of man is got to happen. Stop fueling the groth of the corperations and start the growth of the people. This system is outdated and un helful to any of us little guys. Bring equality my brothers and sisters. "
Larry O'BrienPotpisani: 23:17, 12/03/2017
"Ready to help anyway I can "
Ryan HibbsPotpisani: 21:00, 12/03/2017
"Create abundance."
Khotso Khoabane Potpisani: 20:38, 12/03/2017
"Resource Based Economy is the Future... Ps. #WeAreInTheFuture #RBENow "
Rolf FriisPotpisani: 20:34, 12/03/2017
Yildiz mustuPotpisani: 20:18, 12/03/2017
"Dann würden wir Menschen mit dem Leben das machen für das was es vorgesehen hat👍🏽"
Ashara LovePotpisani: 19:56, 12/03/2017
"Thank you for holding space for the inevitable shift!"
Cathi SmithPotpisani: 14:52, 12/03/2017
Rose HudsonPotpisani: 14:47, 12/03/2017
dave kissPotpisani: 13:14, 12/03/2017
"Yes we need change now"
Dylan RainesPotpisani: 00:56, 12/03/2017
Vito BitontoPotpisani: 18:37, 11/03/2017
"Let's replace our corrupt systems with better systems and benefit everyone, let us reclaim the fruits of our productivity let us share our prosperity."
Laura Pellacani Potpisani: 04:45, 10/03/2017
Ben AngelPotpisani: 04:06, 10/03/2017
"Love, peace and success "
Mark Hutchinson Potpisani: 02:05, 10/03/2017
Leif HoltPotpisani: 01:39, 10/03/2017
Ranald HooperPotpisani: 00:46, 10/03/2017
"I would like to train troubled youth in the realities of life."
Martin SeidlPotpisani: 00:30, 10/03/2017
"Namaste.Let's fullfill the sence of live to find out who we truly are all together. Let´s give a normality new boundaries and get crazy. Let me know!´cause I'm looking forward for mutual enrichment. With heartful wishes for the end of sufforing for all creatures. Martin"
Десислава ЙордановаPotpisani: 00:22, 10/03/2017
Marta JufimiukPotpisani: 06:41, 09/03/2017
Miriam JohnsonPotpisani: 17:38, 08/03/2017
"Love and Blessings to All ☀☀☀❤❤❤"
lucas vinicius carritaPotpisani: 13:32, 08/03/2017
"Dvemos mudar a nossa cultura para nos adequar aos limites do planeta,devemos buscar conhecimento,como disse Albert Einsten"amente que si espande numca volta ao seu tamanho normal"obrigado"
Adam JohnsonPotpisani: 13:10, 08/03/2017
"I'd first seen and signed about 10 years back and am sad to see the No. of signatorie.I'm spreading this through social media, anything else I can do to help please email me! Love the idea! "
Skylar GallahanPotpisani: 22:33, 05/03/2017
Alexander BarkerPotpisani: 21:53, 05/03/2017
"We must evolve or face the consequences."
Kristine BensonPotpisani: 20:03, 04/03/2017
"Very interesting."
Yiannos DemetriouPotpisani: 19:05, 04/03/2017
"Life is much simpler than what we think. Just love."
Kristina Weber Potpisani: 14:28, 04/03/2017
Tania Bird Potpisani: 02:38, 04/03/2017
jayson bedardPotpisani: 07:10, 03/03/2017
"happy to see im not the only who see what the world could be instead of remaining in the "well thats how it is " mindstate "
Nathan RangiPotpisani: 02:01, 03/03/2017
"Beautiful idea and positive hopes sending your way"
Amoreena Lake Potpisani: 18:17, 01/03/2017
Michael HeinePotpisani: 16:33, 01/03/2017
Jackson MusauPotpisani: 14:08, 01/03/2017
"Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Let's do it!"
Shirley WalshPotpisani: 03:08, 01/03/2017
"Having everything free i.e. no money, no exchange or trade, no barter, places the Value on Life, where the Value belongs. People are free to contribute their passions and acquired skills for the benefit of all. JOY & ABUNDANCE Living... Life... Family... Community... World. The way intended. Shirley Walsh :-) Carleton Place, Ontario Canada 2017 02 28 "
lee wetherallPotpisani: 21:56, 28/02/2017
Luci AllenPotpisani: 21:51, 28/02/2017
"I support this, us/humanity and all of life, wholeheartedly!!! Thank you for bringing this ultimate solution into form!"
Deborah HallPotpisani: 21:19, 28/02/2017
Erica Rocha EricaPotpisani: 20:40, 28/02/2017
Jahnessa WishardtPotpisani: 19:01, 28/02/2017
"I had no idea such a thing existed. What are you guys doing to get more people to sign? I happened upon this link through a random Facebook comment on a random picture"
Luke HarvellPotpisani: 14:12, 28/02/2017
Sergio CarleoPotpisani: 00:24, 28/02/2017
Nicolas ZaronisPotpisani: 21:48, 27/02/2017
Riitta VeijalainenPotpisani: 12:38, 27/02/2017
"Sharing is caring..."
Devin JanssenPotpisani: 12:35, 27/02/2017
Yannick RivièrePotpisani: 10:35, 27/02/2017
Frieda Van der ElstPotpisani: 22:58, 26/02/2017
Raymond NapolitanoPotpisani: 03:36, 26/02/2017
scott pinePotpisani: 02:22, 26/02/2017
Brandy AlexandrePotpisani: 20:05, 25/02/2017
"The human brain is the greatest gift that we humans posses. We need to use it. We have our own individual brains and it is up to is to form our own opinion without the control of the government, entertainment, and the people that we are surrounded with. The moral human beings should only have the right to help individuals shape their minds. Only they are for the best interest of the Earth and all its species. "

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